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Naruto 336

Naruto Ch336

+ posted by brucelee as translation on Dec 20, 2006 14:27 | Go to Naruto

-> RTS Page for Naruto 336

do not use this trans with a scan. :smile-big

page 1
that shadow captures Hidan again!
Hidan: You Bastard.
kakashi: Get moving shikamaru!
Shika: gotcha
Choji: Leave this up to us.
Ino: We're counting on you, Shika.

page 2
just what is shika's plan to kill the immortal?
Hidan: You trying to split me and Kakuzu up. huh?
Shika: why don't we go for a nice little stroll, just the two of us, eh?
Kakuzu: You sure it's ok letting him go by himself?
Kakuzu: You've severly underestimated Hidan. It's a shame, that Shikamaru kid would have probably become a nice bounty.
page 3
Kakuzu: But today he'll die.
Kakuzu: You guys were indeed correct.
Kakauzu: I'm strong.
Kakauzu: there's just too big of a gap in battle experience separating us.
Kakuzu: When I see your forehead protectors I remember the first konoha ninja that I ever fought.
page 4
Kakuzu: The first hokage.
Chouji: what?
ino: Just how old is he?
Kakashi: you really are immortal?
Kakuzu: No, there’s no such thing in this world.
kakuzu: before my heart stops I always take someone elses. I keep stocking up on hearts and some how I just keep on living

page 5
Kakuzu: By ripping the still beating heart out of ever stronger ninja
Ino: !?
Kakuzu: I have 5 hearts, including yours
Kakuzu: kakashi...the stock you reduced, I'll replenish it with your heart
page 6
Kakashi: the katon and the futon masks have joined!
Hidan: you trying to say I can't escape? Shit!

page 7
Hidan: This kage jutsu only lasts for 5 minutes, right? and now the two of us are all alone.
Hidan: That's just how I wanted it too you freaking numbskull.
Shika: ugh!

page 8
page 9
Shika: ugh!
page 10
Hidan: everything is ready
Hidan: DIE!!
page 11
Choji: kakashi sensei!
page 12
Kakashi ~suiton: wall of water~
Kakashi (He added wind to his nature manipulation attack, water alone won't stop this fire.)

page 13
kakashi: arrrg!
ino/cho: Sensei!
Kakuzu: I'll be taking you heart now.
page 14
page 15
Asuma: I'm counting on you....Shikamaru
Hidan: humph, Pathetic.
Hidan: The god of Jashin is disappointed too.
Hidan: Well then, looks as if Kakuzu is also about finished.
page 16
Kakuzu: Ugh! It can’t be!
Kakashi: Oh it can, trust me. We prepared a little of your blood.
Shika: (If you get the chance, use this, I'll entrust it with you)
Kakashi: Shikamaru realized that that guy makes use of blood.
Kakashi: So he prepared a blood holding capsule beforehand.
page 17
Kakuzu: what? When did you have that chance?
Kakashi: When I cut a hole through you with my raikiri.
Kakashi: I also took some of your blood then.
Kakashi: You see, actually it' was Shikamaru who was underestimated.
Kakashi/kakasu?: he.../himm...
Kakashi: he couldn't let the information Asuma gave his life for be wasted.

What is shiakamaru's plan against the invincible Hidan?
Next time: (color pages) Shikamaru's ability!

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#1. by Gold Knight ()
Posted on Dec 20, 2006
Thanks, Bruce. Much appreciated.
#2. by brucelee ()
Posted on Dec 20, 2006
:) what number is this again?
#3. by Gold Knight ()
Posted on Dec 20, 2006
#4. by 4ghost ()
Posted on Dec 20, 2006
Thanks for the translation brucelee. Always appreciated.

#5. by venicia777 ()
Posted on Dec 20, 2006
bruce you are awesome-- just like Bruce Lee :p
#6. by Ayah ()
Posted on Dec 20, 2006
Wonderful, bruce! Much appreciated :amuse

I'm not a member of NF so I can't join KWGoD's FC. I'm just a lurker over there.
#7. by Flying Shadow ()
Posted on Dec 20, 2006
Thanks bro .. You My Hero
#8. by laughing@you ()
Posted on Dec 20, 2006
You are the s%$T!!!!!!!!!!!!
#9. by yeste ()
Posted on Dec 20, 2006
Thanks a lot man!!!
#10. by Leen (MH's Peacemaker)
Posted on Dec 20, 2006
Thanks for the quick scanlation. :thumbs It is an interesting chapter indeed.

Don't you mean translation? ~ Ayah
#11. by Foerdom ()
Posted on Dec 20, 2006
Thank you very much, lee-san ! :smile-big
#12. by njt (Last Boss ♪~( ̄。 ̄))
Posted on Dec 20, 2006
Bruce~~ fast translation man :ossu you were finished already when I just realized it was out :o

せめて日本語を入れてよぉー(笑) (aka give me a chance :p)
#13. by CopyNinjaKakashi ()
Posted on Dec 20, 2006
Thanks yo! You rock the house!
#14. by Shaka ()
Posted on Dec 20, 2006
Thanks you :)
#15. by eni (MH's Socialworker)
Posted on Dec 20, 2006
Thank you so much :luv
#16. by rajuchacha ()
Posted on Dec 20, 2006
thanks a ton bruce
#17. by waldo ()
Posted on Dec 20, 2006
as we say this in filipino language... Salamat!!! :)
#18. by exkon ()
Posted on Dec 20, 2006
Thanks for the translation bruce, very well done.
#19. by spider_r18 ()
Posted on Dec 20, 2006
Nice.... thank you very much... this week was a fast one....
#20. by Nawulf ()
Posted on Dec 20, 2006
Thanks, this was a good translation - and how nice to have the raw on Wednesday. ^_^
#21. by NRZero ()
Posted on Dec 20, 2006
Thanks alot for the speedy translation.
#22. by Gear2fu ()
Posted on Dec 20, 2006
Thanks a ton bruce

#23. by WRY ()
Posted on Dec 20, 2006
Brucelee, your translation is much appreciated! And I agree, Nawulf. It is nice! :smile-big
#24. by brucelee ()
Posted on Dec 21, 2006
"my heart" should read "your heart" :)

thanks njt
#25. by coby0 ()
Posted on Dec 21, 2006
thanx fo the trans

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