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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Naruto 583

Chapter 583: Who Is This?

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Apr 24, 2012 08:29 | Go to Naruto

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proofread by Geg

His memories go toward the past...\\
Are you still able to go on, Kabuto?\\
Yes, Mother.\\
Even if this is for our orphanage, why do we have to treat these shinobis?\\
We cannot earn money if we don’t work...\\ Urushi could you bring me the bandages?\\
You have good skills, considering that you’re not a shinobi... Where did you learn those medical techniques...?\\
Mother taught me.\\
Your name’s Kabuto... right...?\\
Why don’t you become a shinobi? …You could be a good ninja...\\
I’m sure about that...\\
Chapter 583: Who Is This?\\
I have no intention of doing such a thing.\\
with this we will save a little of money for the orphanage and then I want to spend my life there helping Mother. \\ She’s given me so much... And all I’ve been able to give in return are some glasses.\\
…? I see... That’s a pity.\\
To think that the so called Walking Shrine Maiden would be here babysitting these children.
Seeing you now after all this time...\\
You seem a little worn out Nonou.\\
That’s a name I threw away a long time ago\\
The matter of our aid money from Konoha should already be settled... Why are you here now...!?\\
Even though you were an elite in the intelligence unit, you didn’t try to contact us since you left the “root”...\\
We didn’t come here just to discuss about the aid money.\\
We’ve obtained information about Iwagakure scheming a large scale operation against us in these times of war.\\
We want you to infiltrate Iwagakure and investigate...\\ To confirm if this information is correct or not.\\
In the event that it is...\\ We want you to investigate about when and where that operation will take place and give us intelligence about the various contents of the operation.\\
It will most likely be a long term mission.\\
…I’m afraid you’re asking the wrong person...\\
I’m no longer...\\
You don’t understand!\\ Mother is an important person for the orphanage and its children!\\
Mother is managing and protecting this orphanage with all her strength!\\
Such a dangerous mission... Why don’t you people from “Root” do it!?\\ Why did you come all the way here to ask Mother to...\\
I can entrust no one but the Walking Shrine Maiden with this mission.\\
There is no one else in Root better than her when it comes to gathering secret intelligence.\\
Most people have their spirit broken or change sides to the enemy.\\
And I know she is not the type of kunoichi who would sell out Konoha.\\
I can tell from your face that you’re guessing where I’m going with this... Nonou.\\ That’s right... If you refuse, we will no longer give any money to this orphanage.\\
No!! We’ve already talked with the Third Hokage!\\
He will not permit such a thing!\\
It seems that it would be easy for thieves to enter this orphanage...\\ We suggest you to hire some bodyguards so your money will not be stolen.\\ But I don’t think you have the money for that in the first place.\\
And incidentally, you should also take precautions to ensure those children aren’t kidnapped.\\
Some people might find value in children with no knowledge of their background..\\
You’re despicable!\\ And you call yourselves shinobi!!?\\
You are the ones who don’t understand.\\
They are a cheap price to pay\\
In order to protect konoha\\
…\\ Understood...\\
Wait, Mother!!\\
You became like this because you were not able to kill your heart.\\
Maybe you aren’t fit for Root after all.\\
How dare you to walk here so carefreely and...!\\
…Also, one of my subordinates died in order to obtain this information...\\ So I will take one of the children here to replace him.\\
How low will you go...!!?\\
I already said I accept the mission!!\\
These are two different matters.\\
We’ll continue to lend you money the next time we come...\\ But in exchange for this period’s funds, we will take the child.\\
I’m sure at least one of the children here wants to be a Konoha shinobi...\\
We’ll ask around. I’m sure someone will want to come with us.\\
Kabuto... why?\\
I’m suitable to become a ninja...\\
And I want to improve my medical ninjutsu.\\
Kabuto! Are you throwing away the three years you spent with us!?\\
Come back!\\
Did you forget the rules of this orphanage?\\
You should be in bed already.\\
This is bad... I’m surrounded\\
around him: haa\\haa\\
watch: click\\
hand: suu\\
If only I hadn’t screwed up... It’s already past the time for lights-out...\\
It’s been five years since I left the orphanage, huh...\\
I want to see Mother and the others one more time...\\
bubble all around: haa\\
Impossible!! Why are you here!?\\
No way... Is she still on that mission...!?\\
Why... are you... healing my wounds...\\ Who... are you...\\
It’s me, Mother!!\\
sfx: grab\\
I’m Kabuto!!\\
sfx: kacha\\
Don’t worry, I’ll save you!\\
Are you...?\\
This way!\\
Dammit! They got Nanigashi!\\
around him: haa\\haa\\
around him: haa\\haa\\
Why didn’t she remember me...!?\\
Then who was I until now!?\\
What did I receive from her!?\\
…My name... being her child...\\
Even these glasses...\\
sfx: kacha
…\\ Who...\\
Is this...!?\\
This is not me...\\
This is not the real me...\\
It seems you are not able to see yourself clearly.\\
sfx: kacha\\
You became quite a fine shinobi...\\ I remember who you are... Kabuto.\\
sfx: toc\\
inserted text: And then destiny began to move...!!!\\

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