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Translations: One Piece 929 by cnet128 , Gintama 699 by kewl0210

March Story 2

Masked Orche

+ posted by yukihito as translation on Sep 9, 2009 02:01 | Go to March Story

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Chapter 2: Masked Orche


Box 1: An object with dazzlingly beautiful craftsmanship… / A small life is born from that perfect beauty.

Box 2: No, possibly…

Box 3:
It may be more accurate to call it a small demon…
We call that existence “Il”.


Box 4: What’s more, the objects that the “Il” hide in are of unthinkable value. / That means there are hunters who determinedly seek these objects.

Box 5: These are the people known as “Syste Behard”.

Man: Hey!


Man: Hey! Wake up! Hurry!

March: [SFX] yawn

Man: We’ll be coming to the end of the tunnel soon, put that mask on now!

March: Why do I have to wear a mask all of a sudden…?

Man: Don’t ask unnecessary questions. When you walk through this town at night / you must wear a mask. // You’ve got to!


March: So this is Longbell, the town that’s famous for its mask festival. / It’s amazing.

Man: Unfortunately, you can no longer see the mask festival in this town.

March: Why?

Man: Just look over there.


March: Everyone’s wearing masks…


March: Oh…is she dead?

Man: That’s the work of Masked Orche.

March: Masked Orche?

Man: The dancer of fear…he’s a demon.


Man: He carries away those who walk through the town at night without a mask / and they dance together, soaring into the sky. // He finally drops them onto the ground, killing them. / He’s already killed a lot of people.


Man: It’s a terrible story. / I don’t want to be in this town any longer.


Man: This is the address you’re looking for.

March: Thanks, old man.

Man: I don’t know what you came to this town for, but be careful. / You mustn’t take off your mask.


Zen: Are you March, the “Il” hunter?

March: Ah! // You’re… // the mask maker Zen?


Zen: Umm, March…I’m sorry to ask this as we’ve only just met… / Bring your head a little closer…

March: Like this…?


March: You’re…?

Zen: My name is Zen. // I’m Zen, the mask maker who came to greet you earlier.


March: The one who wrote to me // was you.


March: It must have been quite expensive to summon a “Syste Behard”. // You’ve done too much.


Zen: That’s right. I used all the money I earned from making masks to summon you. / But I’m glad I was able to meet the fortune teller who told me of your existence… // The money… / I’ll earn it back…


Zen: That’s right…I’ll earn it again…

March: Putting that aside…


March: What on earth are these ropes? // Damn it… // Uh… // You don’t do that when you summon someone… // Uh…my head hurts…


Zen: I think what I did was wrong, but... // There were a few things I wanted to confirm first, so I tied you up. I'm sorry.


Zen: Among the Syste Behard, there are hunters that can separate the “Il” from a human. / That’s what I heard from the fortune teller. // The “Il” hunter called “March”, that’s you… / Isn’t that right?


Zen: Unlike the townspeople, I know about the existence of “Il”. // My family have been mask makers for generations. / Both my parents became ill and passed away, so I’m alone…


Zen: My father often spoke about the “Il”. // Sometimes strange things are born from well crafted antiques. // They’re like phantoms, they lead people astray… / Of course, I didn’t listen to such nonsense.


Zen: Until I saw Orche suffering // with my own eyes…


March: I knew it…what this town fears is… / the masked “Il”.


Zen: That’s right. / His name is “Orche”. // It might be more correct to call him “Masked Orche”. // It all started 3 months ago… // When that happened…


Orche: Hey, Zen! // Sorry I made you wait.

Zen: Ah…good morning, Orche. // It’s okay, I just got here.


Orche: Have you got the mask you promised to bring?! The one you’re entering in the contest tomorrow. / It’ll probably be a contest between just us two! // Just waiting is a waste of time, right?! Let’s settle things now! / I’m confident about winning this time! Hehe!


Orche: This time I’ve especially made two of the same mask. // I’ll give one to you! It’s an honour, right? // Anyway, have a look!


Orche: Its name is // the Knight of the Sea! King Crab!


Orche: It’s cool, right? The focal point is the legs, they move!

[SFX bubble] click click

Orche: How about it? You’re impressed, right? // Look, I’ll sign the back especially for you!

Zen: Thank you…


Orche: Ah…before that, show me yours!

Zen: Ah… // That…

Orche: Hmm?


Orche: Ahaha…I know I’m no match for you… // Zen, you’re amazing…even if someone like me tries hard their whole life // they’ll never be able to make a mask like that…


Orche: Ah… / I forgot that I had to meet someone… // I’ve got to hurry…

Zen: Ah… // Orche…wait!


Zen: Ah…!! // O-Orche… // I’m sorry…this is…

Orche: It’s okay, Zen…don’t worry about it… / It’s just a worthless mask anyway.


Text: Okay! I’ll find Zen’s secret…

Orche: What is…this? // It’s just an old workshop… // She made such an amazing mask with these old tools?! // Haha…what am I doing now?


Orche: I’m the worst… // Envying and being suspicious of / a special friend… // I’ll go home… // Zen doesn’t have a secret. // Zen, I’m sorry for coming here without permission.

Il: Hey! // Are you Orche?


Orche: Who are you?!

Il: Look in the box behind you. // I’m the last mask that was made by Zen’s father, the genius mask maker. // I can’t stand being stuck in here! Could you let me out?


