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Translations: Gintama 574 (2) , One Piece 814 by cnet128 , Bleach 660 by cnet128

Naruto 473


+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Dec 6, 2009 22:50 | Go to Naruto

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#473: Brother
[Insert text: Even the Hachibi falls into the hands of Akatsuki...?!]
Sab: *pant* // *pant*
KillerBee: (Now!!)
Kisame: ?!!

Kisame: (A pencil?!!)
KillerBee: ...A pity......

Kisame: So this was your plan... I see. / A pity indeed. // To think that the pencil you threw right at the beginning of the fight would show up in a place like this.
KillerBee: ............
Samehada: Gghhhh...
Kisame: However... this is where your attempts at resistance end!

Kisame: ?!
Shii: Bee... we apologise for not arriving earlier.

Kisame: The Raikage?! / How did you find...?!
Shii: Hoshigaki Kisame... it was thanks to you that we found this place. // A massive body of water such as the one you summoned can be detected even by the naked eye. / ...And I was able to detect the chakra of Bee and the Hachibi mingled amongst it.
Darui: Well, what do you expect when you go around stealing other people's chakra and using it yourself? // You stand out like a sore thumb.
KillerBee: ...So you found me, eh...?
Kisame: ......! // (Damn that Samehada... it's feeding him even more chakra...!)
Raikage: Let's do this......
KillerBee: Sure thing, brother...!

Kisame: Suiton: Daikoudan no...
Raikage/KillerBee: DOUBLE // LARIAT!!!

Kisame: I guess you're just too fast for me...
Sab: ?! // Hey-ho~~!!
Raikage: How dare you run off by yourself like that!!
KillerBee: Even your weaker arm really... hurts... / I'm in trouble~♪
[TN: The punning/rhyming/whatever is at an all-time high, but I really can't be bothered ~_~]

Samurai: What happened down below? // We were the only ones who survived... // It looks like there are still two of Sasuke's subordinates hanging around somewhere... / You haven't seen them, have you? // ...Can't say I have. / They're probably dead too, don't you think? // Things are just plain crazy down there.
Someone: No... a tracking specialist from the Cloud village has confirmed their survival. // Before leaving, he requested that we capture them.
Samurai: I... Is that true?

Someone: You two... remove your armour.
Samurai: ?
Suigetsu: ......... // ?! // Dear me... looks like they found us out.
Juugo: As I thought, this was not such a good idea.

Ao: *pant* // *pant* // Thank you...
Mizukage: What happened here?
Ao: I was caught in the enemy's technique... there was nothing I could do...... // Had you not arrived when you did, I would have died.

Choujuurou: Ahhhh, that was a close thing...
Mizukage: Nothing you could do? Some kind of genjutsu or the like, then...?
Ao: ......It was a form of the Shintenshin no Jutsu...
Choujuurou: I suppose even a tracker like yourself must have been worried that help wouldn't arrive in time, eh?
Ao: I apologise for causing you worry...
Mizukage: .........Your right eye...... // It would seem they were after the Byakugan.
Ao: They very nearly succeeded in destroying it... // My apologies, but... could you perhaps remove these bonds around my wrists?

Mizukage: Of course... // I will remove the seal on that eye for you as well.
Ao: My apologies for the trouble... / I would appreciate it.
Choujuurou: ! // What could that be...?

Ao: No!! // He has still not released the Shintenshin no Jutsu!!!
Fuu!Ao: (This is going perfectly... If the Mizukage can remove the seal, then the rest will be simple... // I can crush the Byakugan right away and then release the mind switch...
Ao: (.........Of course! // This Chakra... it's that man from Konoha! / He was a tracker as well! // When the woman accompanying Sasuke detected our location... / ...I saw him react to her detection just as I did......)
Flashback!Ao: Enough muttering to one another! // I happen to be a tracking-type myself.
Ao: (He must have noticed the two of them approaching in advance as well! / This was his intention from the very beginning!)

Mizukage: That should do it!
Fuu!Ao: ?
Mizukage: Lend me your Hiramekarei for a moment, Choujuurou.
Choujuurou: ?
Mizukage: You are not Ao... // I do not have the ability to remove the seal upon that eye... / Ao would be well aware of that fact. // Besides which, Ao would never apologise to Choujuurou in such a submissive fashion...
Flashback!Ao: Honestly, young people recently... they never used to be...
Fuu!Ao: So you have played me for a fool... / An irritating old woman, to be sure.

Ao: I... It wasn't...... me who... said it... you know...
Mizukage: Oh, I see you're back to normal.
Choujuurou: You should probably just be glad she didn't use Hiramekarei.
Toruna: !
Danzou: How did it go?
Fuu: My apologies... the attempt was unsuccessful.

Kakashi: A clone......
Naruto: Sai...... what are you...?
Sai: I am going to tell you what Sakura failed to say just now... // That is to say, the truth.
Naruto: ? // ...The truth?
[Side text: The Hachibi rescued...!! Meanwhile, Sai returns of his own accord... what is he about to tell Naruto...?!]

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