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Translations: Gintama 565 by kewl0210 , Bleach 651 by cnet128 , One Piece 806 by cnet128

Bleach 246

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 27, 2009 01:14 | Go to Bleach

-> RTS Page for Bleach 246

?: Haah
?: Hah
?: Hah
?: Hiih
?: Shushushushushushushushushu
?: Bahohahahahahahahahaha!!!

?: Shu!?
?: Bahogaahh!!
?: Big bro!!

?: Ah..?
?: Nooooooo!!!
?: Ahh! That hurts, that hurts!
?: My head!!
?: That thing of yours kinda hit my head!!
?: S...stop it--!!
?: Please stop it!!!

?: What did Neru and the guyth do to you?
?: Pleath thtop bullying them!
I: A mask...!
I: ...You're...
I: A hollow?!

(Top black text: Dance, Hollows!)

?: We're reaaaally
?: Thorry for all the trouble!
?: I never thought Neru'th "Endletth Tag" game could ever bring about thith kind of problem...
?: The thing ith, in Hueco Mundo, there aren't that many fun thingth to do...
I: "Endless Tag," huh?
I: Tag...?
I: But aren't you crying a little there?
?: Yep!
?: Neru is a huge mathochitht, so it's no fun unleth I cry while being chathed!
I: Just what the hell are you teaching this kid?!
?: Obah
I: So then, "Neru," would be your name, right?

N: Yeah~!
N: Neru is the arrancar "Neru Tu."
I: ...Arrancar...!
P: I'm Nell's brother Pesshe.
D: And I, Dondochakka, am the oldest-yansu.
C: ...yansu...
D: That big-ass thing thing in the back is our pet Bawabawa!!
I: Wait wait wait wait.

N: Yeth?
I: Since when do arrancars have siblings and pets!?
N: That'th not very naith! Of courth we have them!
D: We met by accident, but he was so cute that we decided to make him our brother.
D: Same here!
N: Ehehe
I: Then you're not really brothers, are you?
N: The....then what in the world is Neru...?!
I: ...look, forget it...
I: My bad. You're fine as brothers...really...
I: But maaan...

I: Are you sure you're really an arrancar? (And hey, where the hell do you think you're riding, punk?)
N: What are you thaying!
N: Can't you thee the amathing broken mathk on my head?
I: What I'm saying're just completely different from the ones who came to the real world.
N: Aahhh!
N: Yeah, you're right! Because the oneth who went there were the "Numeroth!"
I: Numeros...? What the hell?
N: "Numeroth" are the Menoth Grande and higher that become arrancar!
N: They get two-digit number atthigned to their name and are under control of the Ethpada!
N: They might even be experth on fighting!
N: The differenth between them and trathy bugs like Neru is greater than Heaven and Earth!
I: Trashy bugs...
N: Thpeaking of which, the oneth who really don't look like arrancar would be you guyth, right?
N: No mathks, wearing that weird black kimono, almost like a Thini-

N: Ah...umm...
N: You...what is
I: Kurosaki Ichigo, Shinigami Representative!
I: "Quincy."
I: Ishida Uryuu.
C: Sado Yasutora.
C: ...Human.
I: Just who the hell did you THINK we were?
N: I thought thomething was thrange about you!! No arrancar would be headed toward Lath Nocheth!
I: Er...actually, we weren't gonna kill you...

?: And even if the Shinigami does not...
?: I will destroy you all until nothing is left!
?: I, the protector of this white desert, Runaganga!

R: I just received a message from Las Noches concerning you intruders.
R: And to think that trash like you would be travelling with them...
R: Unforgiveable.
R: You will be turned into sand of the desert as a punishment!
N: Wait, hold on!!
N: Neru and the guyth aren't...
I: Get down.
N: Eh?
I: Getsuga...

I: Yosh!!
P: Aaaahhhh!!
D: So sudden!! A sneak attack?! That's unfair!!
N: BAD GUY!!!!
I: Shut up already, isn't it alright to save you guys?
I: Besides, I still hit him from the front, so it can't be a sneak...

R: A sneak attack...with no qualms...
R: Intruder...
R: I will not...
I: What the hell is that?!
N: Isn't it obvious?
N: Runaganga is made out of sand, after all.
I: Forget "made out of sand!"
I: That bastard is aiming for you too! Don't just stand around...
I: Ehhhh?!

R: Ku....
I: Dammit!
I: Isn't there something we can do?
I: Ishida!
I: I don't think so.
I: All a bow will do is make holes.
I: Chad!!
I: I don't think I'll be able to beat something made out of sand...want me to try anyway?
I: We're running away!!
I: It's "plan time!" Just let go of him!!
N: Power!! Come on, powers!!!!
SFX: Zahhh...

?: U....
?: Uohhhhhh!?
I: An earthquake!!
I: Obviously!!

I: Neru!!
I: Does this guy have any weakpoints or anything?
N: Wawah...but I can't tell that to the bad guyth!!!
I: At this rate, you're gonna be swallowed up in the sand, jackass!
N: W..water!!
N: Water!!

I: Water!?
I: Water in the desert!?
N: Ye..yeah!
N: Water!!
I: But where the hell are--
R: Next dance.
R: "Hakuren." (*White Ripple.)

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