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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

D.Gray-Man 119

D. Grayman 119

+ posted by aine as translation on May 27, 2007 03:13 | Go to D.Gray-Man

-> RTS Page for D.Gray-Man 119

(Page 1)

Text: To give away sin, the one who must abandon [everything].

119th Night: Ra + Bi

(Page 2)

Text: Rhode's fury, towards Rabi!!

First text: Rabi

Sfx in bubbles: Doku (heartbeat)

(Page 3)

Rhode: Don't move~ Allen (Note: it's said more cutely than this- she goes, "ne" at the end, but this is basically what it means)
Rhode: That left eye of yours remembers that my candles hurt very much, doesn't it?

Rhode: If you don't want to see that human over there and cute Linali become a tragic scene

Linali: Chaoji!
Linali: Hold on! (Note: "Shikalishite", a stock phrase meaning roughly that)

Rhode: Just wait for "Rabi" to be destroyed by me.

(Page 4)

Rabi: This is..

Text in the background: Rabi

Bookman: That's right. This is an illusion.
Bookman: The shape of history that "we" remember- the ink on paper that is called "human".

Rabi: An illusion...

(Page 5)

Text in the small bubbles: Rabi
Bookman: Ink does not talk to the calligrapher.
Bookman: When you play with the ink, does your heart always hurt?
Rabi: Chi (sound of derision)... Even in an illusion, you're annoying, Grandpa. ("jijii")

Bookman: Haha.. That's because I was formed out of your memories.
Bookman: But the reason why you feel I'm annoying is because you feel for the "ink" that is people.
Bookman: What is the "purpose" of our people? "Rabi".

Rabi: Stop it-

Bookman: No matter what we have to abandon, for that single purpose
Bookman: Outside the frame of the world, we Bookman continue to live

(Page 6)

Linali: Ra..
Linali: Rabi

Linali: I..
Linali: I am
Linali: still..

Rabi: Living within this world? (note: echoing what Linali said to Rabi after her fight with the level 3)

Linali: Rabi...

Linali: Rabi...
Linali: Why...?

(Page 7)

Text in the background: Rabi.. why..

Linali: Why did you abandon us..?
Linali: You say we're not companions...?

Linali: We're not the ink on paper!!

(Page 8)

Text bubble: Kyaaa

Rabi: It's an illusion!
Rabi: This is..
Rabi: an illusion!!

Bookman: The way to survive is to hit into them
Bookman: Mow them down, "Rabi".

(Page 9)

Rabi: Vision here will only confuse me
Rabi: Leave aside vision and remain calm!!

Text: Gyaaa
Text: What are-

Rabi: Damn.. even my ears..
Rabi: Don't listen..
Rabi: Ignore them!

Text (in the bubble): What are you doing, Rabiii!!!

Text: What's happened to you Rabii!!
Rabi: Ignore this and leave this place!!

Komui: You are (Note: said very formally)
Komui: of the lineage of "Bookman", aren't you.

(Page 10)

Komui: Welcome to the Black Organization
Komui: I am the leader of the research division, Komui Lee.

Rabi: My past memories are..

Rabi: Coffins.. in the middle of a ceremony?
Rabi: At a look there are a maybe a hundred

(Page 11)

Rabi: Even among the living there are many wounded
Rabi: The smell of disinfectant is strong in the air.

Rabi: This is..
Rabi: a "lost battle"..

Nurse: Sa.. that's enough for your body..
Nurse: Let's go back..

Nurse: Linali...

Text: "Rabi" is the false name of the 49th.
Text: Only the numbers of the false name watch battles.

(Page 12)

Text: The truth is that "history" and the people who transmit history are separate.
Text: "To know what nobody knows"
Text: For only this, you undertook to become "Bookman".

Rabi: Stop!
Text: But

Rabi: No matter where we go it's fighting. fighting. fighting.
Rabi: That humans are idiots is something I understand well.

Bookman: ....
Bookman: Rabi

Rabi: Stop!

Bookman: Even though there is much discord
Bookman: Don't treat it lightly with a sleepy face.
Rabi: But it's dirty.... (Note: I can't see this part very clearly)
Rabi: Book a room~~

Rabi: Like always, as great as I am, I'll become on good terms with them-

(Page 13)

Rabi: My body size?
Rabi: It's ok, any random size will do.

Researcher 1 (I forget his name ^^;;): We'll make you a fitting uniform that raises your defence rating.
Researcher 2: If we do that moving and fighting with Akuma will be easy
River: What a good work ethic, Johnny- !

Text bubbles: Rabi doesn't suit the sort of long coat like Kanda wears..
Text bubble: Bookman too! Ahaha
Text bubble: Don't sit on the table, Johnny!
Rabi: Are their eyes sparking?
Text: ahaha
Linali: They just want to protect Rabi now that you're one of us,
Linali: Understand?

Text: In this largest battle in this war with the Akuma that we are now observing..
Text: It's the first time we have entered the list of soldiers.

Text: When did they
Text: become more than "separate"?

Rabi: "Exorcist", huh
Rabi: Even if I hope for it it's usefless.

(Page 14)

Rabi: Haa (panting)

Text: One year-...
Text: Two years
Text: passed while I remained in the Organization.

Text: I began to forget
Text: Whether my smiles were real or false.

Rabi: Stop..

(Page 15)

Text: Grandpa's words..
Text bubble: Don't be taken in by battle
Text bubble: We are only here /temporarily/ for the purpose of recording.
Text: I began to hurt and feel.

Rabi: Stop
Rabi: Don't look...

Text bubble: Pashaa (sfx)

Allen: Something I dropped..

Allen: You kept this from Bookman and held on to it, didn't you

(Page 16)

Sfx: Pah

Rabi: !!!
Rabi: What is that reaction?

"Rabi" : It's just a pink of ink.
"Rabi" : "Rabi".

"Rabi": You've become unable to stand quietly by and watch..
(Small text bubbles: haa.. haha..)
"Rabi": You're disqualified.

(Page 17)

Allen: Ra.. bi..

Rabi: haa... haa..

Text: Rabi, who is going through the dream world...!!
Text: This heart, too, will be skewered..!!

Rabi: Gofu (cough)
Text: Rabi

Text: You are no longer
Text: needed as Bookman...

Next, a broken Rabi runs wild..!?

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#1. by bax ()
Posted on May 27, 2007
Wahhh ^^

Another trans <33

Thanx a lot :amuse
#2. by Koen (Celestial Belgian)
Posted on May 27, 2007
thanks a lot aine

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