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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Naruto 514

Chapter 514: kabuto’s plan!!

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Oct 24, 2010 12:07 | Go to Naruto

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No naruto english translation on my mangahelpers!!? No way!!!

Chapter 514: kabuto’s plan!!\\
Text: he is enraged… because of his disciple!!\\
This is becoming more and more bad! He wants to fight me with the dust element from the beginning! Yeah!!\\
For some reason this is very bad...\\
I will not let you escape!!\\
What are doing, akatsuchi!!\\
If you attack him you will kill the turtle island too!!\\
What!! That bad!! It was so big that it seemed to be part of the landscape!!\\
An opening! Yeah!\\
Text: katsu\\
We should go away from this island...\\
Akatsuchi’s golem, eh...!\\ like the old times he is glued to the tsuchikage and gets in my way! Yeah!\\
That snake bastard!!\\
That snake must be manipulated by that bastard over there!\\ He is that weakling that was orochimaru’s subordinate!!\\
I see, naruto is inside that turtle eh...\\well what about the entrance? \\
Damn it, what’s happening outside!?\\ we... well today the... there are a lot of earthquake isn’t it...\\
Yo.... you are right...!\\
I’d say that there are too much!\\ and besides with an earthquake there is no chance that the earth and the sky change places, right?\\
No! It shacked too much and it looked like earth and sky were changing places...\\
... I wonder about that...\\ I want to see what is the situation outside!!\\
No! You are in the middle of an important s-rank mission so continue doing it!\\
But... it will take me a little time to go outside...\\
The most important thing for a ninja is to do his mission till the end!\\ and this is a mission that no one other than you can do!\\ that’s way it was given to you...\\
It is clear that naruto is beginning to notice that there are something fishy here...\\ he fell for the bluff of the s-rank mission but the only thing that he is doing is looking at the penis of this armadillo...\\ naruto is not stupid... He must have found out...\\
ok! I understand!\\ I will concentrate only on the mission!!\\
perfect! We can go on with this for now! I’m glad that he is such an airhead!\\
you are slow!!\\
text: youton: sekkaigyou no jutsu!! (magma element: blocking lime no jutsu)\\
You finally came out\\there is also aoba with them eh...\\
It’s him!\\
There should be 5 here!\\
Do not come out of you own accord!\\ we will settle this problem!!\\So I was told...\\
You are the tsuchikage’s granddaughter if I’m not wrong...\\
This is good... could you please bring me to the place where is naruto-kun?\\
Snake... and that voice...\\ it cannot be...\\
We meet again yamato\\
I will bring him there! Seize him!!\\
Suiton misu rappa(water element water trumpet\\
She is good!!\\
This is bad! He avoided it!\\
I said seize him! Or not...?\\ you are in my hands now...!\\
This is...\\
I see\\
You fool!\\
My sekkaygyo no jutsu is a quick-setting cement!\\ after it absorbs water it expands its area of effect... and after it reacts with water it solidifies!!\\
With this you cannot move!!\\
Motoi-san... don’t let aoba step on that water!\\
Now let’s check him!\\
Good\\ if it is the case I can do it!\\ I will extract information from him!\\
He become quicker than he was in youth! This old man!\\
Since from the past you were a sneaky bastard that fought on long range! I never liked that!\\
Shut up!!\\ I will finish this with the c4, yeah!!\\
They are too much quick, I cannot follow them!\\
Kabuto... you has fallen very low...\\he became more and more like orochimaru\\
More that worry about me... be sure to not fall from there\\
Aoba focus!\\
A second skin! He is good to that extent!?\\
Motoi-san fall back!!\\
Kurotsuchi, thanks to the fact that I understood you technique, I could catch you unprepared\\
Damn it!!!\\
This height should be fine!!\\
Don’t take me light old man!!\\ let’s see between your jinton and my bakuton (exploding element) which is art...\\
What’s happening!!? In the most exciting moment!! Yeah!!\\
Damn it! He hide within the nose...!!\\
Deirdara escaped... what is the situation here!?\\
Yamato, the wood element user and care taker of kyubi was captured...\\
I cannot move from here!!\\
I can’t move...!!\\
Help me from this situation, please!! I will pursue him now!!\\ in which direction did he go!?\\
I cannot fell the enemy anymore...\\ and I don’t know which direction he could have taken... it is meaningless\\
He did not chase neither the hachibi or the kyuubi...\\ I don’t know the purpose of in taking like hostage and interrogate that wood element user or the use that they want to do with him but...\\ the problem is the information that they could obtain from that yamato!\\
Yamato-san is not a person that will give them information so easily!!\\
Do not be so sure\\ our opponent is madara, he has strong doujutsu...\\ so strong that you cannot oppose them\\
It seems that you pick the wrong present...\\
Well that’s true but... he is the caretaker of kyuubi so he knows a lot of high classified information\\ and with him I can made you setsus quite stronger...\\ I thought that it was a good chance to seize him, and I chose the most convenient thing... for you of course\\
If so do it quickly\\
My left eyes is eager to go in war\\
Text: Nagato’s rinnegan is with madara...!!\\
Next week break for the author\\

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