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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Bleach 246

Bleach 246 "The Great Desert Bros"

+ posted by AkiDotress as translation on Oct 5, 2006 07:04 | Go to Bleach

-> RTS Page for Bleach 246

Since D broke his wrist a week ago, I guess I've been pressed into service here on MH's high seas!


I'll try to stick around until he heals up and can start typing on his own. But really, working on Thursday nights like this is fine since he can still dictate his word choice to me while I type this up on my PC.

Remember kids, don't run across campus even if you're late to class; especially on rainy days!

-------- Page 01 ---------
Fanning: The whelp's hasty retreat! Those Hollows hot on his heels! What can they be and how did this all come to pass? The puzzling situation coming to a head here in [Las Noches]...

Kid: Haah, haah, haah, haack.

Hollow A: Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Hollow B: Shushushushushushushushushushu

Hollow C: Habahahohahahahahahaha!!!

--------- Page 02 ---------
Hollow A: Blargh!!!

Hollow B: Gah!?

Hollow B: Big bro------------!!!

--------- Page 03 ---------
Hollow B: Eh...?

Hollows: Aiaaaaaaaaa!!!

Hollows: Ack! Uncle, I say uncle!! Owies, my noggin!! You're nicking me on the head!!!

Kid: N...No wait------!! Please cut that out------!!!

--------- Page 04 ---------
Kid: What did Neru and them ever do to deserve all this!? C'mon, stop being mean bullies!!!

Ichigo: ...A mask...! ...You... You're a Hollow!?

--------- Page 05 ---------
Bleach c246 - The Great Desert Bros.

--------- Page 06 ---------
Hollows: We're not worthy, but please------ this was definitely our bad!!

Kid: Please, we didn't think Neru and his friends would ever have one fun game of Infinite Tag be so misleading...

Kid: If you think about it, Hueco Mundo would really bore you out of your wits otherwise...

Ishida: The heck's Infinite Tag...?

Ichigo: Fun games... You were practically bawling back there.

Kid: Heck yeah! What fun would it be if there wasn't anyone screaming bloody murder?

Ichigo: What sort of freaky crap are you teaching this kid!?

Hollow: Gahh!

Ishida: So, you're called Neru, right?

--------- Page 07 ---------
Kid: Uh huh! People call me Neru-Tou, the Arrancar!!

Ichigo: ......... ...an Arrancar...!

Hollow B: I'd be his older brother, Pesshe.

Hollow C. I'm his other older brother, Dondochakka, see?

Sado: See...?

Hollows: And big ol' Bawabawa here is our pet!

Ichigo: Now wait just a damn minute here.

--------- Page 08 ---------
Neru: Yah?

Ichigo: You're telling me that you Arrancar have family!?

Neru: Why're you so coarse, mister!? Of course we do!

Dondochakka: I ran into Neru and that adorable munchkin just made me want to be siblings!

Pesshe: Same here!

Neru: Yup! Heh!

Ichigo: Wait, you can't call that a family.

Hollows: ............................!!

Neru: But... then what else can you call it...!?

Ichigo: ...Ah, errr... No wait, I think you guys are right after all...

Ichigo: ...In any case~~~~~

--------- Page 09 ---------
Ichigo: That Arrancar thing, you ain't lying right? (Where are you sitting, punk?)

Neru: Oh c'mon, mister! You telling me those big peepers of yours can't see this handsomely fractured mask!?

Ichigo: Well... Let's just say you're really different compared to the ones I've met in the Living World...

Neru: Oh!

Neru: C'mon! The ones that were sent there are the "Numeros!"

Ichigo: Nume...? What the hell?

Neru: The "Numeros" are Hollows that were Menos Grande or even more advanced that turned into Arrancar!

Neru: They get to have a two-digit rank and even get positions to serve under the Espada in battle!

Neru: Those guys are the real hellraisers! Mealworms like us are worlds apart, like terrafirma and the skies above! (Ichigo: Mealworms...)

