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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

Bleach 368

The Fearless Child

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Jul 31, 2009 07:24 | Go to Bleach

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[Side text: For the sake of the once-master who stands before him... and as one who must fight... he stands firm!!]
Komamura: ...Hisagi......! // (...Are your wounds fully healed? // ...is what I would ask, but... // ...clearly there is no need. // He is evidently pushing himself.)

Hisagi: ...It has been a while. // Captain Tousen... // ...I would like to give you my thanks...
Tousen: ...You are sharper than I remember. // Is this an attempt at irony?

Hisagi: My thanks... // ...for all that you have been kind enough to teach me. // Using all the skills that I have learned under your care... // I will open your eyes... / ...and bring you back to Soul Society...!
Tousen: "Open your eyes", you say? // You... / ...open my eyes? // You never change.

Tousen: Suzumushi. // ...Hisagi. // I believe I told you. / Those who know not fear have no right to stand in battle.

368. The Fearless Child
Tousen: You have not changed in the slightest. // In the words that you just spoke to me... // ...I sensed not the slightest... / ...fragment of fear.

Gin: My, my~~~~~~~~~~ // Ya sure went an' got yourself taken down pretty easy, didn't ya... // Furar. / Wonderwice like you so much, an' all... I feel sorry for the guy.

Wonderwice: O...... / OooOoOooaaaaAAAAAHHHHH!!!

Wonderwice: Gghh... // Ghhhh......

Mashiro: Yeah! // Victory!
Gin: Ahhh... // Poor thing.

Hitsugaya: ...Oi. // I have something to talk to you about.
Hiyori: What is it?! Ya better keep it short! // An' if you're just gonna keep askin' who we are, I ain't sayin' nothin'!!
Hitsugaya: ...No, it's not that. // I have a request. / I don't like having to say this when I don't know the first thing about you, but...

Hitsugaya: Could I leave this opponent to you? // I want... / ...to fight with Aizen.
Hiyori: Haahhhh?! // The hell's that meanta mean, ya dumbass?!! It's us who's here to beat the living crap outta that Aizen asshole 'till he ain't living no more!! // We're only helpin' you out outta the kindness of our hearts 'cause we saw it looked like you were in trouble, so where the hell d'you get off fightin' Aizen before us, huh?!!!
Hitsugaya: ...I...... / I suppose you're right. // ...I was getting ahead of myself. / Forget I said anything.

Hiyori: Forget ya said anything?! That all you've got to say?!! // Ya could at least try givin' a proper damn apology or somethin'!!
Hitsugaya: ...I... / ...I apologise.
Hiyori: Hmmm?! I didn't quite catch that!! // Look at me when you're talkin'!! // 'Sides, what the hell's a teensy little brat like you doin' in that Captain getup anyway, huh?! You seriously a Captain?! I thought you must just be some kid playing dress-up!! // Ohh, I get it!! I get it all right!! You think you're such a big shot 'cause they made you a Captain before you even hit your growth spurt, you're lordin' it over the rest of us, is that it?!! That's why you're spoutin' dickheaded crap like that, ya dickhead!! // Dickhead-dickhead-dickhead-dickhead-dickhead-dickhead-dickhead-dickhead-dickhead-dickhead-dickhead-dickhead... // MIDGET!!!!

Hiyori: O... // Ohhh?! // Y... / You tryin' ta pick a fight with me now?! Huh?! Are ya, brat?!! / 'Cause if you're fishin' for one, ya better bet I'm bitin'!!
Hitsugaya: Oh, please!! Which one of us is really looking for a fight here?!! I was trying to apologise, but you don't seem to know when to...
Lisa: ......... // I'm going on ahead.
Hiyori: Ahh!! / Hold it right there, Lisa!!

Harribel: So you are to be my first opponent? / I was under the impression the three of you were intending to face me at once.
Lisa: Well, fancy that.

Lisa: I was just thinking... / ...the same damn thing!!
Hacchi: ...It has been a while. // ...Soifon-san.
Oomaeda: Y...

