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Translations: One Piece 929 by cnet128 , Gintama 699 by kewl0210

Katekyo Hitman Reborn! 238


+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Apr 17, 2009 17:28 | Go to Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

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Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
Target 238: Metamorphosis
[Insert text: This magnificent garb... // ...enshrouds magnificent Family!]

[Insert text: Where is he headed...?!]
Tsuna: Haru.
Heru: Ye~s?
Tsuna: I have something... // ...to tell you...
[Box: All the things I'd just told to Kyouko... about the current situation, the Millefiore, the Vongola, myself, and all the battles I had already been through... // ...I told to Haru as well...]
Tsuna: ...And that's about it...

Tsuna: Haru? // Hey - Haru... are you okay?
Haru: !! // Y... Yes!! I'm just fine!! // Thank you very much for telling me all this!!
[Box: Recently, I've found I can see right through Haru's lies.]
Haru: That's quite something, huh?!! // Man, what a shock~~!! // Oh! // Of course - Tsuna-san, you ought to be training right now, oughtn't you... // I'm very sorry to have wasted your time like this! You can go now, it's okay!
Tsuna: Huh?
Haru: You don't want to be wasting valuable training time!
Tsuna: But you're... well, you're not really okay at all, are you...?
Haru: Hahi~?! // Wh - Whatever could you be talking about?! // You just told me everything I've been wanting to know!! // I'm just full to bursting with satisfaction and happiness!! // Now go on - don't let me keep you!!
Tsuna: ............

Tsuna: All right... I'll be off, then! // Oh, and...
Haru: Hahi~?
[TN: Oh, by the way... have other translators been handling Haru's "hahi?" catchphrase in any particular way? A simple "Hmm~?" seems like the most natural translation offhand, but obviously it loses a little of the uniqueness... haven't read any of the existing scanlations, so I don't know how others have handled it.]
Tsuna: Thank you for always cooking for us and everything.
Haru: Oh, you don't have to get all serious like that, you'll make me blush! // You just keep working hard too, okay?!!
Tsuna: Uh-huh.
Haru: Have fun, then~! // ............ // Ahhhhhhh...
[TN: I should probably take this opportunity to say right off the bat... Haru love~~~!♡]
Bianchi: You certainly worked hard there to avoid giving Tsuna more to worry about.
Haru: .................. // It's just............ // ...a huge shock...... // I always knew that Tsuna-san and the others were up to something, but... the sheer scale of it... I had no idea... // I can't believe I've been ignorant of all this, just thinking of myself the whole time... // I'm just such an... idiot... // It really... hurts......
Bianchi: You're working very hard.
Haru: ............aahh...

Haru: [aside]waaaahhhh[/aside]
Tsuna: I guess I should let everybody know that I've told Kyouko-chan and Haru the truth... // I wonder if Onii-san will be mad with me...?
Dino: Oh... // Hey there, Tsuna. // I'm just checking around on how everybody's training is going. // You'd better not have been wasting all your time on the housework...
Tsuna: N... No. // Thanks to a hint from Kyouko-chan, I think I've started to understand about my Box a little more. // I don't think it will go wild any more, at least...

Dino: I see.
Ryouhei: At last!
Yamamoto: Nice work!!
Gokudera: That's the Tenth for you!!
Tsuna: Well, I won't know for sure until I actually try it out, though...
Byakuran: Ran~♪
Tsuna: ?
Byakuran: Ran~♪ // Ran~♪ // Ran~♪
Ryouhei: What's this broadcast...?
Byakuran: Ran~♪ // Ran~♪
Tsuna: Giannini, what is this?
Giannini: I can't say I know...! // Somebody seems to be jacking our system from outside!!
Byakuran: Ran~♪ // Ran-ran~♪ // Ran-ran-ran-ran-ra~~~n...

Byakuran: Byakuran!♪
Everyone: Whaaa?!
Byakuran: Hahahaha!! // Well? How did you like my little performance?
[TN: Oh, he's a classic villain, he is. XD Not that that forgives loli-brainwashing antics. *glares*]
Tsuna: Byakuran!!
Byakuran: I was bored, so I thought I'd drop in! // You guys want some?