Orche: Ah~ I’m hearing strange things. I must be tired… // I’ll hurry home.

Il: Hey, Orche! Aren’t you curious about my true identity? Why Zen is better at making masks than you? // I’ll tell you her secret if you put me on! // That’s right, hurry!


Il: Hurry, put me on! // That’s right, Orche.

Orche: AGHHH!

Zen: What?!

Orche: AHHH!

Zen: A scream?


Orche: Z-Zen… // Uh…

Zen: O-Orche…?

Il: Zen was always saying…just like your face, your masks are the worst!

Orche: No…! Shut up!

Il: She doesn’t want to know a talentless guy like you!

Orche: Shut up!

Zen: O-Orche…what’s wrong?! // Why are you wearing father’s mask…?


Orche: Don’t touch me!

Il: Alright, well done! Kill that arrogant girl now!

Orche: Ahhh! // Uhhh!

Il: She's the girl who looked down on you! Kill her!

Zen: Orche!!

Orche: AGHHH!


Zen: Orche! // What father said was true… // “Il” really do exist.


Zen: But I don’t understand, March. // Even though I always had father’s mask, why didn’t anything happen? / Why was it Orche and not me?

March: How are “Il” born? Why didn’t anything happen to the owner of the mask? / Even us Syste Behard aren’t sure why.


March: We believe that / “Il” might be an existence born from the desire and passion of a human who creates an object. // So, the original owner lacks the specific quality required to summon the “Il”. / On the other hand, we thought that the various feelings of another person such as desire, despair, sorrow and happiness in a similar quantity might breathe life into the “Il”.

Zen: I see…whatever the reason, there’s just one thing… // Orche…


Zen: Somehow… // Please save Orche…remove the “Il” from Orche. / March…you can do that, right?

March: Zen… // That’s impossible.

Zen: W-Why?! // You’re a Syste Behard that can separate an “Il” from a human, aren’t you?


March: Orche has already killed many people. / The instant that the “Il” took someone’s life, Orche became one with it. // He’s no longer human. He’s just a murderous demon.


March: Zen… // Orche is already… // dead.


March: I’ve got to destroy the “Il” before there are any more victims. / To save Orche from his suffering… / This is the only way. // So hurry up and untie me…

Zen: March…


Zen: S-Sorry…I can’t untie the ropes yet… / I’m going to see Orche now…


Zen: I don’t believe what you said!! // Even if it is true… / There’s something I want to tell Orche!

March: No! Come back, Zen! // Zen! // Damn it…this is bad!


Zen: Orche… // Orche, hurry…


Zen: There’s… / something I always wanted to tell you… // Won’t you dance with me this evening…? // Orche…

Orche: Lady, as much as you like.

March: Orche…he’s shown up! // That’s it! / I’ve got to hurry!


Zen: Orche…do you know why / I always made such beautiful masks? // That’s because…


Zen: If I didn’t do that // I thought you wouldn’t look at me…


Zen: That way was // really all I could think of…

Orche: Zen…

Zen: O-Orche…? It’s me! / Have you come to your senses? // I’m in front of you! Can you see me?


Orche: Zen…I’ll beat you… // Lady, the beautiful melody has ended. / Unfortunately, it is time for us to part. Goodbye…


[No text]


March: Ah…I made it in time…


Zen: M-March... // Orche… // Orche talked to me… / I’m sure he’s alive… // Help Orche! March!! / He’s still alive!

March: Orche…or should I say, the masked “Il”… // Won’t you be my partner for one song?


Orche: Listen up, boy. / I’ll… // Anyone who interferes with my dancing / will be killed!!

March: Do what you want!! // By the way, I’m / a hunter on a journey, searching for “Il” like you / the Syste Behard, March! // Go! Wild Rose!


March: Extend!

Zen: March, stop! / Don’t kill Orche!

Orche: Ah…that is quite // an amazing technique.


Orche: Spirit Bullet! // Unwelcome guests / will leave!


March: Uh…


Orche: I must kill you first. / A knight should not keep a lady waiting. // You ruined my dance party // and brought a troublesome guest. / You’ll pay with your life.


Orche: Ah! / One more thing… // Do you love me?

Zen: I love… / Orche…


Orche: Hehehe…


Orche: Hmm?!

Zen: You’re not… / Orche… // The Orche I know doesn’t like dancing! // He doesn’t speak in such a disgusting way like you do! / And…


Zen: He wouldn’t // point a gun at me!

Orche: Uh…let go! // I hit your chest…why aren’t you dead?! // Uhh… // How unpleasant! What did you do?


March: Wild Rose Chain Blade!

Orche: Impossible…!


Zen: The mask Orche made… // I always kept it close to my heart.


Zen: Orche’s mask… // The one I stepped on… // That’s what saved me from the “Il”. // Thank you, March.


Zen: You saved Orche from his suffering…

Orche: How about it? You’re impressed, right? // Look, I’ll sign the back especially for you!

Zen: Ha…


Zen: Hmm? // There are words on the back…? / Did Orche write them? // Zen… // At the festival…


Zen: Will you…dance with me? // Ah… // Ah… // Orche…

Box 1: You mustn’t listen to the sweet whispers of the “Il”.

Box 2: You must never touch unfamiliar objects. / That’s because the “Il” know all your desires.

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