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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Soul Eater 78

Salvage (Part 7)

+ posted by Nagumo as translation on Sep 20, 2010 12:59 | Go to Soul Eater

-> RTS Page for Soul Eater 78

For use in English by Binktopia ONLY. International scanslators to whom I've already given permission for any series may use this in a non-English language, provided I am credited. International translators to whom I've given permission must ensure that I am credited in the final scanslation, not just in the script. Others please PM for permission.

[1] The hand of insanity draws near to Black*Star---...!!
[2] What is the "power" you seek?
[3] You bastard...... So you intend to draw Black*Star into insanity as well...
[4] "Power"... / That which I seek...

[1] The "power" I seek---...!?
[Title] Chapter 78: Salvage (Part 7)

[1] What the hell... such a boring question you're asking / This is why I hate books
[2] I don't care what "power" is... / I just don't want to lose to anyone, that's all...
[3] No matter who the opponent is, I'll mow him down / I don't need any boring explanations of what "power" is

[1] The "power" I want is "power".

[1] Doesn't matter if my opponent's a god!! / GOBA*
* sploosh
[2] Hyaha!! / BOSU* / I'll take 'em all out!!
* fwoom
[3] Hmph... What a simpleton...
[4] Haven't you heard the expression "Simple is Big"?

[1] It's "Best"! / DOTSU*
* thoom
[3] But it doesn't matter whether it's big or best now / After all, everything will be reduced to a "nothingness" of boundless symmetry
[4] Huh!? / What...?

[1] And you call me simple... / Everything reduced to nothingness!? / That ain't so different from me
[2] Don't lump me together with you!!
* fwoom (x5)
[4] I have "order"... It's not so crude as your "power"
[5] If the outcome's the same, the means don't matter
[6] Wrong!! / I'm not wrong

[1] Death God Martial Arts "Insane Sin" Stance

[1] GUI*
* pull
[2] DOZUN*
* kathooom
* blub
[5] GOSU*
* thud

[1] ZUPAN*
* slam
[2] DOZU*
* fwoom
[4] There's no way the "power" to reduce all to nothing is the same as you

[1] "Symmetry", "Symmetry"... I always thought you were a loudmouth and now it's "Nothingness", "Nothingness"... / But though I think "Symmetry" is alright, I don't like "Nothingness"...
[2] With the power of "nothingness" you can reduce your enemy to "nothing"... / Don't you feel anything? Is that the emotion of "nothingness" too?
[3] That's right...
[5] So you have no feelings about opponents you've overcome / Yeah, I definitely don't like it...

* fwoosh
[2] DOTSU*
* thoom
[3] BABO* / Stop joking around!!
* shoom

[1] So then you're saying you're going to erase Liz and Patty as well!!?
[2] Is that the ultimate "power" you came up with!!!?
[3] It's the ravings of the ultimate "moron"!!
* kashooom

[1] DOGO*
* sploosh
* blub blub blub
[3] *cough* / *cough*
[4] *cough* / *cough*

[1] So then what is it you want to do once you have your ultimate "power" to lay waste to your opponents in your hands... / Once you have it... what's left to you...?
[2] Shut up, like I know...? / I'll think about that once I've become the strongest
[3] But I'll say this one thing... / Right now you're not at a god's level...
[4] I'm a shinigami / What do I need with a level or whatever shit you're talking...

[1] Ahh! That's right... right now you're just a regular god...
[2] What!? What are you trying to say...?
[3] You can to lower yourself to being just a regular god, and you can also become just another useless person... / That's what was so great about you
[4 inset panels] Well then, kill me!! You're a shinigami, aren't you!!? / DOGON*
* kathoom
[4] I was joking around and said I wanted you to kill me... / But you punched me the hell out and left me alive...
[5] I didn't punch you out / I used my heel / That's right... That's the sort of precise guy Kid is

[1] Lord Shinigami said this... That shinigami govern the "death" and "life" of all living things
[3] By talking so big about the "nothingness" of symmetry / you're just giving up on balance because it's annoying to manage and saying it's okay to leave it a blank slate
[4] That's not ultimate, or anything

[1] Chapter 7: Greed
[3] Black*Star... We're leaving Kid to you...
[4] Sis...

[1] Yeah...
[2] Wait, you!! / We looked down on you because you were girls, but now we're gonna give you everything we've got!
[3] *huff* / *huff* / Run for it, Patty! If they catch us, they're not gonna let us off easy!

[1] New York
[3] Ungh... / Ahh... ahh... / We didn't hear anything about the Brooklyn Devils having back up like this... / Ungh...
[4] We're saved

[2] You two are beautiful!! / I'm going to be creating a perfect world, and I'd like you two to become my left and right hands...
[3] Sis! He says we're beautiful!! / Sh... Shut up... / We're used to hearing that, don't be so happy
[4] I'm a shinigami / I came from Death City after hearing about your infamy and beauty
[5] Shinigami!?

[1] If he's a shinigami, he's gotta have LOTS of money... / A richie-rich like that came here to make use of us!?
[2] If we go to the shinigami's house, I can get Patty some cute dresses to wear / (handwritten) Sis / I can let her eat delicious things to her heart's content every day / and after a soothing bath, put her to bed in a fluffy futon
[3] Well, how about it? / Will you come with me? / Sis, say something / Patty!! Cinderella!! We're Cinderellas!

[1] Come along
[2] Shinigami...
[3] Yeah!! Finally our luck has changed!! Keh!! You shitty brat, I bet you never had a hardship in your whole life... I'm just gonna squeeze you and squeeze you til you're dry...
[4] I hate the mother who abandoned Patty and me... / But I guess since she was the most beautiful whore in town... I should thank her for bearing two pretty girls...
[5] What're you doing? Hurry along, now / Yeah / Sorry

[1] Patty, behave yourself for a while
[2] Got it
[3] Shinigami? Whatever... Moron... You spoiled little kid, blessed by birth... / Now it's our turn. Money, power, we'll take hold of it all

[4] Huh... / Patty's laughing like this too...
[5] Has she been laughing like this all along......?

[1] I thought that as long as the two of us were together, we could have fun living our lives... / We didn't need anyone else... We were so angry we wanted to erase everything besides ourselves...
[2] Mm / The frame which was crooked before now has an unimaginable beauty
[3] *chuckle*
[4] That day, Patty / laughed like she was making up for lost time

[1] Have we... / been killed by this shinigami?

[1] This may be the chapter of greed, but who cares... / I don't need money... / All I want is for Kid and Black*Star to come back safe... I don't need anything else
[2] Liz-chan... are you alright? / Sis...
[4] Everyone here feels the same... / We're all waiting for those two to come back...

[2] Tsubaki......
[3] I... / haven't... thanked him yet...
[4] Kiddddd.......

[2] I might be using the power of insanity to become the strongest... / But I'm not gonna lose to it / being the strongest but losing everything to insanity is a joke...
[3] I figured it out... / What I want to do once I get ultimate power in my hands...

[1] GOBA*
* fwooom

[1] As though I'd listen / to your piddling definitions of "power"
[Inset] Continued in the November issue (on sale 10/12 (Tue))

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