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Translations: Gintama 636 (2) , One Piece 865 by cnet128

Bleach 375

Execution, Extinction

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Sep 25, 2009 15:31 | Go to Bleach

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[blah blah DVD advertisement blah]

[Side text: Thank you for supporting Bleach! Eight years of serialisation!]
Kon: BE~~~~~~~ST... // BOUT!!! // To commemorate eight years of Bleach, we're going to open the Bleach Best Bout popularity contest!! // In the Best Bout contest, we ask you to send in your votes for the battle you think was the most awesome!! The battle you think represents what Bleach is all about!! / Incidentally, the Bleach editor, Hattori Yuujirou, is a big Byakuya fan, so he's totally rooting for the Ichigo VS Byakuya battle!! Yahoo~~~~~~~~~~~!! // Wait, who cares?!! The hell is this?!! "Best Bout"?!! // Does that mean we're gonna have another contest where I don't show up at all?!!
Ichigo: Sure you do. / There's Yuzu VS Kon... [Vol.4] // ...Chad VS Kon... [Vol.4]
Rukia: ...Urahara VS Kon... [did that even happen?]

[Insert text: That which... // ...we must protect...]

Flashback!Aizen: ...Impressive. // Is this all your work? // This mountain of Hollows.
Flashback!Starrk: No... / They just died of their own accord. // All of them.
Flashback!Aizen: I see.
[375. Execution, Extinction]

Flashback!Starrk: You look... // ...pretty strong.
Flashback!Aizen: ...You think so? // I happen to be seeking companions.
Flashback!Starrk: Well, that's convenient. // So are we.

Flashback!Starrk: Are your companions strong, too?
Flashback!Aizen: If you wish to find out, then come with me.
Flashback!Starrk: ...Sure.

Flashback!Starrk: Looks like you... // ...won't die from being around us, at least.

[no text just starrkdefeated]

Starrk: Sorry 'bout this... / Aizen-sama... // I failed... // ...to uphold my debt to you...
Flashback!Starrk: (I'm not alone... // I'm not alone... // I'm not... alone any more...)

Flashback!Starrk: ...Do you... // ...have a name?
Flashback!Lilynette: ...Lilynette. // ...And you? You got a name? / Even though you were me...
Flashback!Starrk: ...Starrk.
Flashback!Lilynette: ...Starrk... // What're you gonna do now...?
Flashback!Starrk: Anything.
Flashback!Lilynette: Then... / Where are you gonna go?
Flashback!Starrk: Anywhere. // ...Let's go together.

Flashback!Starrk: Forever.

Love: ...Good work.
Shunsui: Mm. // Good to see you're okay.
Love: .........You don't change, do ya?

Love: Butting in on other people's battles... // ...You never did have any manners.
Shunsui: ...Throwing away victory for the sake of manners is a rookie mistake. // Captains don't have the time to waste on that kind of thing. // ...Don't waste your time trying to play the good guy. // No matter what debts you may owe... // From the instant you find yourself on the battleground...

Shunsui: ...Both sides are evil.

Lisa: Smash...

Lisa: ...Haguro Tonbo!!!
[TN: "Blacktooth Dragonfly"]
Hiyori: Carve to pieces...

Hiyori: ...Kubikiri Orochi!!!
[TN: "Beheading Serpent"]
Hitsugaya: Settle upon the frosty sky... // Hyourinmaru!!!

[no text just clash]

Aizen: That's enough. // Gin. // Let us end this.
Hirako: ............ // Say what...?

Harribel: ...Aizen... / ...sama...

[no text just... that's just rude.]

Harribel: Wha...?!
Aizen: I'm done with you. // It seems that the power you possess... // ...is insufficient to serve under me. // Gin, / Kaname, // let us go.
[Side text: A coldhearted strike!!]

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#1. by Selin ()
Posted on Sep 25, 2009
Thanks for the translation.
Level [B] Translator

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