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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

One Piece 554

Admiral Akainu

+ posted by Svg as translation on Aug 20, 2009 08:12 | Go to One Piece

-> RTS Page for One Piece 554

Back from my vacation. Wow, shortest OP chapter ever. Nevertheless, enjoy.

You may use my translation for scanlations, but please give me credit if you do so.


One Piece chapter 554:

Admiral Akainu

Chopper's I'm no food you assholes

Final volume: Humans and birds in battle

2. - 3.

Opening line: What is this form... ?!

Marines: What's up with his body!!?

He took Kizaru-san's attack head on...

But he's still standing... !!!

Could the rumours of his ability be true after all... ?!

Kizaru: "Mythical Beast" Zoan type...

Ever scarcer than Logia!!!

Marco: Oh look, I'm hurt.

Kizaru: You're lying ~~~

Marines: He can recover from any kind of attack along with his flames...

That's the First Division Commander... !!!

Marco the Phoenix!!!

Kizaru: Never seen a bird like this before ~~~ !!

4. - 5.

Kizaru: Hmmm ~~~ That sure hurts ~~~

Marco: Yeah, right!

Marine: Kizaru-sa... [[He was cut off, the n from san is missing on purpose]]

Kizaru: Oh.

Giant Squad!! Expect attacks from the sky, too!!!

Giants: YESSIR!!!

Pirates: The big boys're comin'!!!

Joz: Stand back, you guys!!!

Pirates: Joz!!!

Marines: What brute strength!!!

6. - 7.


Marines: It's an iceberg!!!

Look at its size!!!

Joz: Try and stop THIS!!!

Akainu: Jeez... If all of us are out there, who is left to protect this place?

SFX: Boko Boko [[SFX of boiling]]

Boko Boko

Marines: Akainu-san!!!

8. - 9.

Akainu: Great Eruption!!! [[JPN: Daifunka]]

Marines: That huge iceberg evaporated...

Without a trace!!!

Pirates: Uwaaa!! Volcanic projectiles!!!

10. - 11.

Pirates: UWAAA!! There's too many!!!

We lost a ship!!!

Dude: It's like watching the apocalypse...

SFX: Hyurururu [[Wind SFX, most probably]]

WB: You think you look cool with your fire, huh...


SFX: Boshu!!

WB: Why don't you go n' light a birthday cake instead, magma brat.

Akainu: Fufufu...

I just thought I'd light your funeral up a bit, Whitebeard.

12. - 13.

Marines: Fire!! Fire!! Don't hesitate!!!

Pirates: Let's go!! We're raiding the plaza!!!

Marines: Don't let them reach ground!! Sink the Moby Dick and Whitebeard with it!!

Stop the Commanders!!!

14. - 15.

SFX: Bokooon... !!! [[SFX of appearing]]

Pirates: Go get'em, Little Oars Jr.!!! [[Judging from chapter 551, the official romanization is Oars]]

Break their battle formation!!!

Otsuru: So he is the descendant of "Land-pulling Oars"...

Doberman: He's huge!! Bigger than any giant... !!!

Oars Jr.: Ace-gun's a nize guy!!! I won't led ya kill'im!! [[You probably guessed: he talks funny]]


Marines: Don't let him get in the bay!!!

Then they'll breach it!!!

Moria: Kishishishi!!! Oars' descendant!? He was under Whitebeard's command all along!!!

I want him!! I want his corpse!!!

Doflamingo: Fuffuffuffuffu!!!

Things just got intresting...

End line: The Shichibukai make their move!!

The End

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#1. by Protegon ()
Posted on Aug 20, 2009
#2. by Svg ()
Posted on Aug 20, 2009
Edited mixed-up bubbles in the last spread.
#3. by v3g374 ()
Posted on Aug 20, 2009
Welcome home svg!! Where is the grand news translation? J/k... :)) Thanks.
#4. by zidane ()
Posted on Aug 20, 2009
Page 2-3:
Ever scarcer than Logia!!! (Even)
Page 10-11:
Pirates: UWAAA!! There's too many!!! (Should be broken apart, important only for scanlators)

And in general:
"That's the First Division Commander... !!!"

Please stop putting space between the "..." and the sentence marks >_> and try to translate the sfx, like you basically do:

SFX: Boko Boko [[SFX of boiling]]

Why not put just SFX: Boil boil

I know translating sfx, especially in OP, is a pain in the ass. But most are repetative throughout the series, so you could make some kind of database for those. Also check out our (binktopia's) scan of 553, nagumo translated all the SFX in that chapter.

This is obviously constructive criticism and my pitiful attempt on getting a perfect translation :P I hope you take it as such. And otherwise the tl is just awesome. Thanks a lot.

Oh and the ad pages - we're all curious what they are about, a translation of those would be too much of a pain in the ass, but a short summary maybe? <3
#5. by Svg ()
Posted on Aug 20, 2009
Thanks for the input as always, zidane. Translating some SFX can indeed be a pain, I mean, what would the SFX for Oars appearing be? There are so many of these in Japanese, it's ridiculous. But I could try to come up with something witty for the harder ones, I guess. I do that for my Hungarian translations. I'll experiment next week if there are SFX. I, too, yearn for perfection, because One Piece is truly a series worthy of it.

The ad pages are basically a summary of the events of the past couple of months, ranging from BB's appearance in Impel Down to the chapter before last. It explains who the two opposing forces are, what BB has done, who Ace is related to, etc.
I saw nothing new. It's just for people who missed out on this saga and want to catch up quickly.
#6. by zidane ()
Posted on Aug 20, 2009
Thanks a lot for the explanation, I already got poked by 3 leechers about that, now I can redirect them to this post. ^^"

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