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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

D.Gray-Man 181

Hishou Natehatena

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Mar 20, 2009 20:40 | Go to D.Gray-Man

-> RTS Page for D.Gray-Man 181

[Side text: The offense and defense of this sealed-off dimension...]
Skulls: Hey. // Yeah. // Some meddlers from the Order.
People: They're not answering... // Well, that's not much help... all Marie said was that we were to meet up at this orphanage...
Finder: I don't see any signs of movement inside... you think they're out?
Zhizhi: [aside]brrr...[/aside] // Where are Marie and the rest, then?
Finder: Who knows......
Zhizhi/Finder: ......
Galmar: [aside]ahhhh...[/aside] / They're staring at us...
Reever: They really are...

Galmar: This is all preposterous! / I'm personally familiar with this orphanage myself! What on Earth would Phantom Thief G be doing hiding in a place like this?!
Reever: I did explain the situation to you, Inspector...
[181st Night: Hishou Natehatena]
[TN: DISCLAIMER: I have zero idea what the hell this chapter title means. It makes no sense as far as I can figure. Anyone? T____T]
[Insert text: He doesn't believe in this occult nonsense!!]

Galmar: You mean this "Innocence" of yours? / I have a hard time believing that a substance with mysterious powers like that actually exists, I'm afraid...
Reever: But it does, I'm afraid...
Galmar: [aside]ahhhhh...[/aside] // (These occult freaks...) // Now, look here, all right... I'm working with you for the moment because I'm under orders from my superiors. (They were pressured into it by Central.) But if this so-called "Innocence" of yours doesn't show up, then I'll be taking those pals of yours back into custody before you can say "superstitious nonsense"!
Reever: By all means feel free. // If, on the other hand, we do find the Innocence, then I'd like you to hand Phantom Thief G over to us.
Galmar: Oh, absolutely~~~~!
Madarao: (.........)
FemaleGuard: Ani-sama... / I sense something very unusual from this building.
Finder: How is it, Zhizhi?
Zhizhi: ......... / There's something up with this building.
Finder: Something up?

Zhizhi: No matter how I pick at it, I can't make a scratch. // Lend me your gun.
Finder: Hm? Okay...
Zhizhi: I've seen a phenomenon similar to this once before, at the Asia Branch. // In that case, it was a door made by the Branch Chief, but...
Bonnaire: Ahh! What are you doing, Zhizhi-chan?!
Zhizhi: See for yourselves!
Finder: ?! // It's... // It's not damaged in the slightest!!

Zhizhi: This is a sealing barrier, all right...!
Skull: So they had a scientist with them... // Let them do whatever they may. // No human can penetrate this barrier.
Finders: Marie~! Kanda~~~~~! // Can you hear us, Allen~?! / Are you in there~~~?!
Bonnaire: [aside]wh - what's going on?[/aside]
Finders: Ughhhh... It's no good...!
Zhizhi: Oh, give it up, you idiots! We need to dispel the barrier...!
Madarao: Move aside.
Zhizhi: !

Zhizhi: ?!!!
Skull: What?!
Timothy: An-chan!!

Level3: Tough little bastard, aren't ya... // Diii... // ...iiieee! // Diiiiii... // ...iiiee!
Timothy: Those cracks... your body's still not back to normal!! // You're gonna break apart! You're gonna die!!
Tsukikami: Hang in there, An-chan! Keep protectin' my Master~~~!
Timothy: [aside]ahh!![/aside] / Of course! If I possessed An-chan, wouldn't he be able to use Innocence against that thing?!
Tsukikami: N'uh-uh! It's only Akuma that Tsukikami can turn into Innocence!
Allen: MOVE!!

[TN: "Demon Scream"]
Link: Ngh...
Timothy: It... It hurts...! / My head's gonna burst...!
Tsukikami: Master...!
Link: (My technique's...)

Link: (It's no use......... // Secreta...ry...)
[TN: The last thing he thinks of before he 'dies' is LeVerrier? Oh, I can just picture the yaoi now >_<]

Level3: ??!!

Level3: An Exorcist...?! // No... // I sense no Innocence...
Madarao: A Level Three......
Link: !! / (That voice...)
Madarao: Activate.

Madarao: GAKI.
[TN: The kanji literally mean "consuming machine"]
Level3: What the...? // My body's being...
Madarao: Consume him. // Kaibyakukou!!
[TN: "Creation Rift"]
Level3: ...sucked in~~~~~?!!

[no text just badass]


Link: (! He defeated... // ...an Akuma?!) // Madarao...?

Link: Why is a member of Crow...?
Kanda: A new Exorcist...?
Level4: (Impossible...)
Allen: Dear me... / We're really getting upstaged today, aren't we...?
Level4: (How did he break through the barrier?)
Kanda: Only because you keep getting distracted instead of focusing on the guy we're meant to be fighting, dumbass.
Allen: Shut up, Kanda.

Level4: Stubborn, aren't you...?
[Insert text: Just the Level Four remains... It's time for the counterattack to begin in earnest!!]

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#1. by Loren Leah ()
Posted on Mar 20, 2009
oh man, I'm glad I wasn't the only person totally stumped by that crazy chapter title D:
#2. by =Urahara= ()
Posted on Mar 20, 2009
#3. by kewl0210 ()
Posted on Mar 20, 2009
I'll try to figure out the title...
Hishou means Scarlet Cosmetics. ナテハテナ Natehatena is a palindrome in Japanese...
Hatena is the first part of "Hatena Maaku", question mark. Nate is only the te form of naru and nothing else. So I guess it's just to complete the palindrome.

My guess is it's a name. That's all it can be really. It's like Kurotsuchi Mayuri where one name is kanji and one is katakana. It probably has to do with that brother and sister, Madarao. Perhaps that's the sister's name. From google searches 緋粧 is a Chinese name. Hishou also means a few things in Japanese, including "flight" and "greif".

#4. by kstar ()
Posted on Mar 21, 2009
I really like your translations :) cnet128. I've been enjoying them for awhile now, but just wanted to say thank you and keep up the great work.
#5. by Ariadne chan ()
Posted on Mar 21, 2009
ThANKS!! Carlos you are a sunshine!!!
#6. by ying_su ()
Posted on Mar 21, 2009
I have a question: Crow 'invoke' and exorcists 'activate'. Did really Madarao 'activated'??? Then he's an exorcist??
Woah~ ;)
#7. by cnet128 (MH's Best Translator)
Posted on Mar 23, 2009
Madarao certainly said "hatsudou", which is the same thing Exorcists say when they activate their Innocence... but I wouldn't have thought to take it as proof that he's using Innocence, especially when the Akuma just said he's not on the same page...

Where are you getting this "invoke" for Crow from? I did a quick search of my translations, but can't seem to find it >_<
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