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Translations: One Piece 887 by cnet128 , Gintama 663 (2)

Naruto 447


+ posted by cnet128 as translation on May 17, 2009 01:19 | Go to Naruto

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#447: Believe
[Side text: He has lost his parents... lost his friend. Nagato has come to know "pain". This is where his life as Pain begins...]
Flashback!Konan: Aa...hhh...
Flashback!Hanzou: Kill him!
DoubleFlashback!Yahiko: I have bigger dreams than that!

DoubleFlashback!Yahiko: If this screwed-up world is filled with nothing but fighting... / ...then I'll just have to become its God!!

Flashback!Shinobi: He deflected them?! // But how?!
Flashback!Nagato: !

[no text just paper]

Flashback!Hanzou: Did we get him?
Flashback!Konan: Unhh... // Nagato!
Flashback!Nagato: Konan. You just stay right where you are, with Yahiko...

Flashback!Hanzou: Not half bad, brat! / It can't have been easy, running away while my flames assaulted you! // ! // You... You're not just a brat, are you... / ......Those eyes... // Everybody - get him!

Flashback!Nagato: Kuchiyose: Gedou Mazou!
[TN: Literally, "Summoning: Heretical Demon Statue" O_o]
Flashback!Shinobi: Guahh! // Ngahh!
Flashback!Konan: Nagato... you mustn't use that!

Flashback!Summon: GRAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!
Flashback!Hanzou: What... is that...?
Flashback!Nagato: HAAAAAHHHHH!!

Flashback!Nagato: GUAAAAHHH!!! // Aaahhhh...!

Flashback!Shinobi: Wha...?!

Flashback!Nagato: NGHAAAAAHHH!!!
Flashback!Shinobi: If that thing touches you, you're dead!! // Aaghh!
Flashback!Nagato: *pant* // *pant*

Flashback!Konan: Nagato...
Flashback!Hanzou: So you are the mysterious true leader of the faction! / To think that you possessed the Rinnegan... now, that was a surprise.
Flashback!Nagato: RAAAGHHHHH!
Flashback!Hanzou: Shunshin no Jutsu!

Flashback!Nagato: *pant* // *pant* // *pant* // *pant*

Nagato: Yahiko was dead... // And so from then on, I took Yahiko's place as the leader of our organisation.
Naruto: ......
Nagato: After that, many more of my friends died in the battles to come. // Many, many more... // They just went on dying. // You fools of the Country of Fire are drunk on peace... // But those payments that you receive for your missions at your village of Konoha... those are funds for war. / Many of the people of the Country of Fire are aware of the part they are playing in war, and yet they continue to spout their sanctimonious nonsense about "peace". // The peace you people of the Great Countries enjoy is founded entirely upon the sacrifices of smaller countries like my own. // Your peace is our violence.

Nagato: Simply by living, all people cause pain to others without even realising it. // As long as people continue to exist, hatred will exist alongside them. // There is no such thing as true peace in this accursed world. // The dreams that Jiraiya-sensei spoke of were nothing more than hollow words. // ......... // Now, you have heard my story... // Let me hear your answer.
Naruto: .........
Nagato: ?!

[Book: A Ninja Tale of Pure Guts]
Flashback!Jiraiya: Flashback!Jiraiya: I believe that one day, an age will come when people will truly be able to understand one another!!
Naruto: ...You may be right about all that... / ...I think I even agree with what you're saying.
Nagato: ...I see...
Naruto: I understand you people now. // But I still can't find it in me to forgive you... / I still hate you.
Nagato: Then all that remains is to fight -

Naruto: But...
Konan: ?
Nagato: !
Naruto: The Ero-sennin left me this duty because he believed in me... // That's why I'm... going to try believing in what the Ero-sennin believed in. // That's my answer. // And that's why... // I'm not going... to kill you.
[Insert text: His feelings for Jiraiya, surpassing even hatred!!]

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#1. by genkisugi88 ()
Posted on May 17, 2009
Thanks for posting your translations! I like looking at them to see if I did well when I try doing my own ^_^
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