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Translations: One Piece 929 by cnet128 , Gintama 699 by kewl0210

Naruto 573

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Feb 8, 2012 14:25 | Go to Naruto

-> RTS Page for Naruto 573

*Only for use by MS.

1: Difficult...names?
2: What are you talking about?
3: A-HAAAAA...
4: You don't know them, do you?!
5: Heh!
6: I'm not gonna tell you!
side: With the nine names in his heart, he steps forward!!!
573: The Path Toward Radiance
7: Yoh!!

1(2b): Seeing Naruto having grown this much...makes me feel really old.
2(2b): ...what's the matter? This isn't like you...! It may sound strange
coming from me...but let's just agree that our springtimes of youth aren't over yet, alright?
3: ...the fact that we're here means...
4: Don't say anymore! You're going to make me even sadder!
5: Now that's the Guy I know.
6: That face...
7: slip
8: drip
9: Sweat...?

1: ...no...it's rain...!
2: plop
3: ...Why...would I ever begin to sweat against an opponent like that?!
4: plop
5: Naruto is merely a pawn to be used to stimulate Sasuke...
6: He's just a kid, with no further purpose than to amuse me!!
7: I know how the limits of his power...!
8: This strange feeling isn't coming from his strength...!
9: Then what is it?!
10: What happened...?!
11: ...no...it matters not.
12: It matters not a bit what Naruto really is...

1: This war will make all pasts, all futures...and all existences...
2: completely irrelevant.
3: A...amazing...
4: pwack
5: Did you feel that just now?!
6(2b): ...I can't believe it...but there's no mistaking it...that's the
power of the nine-tails!
7: Yeah...
8: ...but...it feels a bit different...I can feel something else...
9: What's the situation?

1: Uzumaki Naruto is keeping the masked Madara at bay with an unbelievable
amount of power...the chakra he has is unreal!
2: No...actually, they're pushing Madara back...just the four of them,
Naruto, Bee-dono, Kakashi-dono, and Guy-dono...!!
3: Inoichi! Use all the power you have to convey the news of Naruto's
group to all of the reinforcements!
4: You have 15 seconds!!
5: I want to up everyone's morale all at once!!
6: If those four are fighting with all they've got, then we've got to use
all our power to do what we can here!!
7: Tell everyone about them!!
8: Everyone...?!
9: Telling everyone will create great stress on the chakra channels...it
could be dangerous...!!

1: Don't be ridiculous...10 seconds!
2: Inoichi-san!!
3: I'm sorry...but this is very important!!
4: Do all you can in that short period of time.
5: I'm not a good speaker, but leave it to me!
6: News from the HQ...!

1: The conditions are good at the reinforcement point!
2: Meaning--
3: Uzumaki Naruto is holding is ground!!
4(2b): Naruto and Bee-dono, who we're here to protect,
5: are currently fighting with all their heart on the front lines!!
6: The same goes for Kakashi and Guy!!
7: We want you all to join them...!!
8: Everyone's powerful feelings coming together...

1: will foretell our victory!!
2: tssss...
3: Ahh!!
4: Cough!
5: Hah...
6: I'm really...bad at talking...after all...
7: Haa
8: wheeze
9-11: haa
12: It ended up taking...20 seconds...
13: ...Captain...
14: ...yeah...
15: That just goes to show...how strong your own feelings are.
16: Sorry.
17-18: haa

1: Naruto-kun...
2: I've always...always been chasing after you...
3: Even...now.
4: ...but...once this war ends,
5: I'm going to stop once and for all.

1: Next time, I'll be next to you, holding your hand...
2: Walking WITH you!
3: Wait for me!!
4: Naruto...I marked you a long, long time ago...
5: as my rival!
6: Take care of Madara until I get there!!
7: I'm going to fully support Naruto with my ninjutsu...
8: I don't need...a reason why!

1: Looks like Naruto's...doing well...
2(2b): ...it's him, after all...I couldn't imagine him doing anything
other than OVERDOING it...despite how he looks...he actually has a short
3(2b): Naruto's stupid, and I'm fat...that was always the joke...but
people aren't always what they seem!!
4: Wait for me, slightly-stupid Naruto! Slim Chouji's coming to back you
5: He isn't the type to calmly think of a plan, though.
6: That's why I'm here...wait for me, Naruto, I'm almost there!

1: Thank you, father...!
2: You conveyed Naruto's powerful feelings to everyone...
3: I have to make sure that foretelling...comes true!
4: Is Guy-sensei alright?!
5: I hope he's protecting Naruto!!
6: Kakashi-sensei's there too...so they should be alright...
7: ...if only it wasn't raining...I could have sent my Choujuu Giga to
8: Stop complaining and speed up, Sai-san!!
9: Now's the time for us to charge forward
10: and respond to the heroic efforts of Gai-sensei and Naruto-kun!

1: Mmm...
2: This...is what it means to have friends...I understand it perfectly
3: Naruto...you saved Konoha...
4: And now you're trying to save the entire shinobi world...
5: You always get left with these insurmountable tasks.
6: ...but no matter what you say this time...we're going to be together...
7: Not just me...
8: We're going to all fight together this time!

slanted: Their seperate paths still have yet to cross...but now, carnage
is about to come to the battlefield!!!

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#1. by Fafa ()
Posted on Mar 10, 2012
Mr. Molokidan, I notice that u dont continue translating Naruto after this chapter, may I know why? Bcoz I like ur English Naruto translations and I use them for my Bahasa Indonesia Naruto translations.
#2. by molokidan (Hidden Boss ΣΣ(゚Д゚;)ナヌッ)
Posted on Mar 11, 2012
Thanks. Unfortunately I've gotten busy and I'm not really interested in Naruto anymore.
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