Gokudera: Why, you... // Are you playing games with us?!
[TN: Well, obviously.]
Byakuran: Just kidding~! // This is actually a business call; I'm here to explain about our game of "Choice". // I mean, I may have mentioned a date and time... // ...but I never told you a place, did I? // Anyway, we're meeting up in six days' time, at noon sharp... // ...at Namimori Shrine.
Gokudera: !!
Tsuna: We're fighting in Namimori...?!
[TN: We weren't working on that assumption already?]
Byakuran: Now, now... did I say that? // At any rate, make sure you have everything you need, and bring all your little friends. / Everybody who's arrived here from the past, at the very least.

Gokudera: What?!!
Yamamoto: "Everybody"...
Tsuna: Kyouko-chan and Haru too?!
Ryouhei: What did you say?!!
Byakuran: That's what makes things interesting, isn't it? // If you don't all show up together, you're disqualified, okay?
People: Wha...?! // Wait a minute!!
Byakuran: Well, then... good luck with your training~~!♪
People: ! // Hey!
Tsuna: ...! // But that's just... Kyouko-chan and Haru, right in the middle of everything?!
Yamamoto: ...I guess the whole deal with keeping secrets just got taken out of our hands, huh.
Reborn: Yep... looks like Tsuna made the right decision telling them both the whole story after all.
Gokudera/Yamamoto/Ryouhei: !!

Tsuna: I'm... I'm sorry. I... told them. // I just thought it was better in the end if they both knew the truth like everyone else...
Ryouhei: SAWADA...!!
Tsuna: !! // .........
Ryouhei: Kyouko... how is she...?!
Tsuna: Onii-san... / She...
Gokudera: Do you have to go around punching things?!!
Yamamoto: Let's just all calm down, shall we?
Ryouhei: HOW DID SHE REACT...?!
Tsuna: Sh... She just listened... it was fine...
Ryouhei: ! // ..................
Dino: I don't think the decision Tsuna made was wrong, Ryouhei. // In a situation like this, they were going to find out sooner or later.
Ryouhei: Ngh.........
Tsuna: Onii-san...
Ryouhei: .........
Reborn: What I'd like to know is how Byakuran got into our system...
Squalo: So security here ain't worth shit, huh~?

Squalo: Fuckin' amateurs.
Tsuna: Ahh - !
Gokudera: You're...! // S...
Yamamoto: Squalo!!
Squalo: Souvenir for you.
Dino: (Why a tuna...?)

Dino: Took you long enough, Squalo. // You've kept your student waiting.
Tsuna: Huh? Student...?
Yamamoto: ! / Wait, don't tell me... // ...the "personal tutor" who's going to be training me is...

Yamamoto: Unghhh!
Tsuna: !!
Yamamoto: Nguahh!
Tsuna: Yamamoto!!

Tsuna: Yamamoto!!
Gokudera: Did the bastard kill him?!
[TN: Would you care if he did?]
Squalo: Damn, but I'd like to. // I'll be taking custody of this piece of trash.
Tsuna: Whaaat?! // You can't just...!
Dino: Leave this to Squalo.
Tsuna: But...
Dino: He understands Yamamoto better than any of us.
Tsuna: But that's...
[Box: And so Yamamoto disappeared off somewhere with Squalo...]
Tsuna: That's just not right... beating him up like that...
Ryouhei: Sawada...
Tsuna: ?

Tsuna: Guahh!
Dino: Hey - Ryouhei!
Gokudera: Tenth!!
Ryouhei: ...I can't forgive you for getting Kyouko mixed up in this. // ......But we're both men here... // So with this blow, I say we should both move on!!
Gokudera: You asshole... how dare you do that to the Tenth?!! // I'll slaughter you!!
Dino: Calm down, Gokudera!!
[Box: It was a nasty sort of day... as though all the worries and doubts that had been building up in all of us suddenly burst out, all at once... But from that day onwards, we all began to change...!]

[Box: Doing what we had to do... // ...everything suddenly just seemed to finally come together... // ...and by the time the day of truth was almost upon us... // ...all of our training... // ...was well and truly complete!!!]
[Insert text: We have become one. Become strong. And now, the door to battle is about to open...!!!]

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#1. by wade69 ()
Posted on Apr 17, 2009
ooo thanks cnet
#2. by pandaaqueen ()
Posted on Apr 17, 2009
thank you so much <333
#3. by Slashout ()
Posted on Apr 18, 2009
Thanks cnet128.
About Haru's ""hahi" so far I always saw it "translated" as "hahi" no change done to how it sounds.
#4. by cnet128 (MH's Best Translator)
Posted on Apr 19, 2009
Hm... well, if others have been leaving "hahi" untranslated, maybe I'll do that as well...

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