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One Piece 554

Admiral Akainu

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Aug 20, 2009 15:07 | Go to One Piece

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[TN: After returning from Japan, completing a hellish assignment (including losing about two hundred words in a crash and having to retype them from scratch), taking a breather and getting somewhat addicted to Tales of VS, I'm finally back and getting down to work on my backlog! Installment 3: two chapters of One Piece!]

One Piece
Chapter 554: Admiral Akainu
Chopper's "I'm Not Food, Damn It!"
Conclusion: "War Between Men and Birds!!!"

[Insert text: What is this form...?!]
Marines: What's with his body?!!! // He took Kizaru-san's attack head-on...... // ...and he isn't going down.........!!! // Does he really have that ability...?!!
Kizaru: Rarer even than the Logia... // ...a mythical-beast type Zoan fruit!!!
Marco: Ya got me.
Kizaru: You little liar~~~
People: The power to take any attack and regenerate instantly in a burst of flames... // ...that is the First Division Commander...!!! // Marco the Phoenix!!!!
Kizaru: Can't say I've ever seen a bird quite like that.........!! // !!! // !

Kizaru: Mmmm... Pretty effective, I'd say~~~~
Marco: You liar!
People: !!! // Kizaru-sa...... // Ah!
Kizaru: Giant unit!! Watch out for aerial attacks~~!!!
Giants: Yessir!!!!
People: Huge enemies approaching!!! // Fall back, all of you!!! // Jos!!! // That strength is outrageous...!!!

People: ?!!! // It's a great chunk of ice~~~~!!! // !!! // That thing's too huge~~~~~!!!
Akainu: ...Honestly... if we all end up joining the battle, who is going to protect this place?
Marines: Akainu-san!!!
Akainu: .........

Akainu: DAIFUNKA!!!!
[TN: "Mighty Eruption"]
People: That massive piece of ice... gone without a trace...... // It evaporated...!!! // !!! // Aaagh!! Volcanic rocks!!!

People: Aahhhh...!! // Aghh!! We can't stop them all!!! // One of the ships is down!!! // ......!!! // .........It's like witnessing the end of the world...!
Whitebeard: ......... // These flames seem a little excessive......... // *blow*~~~~~
Akainu: ............
Whitebeard: Go put your skills to work on a birthday cake, magma-boy.
Akainu: Fufufu... // Do you not approve of gaudy funerals, Whitebeard?

People: Fire! Fire! Don't let up!!! // Hold firm!! Charge the plaza!!! // Stop those Captains~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!! // Don't pull back onto the land!!! Take down the Moby Dick and eliminate Whitebeard!!!

People: ! // ?!! // Go... Little Oars Junior!!! // Smash through the battleships' formation!!!
Tsuru: That's the descendant of Kunihiki Oars...
[TN: Seriously though. What kind of name is "Oars". ~~]
Marine: He's gigantic!! Bigger than even a giant......!!!
OarsJr: Ace-gun iz nice... I won' led him die... // GRAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!
Marines: Don't let him into the bay!!! // They'll all come flooding in after him!!!
Moria: Kishishishi!!! The descendant of Oars?!! So he was under Whitebeard's command...!!! ?? I want him!!! I want his corpse!!!
Kuma: .........
Doflamingo: Fuffuffuffuffu...!!! // My whole body is tingling......
[Insert text: The Shichibukai are on the move!!]

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#1. by zidane (MH Senpai)
Posted on Aug 20, 2009
Welcome back dude, and thanks for the tl.
#2. by moonster x (Registered User)
Posted on Aug 20, 2009
oars or oz??!!....anyway thanks for the translation :D
#3. by LordMelkor (Registered User)
Posted on Aug 21, 2009
Oars, look at the spread in Chapter 551 (top left)
#4. by Ykee (Registered User)
Posted on Aug 24, 2009
Thanks for the chapter, always a pleasure to read you :)

Just one thing at page 14 though, the marine guy talking to Tsuru is Vice-Admiral Doberman.

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