Oomaeda: Y... / You know this man, Captain?! / If you do, you could have told me earlier!! // Just who is this outrageously large old man?! / I'd like to know what's goi-unghh!
Soifon: ...I don't know him. // I've never seen this man before in my life.
Hacchi: ...I thought you might say something along those lines... // It is only natural, after all, that you... // ...would not think well of us.
Barragan: ...What meaningless prattle.

Barragan: It matters not who you are or what manner of power you may possess. // Before the power I wield, all beings are equal. // Come... // It is time that you too were reduced to naught but bones.

Hacchi: ...I have observed the nature of your ability. / That is the reason why I came here. // As long as one simply avoids making contact, all abilities are equal. // They hold nothing whatsoever to fear.

Barragan: ...I see.
Hacchi: ...Wha......?!
Barragan: ...Were you under the impression... // ...that Kidou arts do not know "age"?
[Insert text: His power knows no bounds!!]

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#1. by Hyperworm ()
Posted on Jul 31, 2009
There are emphasis dots above "Captain" on page 2 so maybe put that in italics?
Also I don't think I'd translate Hitsugaya's だろうが!!! as a question, it kind of loses its impact. ._.

But anyway, excellent translation, I particularly liked the Hiyori bits xD

Was kind of expecting Wonderwice to do something other than get beat up this chapter, but... I guess it's still not time... ^^;;
#2. by sheetz ()
Posted on Aug 4, 2009
Thanks for the translation, cnet!

I have a question about Lisa's line: 奇遇やな.

The dictionaries I've consulted say it means something on the order of an "unexpected meeting." From your translation it seems you're interpreting it to mean an unexpected meeting of the minds between Lisa and Harribel. Is that correct?
In the (albeit few) examples I've seen of its usage it appears the word mostly refers to a chance encounter between two or more persons and I didn't know if 奇遇 could be used this way.
#3. by cnet128 (MH's Best Translator)
Posted on Aug 5, 2009
Actually, to be honest, I hadn't really considered that. Now you mention it, the "kiguu" does seem a little out of place. I'm not entirely sure what it's doing there myself. But it seems pretty clear from the context that the sentiment it's going for, at least, is essentially what I've put. I think.

Perhaps literally, it's more of a "fancy seeing you here", a kind of mock-surprise in that sense. But that certainly wouldn't flow too well in English, so eh.
#4. by Hyperworm ()
Posted on Aug 7, 2009
space alc says at http://eow.alc.co.jp/奇遇/UTF-8/?ref=sa

Funny you should say that, because we are discussing the same thing.〔相手の言葉を受けて。〕

From some random Japanese blog:
A: I 'm taking a day off tomorrow.
B:Really? Same here.
ホント? 私もよ。
A:How coincidence.

From some lines in a Touhou game ([oddly-worded] translation copied straight from the Touhou Wiki)
Yukari: こんなに、面白そうな面子、誰にも渡さないわよ。
Such jolly paticipants are all mine.
Remilia: あら奇遇ね。それは私も同じ考えよ。
What a coincidence that I thought the same idea.

I think you were right the first time ... it seems like it can extend to other coincidences (I suppose it's their thoughts that have the "chance meeting")... it certainly makes more sense that way than "fancy meeting you here". Until sheetz just brought it up, I always thought 奇遇 simply meant "coincidence", and it seems like you were the same. ._.;

This might be a common but strictly "incorrect"(?) use, or simply a mass failing of dictionaries (space alc is the only one I can find that actually backs this use up, and even that isn't really a dictionary ._.), but it seems clear that this is what it means ._.

btw, I'm starting to feel like a bit of a stalker following and replying to your translations when: I don't really need to read them; the only suggestions I can come up with recently are personal preference ones; and, speculation isn't being entered into here (and why should it be, there are threads for that). xD
I think I'll cut it off here. Keep up the good work ^^;;
#5. by sheetz ()
Posted on Aug 7, 2009
That's very interesting, Hyperworm. Thanks.
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