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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

Soul Eater 78

savage 7

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Dec 23, 2010 17:38 | Go to Soul Eater

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Text: black star fell to madness
What power do you desire?\\
You bastars... you intend to drown black star in madness to...\\
The power...\\ I desire...\\
The power I desire...!?\\
Chapter 78: savage 7\\
What this... this boring question\\ that’s why I hate books so much\\I don’t care what type of “power” it is...\\ The only thing important to me is to not lose to anyone...\\ whenever is my opponent I will defeat him\\ I don’t need a useless explanation for that kind power\\
To me power is only power, that’s it\\
And i’m not interested if my enemy is a god or not!!\\
Hyaha!!\\ I will defeat them all!!\\
Fun, you are a simple guy...\\
Did you ever hear “Simple an big”?\\
If you say so I will be the best!\\
To be the big or the best to me know holds no importance\\ from the beginning we were in the absolute domain of nothingless were there is no boundary between things, so...\\
Eh!? What...?\\
You told that I was I simple guy...\\ all is in the nothingness!?\\ not so much different from me!!\\
I’m different from the likes of you!!\\ in me there is discipline... it is different from your raw strength...\\
The result is the same so your assumptions are meaningless\\
That’s wrong!!
That’s not wrong\\
Death’s martial arts “sin” stance\\
It is impossible that the power that returns everything to nothingness is similar to yours...\\
I always thought that you was an annoying guy that jabbered about “Symmetry here” and “symmetry there” but this time is nothingness...\\ But symmetry was ok and I don’t like this nothingness...\\ with the power of nothingness nothing would remain of your opponent...\\ You are feeling nothing right? Is that the feeling of nothingness?\\
I see...\\
There will be no remaining felling of the defeated opponent\\ I really don’t like it...\\
Don’t play with me!!\\
Are you telling me that you are ok with the disappearance of Liz and Patty as well!?\\ that is the extreme consequence of your power!!\\ the consequence of an idiot!!\\
Aside of that you too... after you obtain you aim to defeat everyone what will you want to do...?\\ after you obtain that... what will remain...?\\
Shut up, like I would care...\\ I will think about that after I will become the strongest\\ but you know... I can say only this...\\ like you are now you are nor qualified to be a vessel of god...\\
I’m a shinigami\\ I’m a vessel and much more...\\
Ah!! That’s right... you are only a god now...\\
What!? What do you want to say...\\
You are thinking to be a god and you are becoming an useless human being...\\ That is probably the climax of you existence\\
Then kill me!!\\ You are a shinigami right!?\\ When I went crazy I asked you, a shinigami, to kill me.. but you punvhed me and let me live...\\
I did not punch you\\ I kicked you\\
That’s right... that’s the meticulous Kid that I know\\
The shinigami told so... the shinigami administer the life and the death of all living things\\ the absolute dominion of the nothingness is a place with a self important name...\\you probably thought that the balance thing has a pain in the ass and thought that was ok to abandon it\\ that thing in everything but extreme\\
Seventh chapter greed\\
Black star... I leave kid to you\\
Ehi wait!!\\
We underestimated you because you are girls and now you are doing what you like\\
Ha\\ha\\ run patty if they caught us to say sorry will not be enough!\\
New York\\
I didn’t hear that the demons of brooking had a strong ally like this...
He saved us...\\
You are beautifull!!\\ from now on I will bring you with me in a different world, you right place is in both my hands...\\
Liz the said that we are beautiful!!\\
s-shut up...\\ they always tell us that, you should be accustomed to it, don’t be so happy\\
I’m a shinigami\\ In death city I heard rumours about your bad reputation and beauty and came here to new York\\
If he is a shinigami he surely has mountains of gold...\\ that young rich boy come here to scout us!?\\
If I’m the shinigami’s house I could make patty dress beautiful dresses\\
I could let her eat all the food she wants\\ let her do hot baths and let her sleep in warm beds\\
So, what will you do?\\Come with me!\\
Liz were you saying something?\\
Patty!!\\ Cenerentola!! We are like cenerentola!!\\
Follow me\\
Finally!! Fortune smiles upon us!! Keh!! This fucking pampered brat... I will exploit you...\\
Me and patty were betrayed by our mother who abandoned us but...\\
She was the most beautiful wore in the whole town... I have to thank her to have given birth to us...\\
Patty for now keep a low profile\\
Who do you think you are, you fucking brat... you are just a little brat lucky enough to be born in a rich family...\\
Now it is our turn, we will obtain everything from money to power\\
Patty can laugh in this way too...\\
I wonder if this is her real smile...\\
I always thought that if the two of us where together we would always lived an interesting life...\\
There is no need of anyone else... though I hated the others and wanted to erase them...\\
Good\\ the paint that was a little inclined before now it’s perferct\\
From that day\\
Till now patty continued to laugh in that manner\\
We were really killed by the shinigami...\\
It has nothing to do with the chapter of greed...\\
I don’t want money...\\
The only thing I want is that kid and black star come back safe... I don’t need anything more\\
Liz-chan... are you all right?
Everyone here is waiting...\\
For them to return...\\
still... did not tahnk you...\\
I will even use the power of madness to become the strongest...\\But I will not lose to it\\ Because it makes me laugh only to think to have become the strongest after being swallowed up in it...\\
I have found it...\\ I obtained the extreme power... the power that will permit me to do anything...\\
You two tell me\\
What type of “power” you seek...\\

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