Neru: Besides, what's your angle? You're the ones around here that don't look like Arrancar! I mean that black getup you have on looks almost like a Shi---

--------- Page 10 ---------
Neru: Wa... Wait... wh-what do you... do around here anyways...?

Ichigo: Kurosaki Ichigo, Shinigami proxy!

Ishida: Quincy, Ishida Uryuu.

Sado: Sado Yasutora ...human.

Neru: WAAAAHCRAAAAPPP, he's one of those crazy Shinigami creeps~~~~~~!! No to scary enemy-types~~~~~~!!

Ichigo: You're telling me... you had no idea who we were...

Neru: That fishy feeling was real!! No Arrancar in their right mind would want to stay near [Las Noches]! WE'RE---ALL---GOING---TO---DIE---------!!

Ichigo: Jeez... chill, no one's gonna die here...

--------- Page 11 ---------
Huge Hollow: It won't be a simple Shinigami that ends you...

Huge Hollow: That delicious privelege to guide you to excruciating oblivion is mine...

Huge Hollow: The Sentinel of the Pale Sands, Runuganga!!

--------- Page 12 ---------
Runuganga: [Las Noches] had informed me of several interlopers in the area. How you mere insects managed to associate yourselves to this plot...

Rununanga: Escape and forgiveness are denied! Now join the grains of this desert!

Neru: No wait, time out! This isn't what....

Ichigo: Move it.

Neru: Eh?

Ichigo: Getsuga... TENSHOU!!!

--------- Page 13 ---------
Ichigo: Done!

Hollows: Aaaaa~~~!!! Too fast! So cheap!! You cheated!!! BADGUY~~~!!!

Ichigo: Oh, boohoo. Don't whine about getting saved. How's it a cheap move if I used it in plain sight right in front of him...?

--------- Page 14 ---------
Runuganga: Resorting to coward's play... and being a braggart... This is simply... unforgiveable!

Ichigo: Hey, what the hell is it!?

Neru: Duh, mister. Runuganga-sama is the sand itself.

Ichigo: Forget the "it's sand" finding!! Don't you get he's going after you guys... TOO!?

--------- Page 15 ---------
Ichigo: Ack...!

Ichigo: Crap! What're our options here!? Ishida!

Ishida: Forget it. Making holes with my arrows is uesless.

Ichigo: Chad!!

Sado: I don't think it'll work on sand... Want me to try anyway?

Ichigo: Move it! We've got to regroup! This guy'll need a plan to be taken down with!!

Neru: Bawa! Hurry up, Bawa!!!

Runuganga: You. Will not. Escape!!!

--------- Page 16 ---------
Everyone: Uh... wohhhhhhh!?

Ishida: An antlion trap!!

Ichigo: Exactly!!

--------- Page 17 ---------
Ichigo: Neru!! Doesn't that huge freak have a weakness to exploit!?

Neru: Uhhh... No! I won't reveal it to you bad guys...!

Ichigo: You some kind of moron!? We're all going to die a horrible sandy death here!!

Neru: W-water!! It's water!!

Ichigo: Water!? What, here in this desert!?

Neru: Y-yeah... right! Water!!

Ichigo: Where the hell would you find------

???: Next dance, Hakuren.

--------- Page 18-19 ---------
Fanning: Bringing with them hopeful smiles... the pair touches down!!

End of c246

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#1. by Gold Knight ()
Posted on Oct 5, 2006
Thank you AkiDotress!

Sorry to hear about Djudge's wrist.
#2. by Twoshirou ()
Posted on Oct 6, 2006
Thanks for the translation, Aki. :)

Broken wrist .... sounds painful. :s
#3. by coungpow ()
Posted on Oct 12, 2006
thanks for the trans you guys always do great work! Sorry about D's wrist hope he heals up fast
#4. by infyquest ()
Posted on Oct 12, 2006
I want the latest chapter translation sooooooo.......ooooooon

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