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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Naruto 573

Chapter 573: the path that continues toward the light

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Feb 11, 2012 14:27 | Go to Naruto

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Chapter 573: the path that continues toward the light\\
difficult names… you say?\\
what’s the meaning of that?\\
you don’t know anything about that ah!?\\
I will not tell you…\\
Side text: finally the nine names are entrusted in his heart!!!\\
seeing with my eyes that naruto grew to such extent\\ … makes me feel like an old man\\
… hey what’s wrong? You don’t sound like your usual self…!\\ I shouldn’t say this but… it is not like our youth ended, ok?\\
… we came here and we still…\\
don’t say any more words! It would be superfluous!\\
that’s the Guy I know\\
that expression…\\
sfx: su\\
… no… this is rain…!\\
It is impossible… that I would sweat while I’m fighting such opponents \\
Sfx: pon\pon\\
Naruto was only the person I was using to test sasuke…\\
He was just a brat who existed for my own entertainment!!\\
I understood the extent of his power…!\\
This uncomfortable feeling doesn’t come from the source of his strength…!\\
what is this then!?\\
Just what…!?\\
… no… a thing like that is not important\\
It is not important what he is…\\
after this war, the past and the future… even existence itself…\\
they will all be meaningless\\
ball: bokukun\\
did you feel that, just now!?\\
… I cannot believe it…\\ there is no doubt… that’s the power of the kyuubi!\\
… but… something is a little different… I can feel it…\\
what is the situation after that?\\
uzumaki naruto is pressing the masked madara with an overwhelming power… it is an incredible chakra!\\
no… rather… the ones that are pressing him…\\ are him, kakashi-dono, Guy-dono and Bee-dono…!\\
inoichi! Use all your strength to tell naruto’s situation directly in the minds of all the members of the platoons that are going to help him!\\
do it in 15 seconds!!\\
I want to raise everyone’s morale in one go with this!!\\
If the 4 of them are able to hold their position with all their strength in this moment, we have to do everything we can do with our full strength!!\\
We have to transmit their emotions!!\\
To all the members…!?\\
If he does something like that, there will be a big strain on his chakra’s meridians… and the situation could get bad for him…!!\\
don’t be absurd… I will do that in 10 seconds!\\
sorry about this… but this is a really important moment!\\
complete it as soon as possible, please\\
I’m not good with words but leave it to me!\\
A communication from the headquarter…!\\
the situation to the location where the reinforcement are going is favourable!\\
in other words…\\
uzumaki naruto is holding his position!!\\
the ones we should protect, naruto and bee-dono\\ are fighting on the frontlines with great passion!!\\
the same thing are doing kakashi and Guy\\
and I want to ask to all the members of the alliance to add your emotions to theirs…!!\\
everyone’s strong emotion will…\\
be the promise of our victory!!\\
nose: sssss…\\
around him: haa\\
I’m not good with words… after all…\\
At the end… it took 20 seconds to do it…\\
That’s… the strength of your emotions\\
I always, always… always… chased after you…\\
And… even now I’m chasing after you\\
But… once this war is over\\
I will end chasing after you\\
next time I want to walk by your side…\\
At your same pace, while holding your hand!\\
Wait for me!!\\
Naruto… since the past I marked you…\\
As my rival!!\\
I leave madara to you until I arrive there!!\\
I will perfectly support naruto with my ninja techniques…\\
Why… there is no particular reason for that!\\
it seems that naruto is doing well…\\
… we are talking about him… I’m sure he is doing such reckless things that I cannot even image them but\\ looking at the situation… I cannot help but to think about a plan\\
naruto is a idiot and I’m a fat ass… that should be obvious…\\ but unexpectedly it didn’t end up like that!!\\
wait just for a little time, stupid naruto! The slim chouji is coming for you!!\\
he is not the type that calmly elaborates a plan\\
that’s why I will be there… wait for me naruto, I will be there shortly!\\
thanks… father…!\\
you conveyed his strong passion to everyone…\\
that promise… we have to realize it for sure!\\
is Guy-sensei alright!?\\
is he protecting naruto!?\\
even kakashi-sensei is there… I think that things should be fine but…\\
… the beasts created by my drawings… they cannot fly while it rains, damn…\\
go faster instead of complaining, sai-san!!\\
in order to respond to the gallant actions that Guy sensei and naruto-kun are doing\\
we have to do our best right now!\\
this is… the feeling of having comrades… now I finally understand it! … Naruto\\
naruto… you saved konoha…\\
and now you are saving the whole shinobi world…\\
it is always like this… we always entrust this very dangerous thing to you\\
… but this time I will fight with you…\\
no matter what you say…\\
together with everyone!\\
the different paths they chose still don’t intertwine… the fighting demon, finally stands on the battlefield!!!\\

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