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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Naruto 583

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Apr 19, 2012 00:11 | Go to Naruto

-> RTS Page for Naruto 583

*Note: Not for use in scanlations.

tl by molokidan

slanted: Memories drift to the past...
1: Kabuto, can you still work?
2: Yes, Mother!
3: I know it's for the sake of the orphanage, but why do all of us have to heal these shinobi?
4(2b): Because doing nothing won't bring us any money...can you go get me some bandages, Urushi?
5: Sure...
6: You're pretty good for not being a shinobi...your medical ninjutsu, that is...
7: Mother taught me all I know.
8: Kabuto...was it...?
9: Why don't you become a shinobi? ...you'd be a great one...

1: I'm sure of it...
583: Who is this?
2: I'm not interested in that.
3(2b): I want to keep working like this and earning money for the orphanage and helping mother, that's all. She did so much for me...and all I've been able to give her back so far is a pair of glasses.
4: ...? Oh really...what wasted potential.
5: To think the "Walking Medium" would be here babysitting children.

1: It's been a while since I've seen you...
2: You look a bit worn-out, Nonou.
3: I abandoned that name long ago.
4: The discussion about Konoha's aid has already been finished...what is this all of a sudden...?!
5: You were our most elite intelligence agent...you expect me to believe you lost track of everything as soon as you flew the coop...?
6: We didn't come here to speak just about the aid.
7: We received information that in these war times, Iwagakure is working on a large-scale plan.

1(2b): We want you to speak into Iwagakure to check whether or not that information is correct.
2(2b): And if it is...we want you to find out the details and when it will be put into action, then report back to us.
3: It may become a long-term mission.
4: ...you've come to the wrong place, then...
5: I'm no longer...
6(2b): Don't you people get it?! Do you realize how important the role of a Mother is to the children and this orphanage?!
7: She's worked for us and protected this place with all her might!
8(2b): Why don't YOU people handle your own dangerous missions! Why would you come all the way here to ask her...
9: Because we can't trust anyone else to complete this mission.
10: We don't have a single agent who's more capable than you.
11: Most get broken at some point, or defect to the enemy.
12: I know that she would never sell us out.

1(2b): Your face tells me you've already realized it too...Nonou. That's right...if you refuse, then we won't pay another coin to your orphanage.
2: What?! But we had a deal with the 3rd Hokage!
3: You think you'll get away with this?!
4: Seems like a thief would have no trouble getting in here...
5(2b): I recommend you hire a bodyguard to protect your money. If you have enough money to do so, that is.
6: And you'd better be careful that none of your children get kidnapped, either.
7: Children without any ties can be useful, you know...
8(2b): You rotten scumbags!! You call yourselves shinobi?!
9: You need to wake up already.

1: That's a small price to pay in order
2: to protect Konoha!
3: I...understand.
4: Wait, Mother!!
5: It's because you could never fully kill your heart that you turned out this way.
6: You really aren't suited to this, at your core.
7: How dare you...?!

1(2b): ...also, in order to get our information this time around, one of my subordinates died...so I'm taking one of your children with me to replace him.
2: How far must you go...?!
3: I just told you I would accept the mission!!
4: This and that are separate.
5(2b): We'll be sure to give you your money next time...in exchange for this time and one child.
6: Besides, how do you know none of the children don't want to become shinobi themselves...
7: What could it hurt to ask? There may be at least one.

1: Why, Kabuto?
2: I have what it takes to be a good ninja...
3: And I want to master medical ninjutsu.
4: Kabuto! What happened to the 3 years we spent together?!
5: Get back over here!
6: Did you all forget the rules of the orphanage?
7: It's already bedtime.

1: It's no good...I'm surrounded.
2-3: haa
4: haa
5: click
6: haa
7: rustle
8: If I hadn't messed up, it would have been bedtime...
9: It's been 5 years since I left...
10: I really wanted to see Mother and everyone again...

1: gah
2: Kuh!
3-6: hah

1: Mother?!
2: What?! What are you doing here?!
3: It can't be...she's still on that mission...?!
4: Uuu...
5(2b): Why...my...wound...who...are you...?

1: It's me, Mother!!
2: slip
3: It's Kabuto!!
4: click
5: Don't worry! I'll save you, I promise!
6: Who's...
7: ...there...?

1: This way!
2: Dammit! They got Nanigashi!

1-4: hah
5: Mother didn't recognize me...
6: Why?
7: Why didn't she remember me...?
8: Why...
9: Does it mean I was someone else up until now?!
10: What did she give me?!
11: ...my name, a place as one of her children...
12: even these glasses...

1: click
2: Who...
3: is this...?

1: ...this isn't me...
2: This isn't the real me...
3: Seems like you aren't really seeing yourself.
4: click
5(2b): You sure have become quite the shinobi...I remember you...Kabuto.
6: tap
7: And so fate turned its wheels...!!!

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