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Naruto 574

Chapter 574: The eyes that look into darkness

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Feb 15, 2012 17:53 | Go to Naruto

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Chapter 574: The eyes that look into darkness\\
inserted text: love is eternal…!?\\
he is so cool~~~!!\\
… but who dared him to try to kill me!!?\\
bastard~~~!!! So cool~~~ <3\\
no!!! that bastard tried to kill me…\\
I will never forgive him~~~~\\
What… the hell is she doing in the last hours?\\
she said it is a hand made portrait… she is talking with that thing for all this time…\\ poor girl… I’m sure… she had a lot of troubles in her life…\\
ah… it is that sasuke’s portrait huh…\\ … didn’t we have to confiscate that thing as well?\\
if I try to do that, she acts violent\\ plus if we leave her like that she is a lot more quiet…\\
in that case… let’s be quiet like her and play with cards…\\
sfx: suuuu\\
according to what these birds say…\\
… a war huh…\\
we should hurry up and search for sasuke\\ before getting involved in this war!\\
It would be good if sasuke is in this hideout\\
could it be that he will go berserk again?\\
… sasuke, Karin and juugo… I don’t care if our name is hebi or taka but…\\ geez… I’m the only normal guy around here\\
there is one thing that worries me about you, can I ask you something?\\
sure! I’m normally worried about you too… because you scare me\\
I’m here because of my promise with kimimaro but…\\
Why are you into our group just to get in the way between sasuke and Karin?
ku ku! Because I’m not able to resist cutting them apart when I see them together…!\\
how can I say it… I’m driven by my impulse to cut things into two…\\ that’s who I am!!\\
… you… you are not normal, do you know that…?\\
I hope you don’t say that sasuke is better than me with that kind of argument!\\
… I hate you all!\\
If I talk with you, it will end up into a pointless argument!\\ because no matter what I do, I always estrange people…\\
Uoooooh!! Dieeeee!!\\
you are the one I hate the most!!\\
t-this is…\\
sfx juubo: piku\piku\\
I came here many times but…\\ I didn’t know about this place\\
This is…\\
Sfx: pat\\
Orochimaru’s hidden room…!?\\
eh…!? This… orochimaru even considered something like this!?\\
in that case… this data, isn’t something that can even be used to gain control over this war!!?\\
this could be… a good present for sasuke!!\\
bubble above him: … I will forgive and forget that punch juugo!\\
right: we were lucky and found something incredible because of that!\\
you already found me…\\
why are you here!?\\
… I don’t have… any particular reason\\
… I passed through two cities before coming here but they were empty…\\
I thought that the situation out here was strange but… do you know anything about this?\\
We are the ones asking questions here!\\
Why did you come outside!?\\
If you don’t like me to be here, why don’t you try to capture me?\\
You even have numbers on your side this time\\
you… could it be that you killed our original…!!\\
this time I’m facing a group of opponents. That’s good, I should get a certain amount feedback but…\\
this is a war… you have to defeat our enemies…\\
that tobi… It seems that he waged war huh…\\
go and… to sieze… killer bee… and uzumaki naruto…\\
if you will come and attack konoha… I will have to fight you…\\
if your hatred will bring you to that… you just have to concentrate all of it on me\\
you will be the first I will kill\\
we must… hurry… his comrades… are gathering… to the place where… he is\\
you are someone that experienced the same pain and lolliness as me\\
and… that pain makes people stronger\\
that’s the very reason why… by cutting this bound\\
I will obtain even more strenght!\\
Did you forget it naruto…\\
What true strenght is…?\\
Sword: kacha\\
eliminate the uchiha from this rotten shinobi world.\\
In a certain sense, you from konoha always wished for that.\\
Sword: suuuu\\
Since long in the past you continued to repudiate the uchiha, and just as you wish\\
I will erase them from your memories\\
by killing all of you in konoha!\\
the purification will consist in cutting all the bounds with you!\\
that will be the true restoration of the uchiha!\\
I will go to where you are as well…\\
to cut you down!!\\
you are not shinobies from konoha…\\ you are not included in my promise…\\
sfx: don\\
these are good eyes, I’m getting more and more accustomed to them, nii-san…\\
when you will have the same eyes as me come and fight me\\
sfx: sun\\
… all the thinghs I see are burned into my brother’s eyes…\\
all the brutal… sad… and grave things…\\
but that’s the right thing… look at me\\
sfx: suuu\\
sfx: pitan\\
inserted text: the chance of a meeting, approaches…!!!\\

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