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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

One Piece 589

The Will To Go Forth

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Jun 26, 2010 16:29 | Go to One Piece

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One Piece
Chapter 589: The Will To Go Forth

[Insert text: Sabo, dead and gone...]
Sabo: Sabo: Ace... Luffy...!!! We have to make it out to sea someday!! // We'll leave this country behind, and gain our freedom!!!
Luffy: Ungh...! // ..................

Ace: How long are you going to carry on like that...?
Luffy: ........................!!
Ace: All the treasure we hid in the forest was gone. / Sabo didn't use it in the end...... So... / I think I'm... okay with that. // No use collecting treasure if we can't even protect it...
Luffy: ......Ace... I...
Ace: !
Luffy: ......!!! I want to... // I want to get stronger!!!

Luffy: .........Stronger... and stronger!! And stronger, and stronger, and stronger, and stronger...!!! // And stronger, and stronger, and stronger, and stronger... // And stronger, and stronger!!! // And then even stronger still!!! ......!! // Then I'll be able... to protect anything! / I won't have to lose anyone any more......!!!
Ace: .........
Luffy: You've got to promise me...!! // .........Don't you... // ...ever die, Ace.........!!!
Ace: The hell's that supposed to mean?!! / Try worrying about yourself instead of me, dumbass!!! // You're a hell of a lot weaker than me!!!

Ace: Ace: Listen up, Luffy, and remember this!!! // I'm not going to die!!!
Luffy: ...............!!! // ......Uh-huh......!!!
Ace: Sabo asked me to look after you, too... / So I'm not gonna die, no matter what!! That's a promise!! // Like hell I could die and leave my weak little brother all on his own!
Luffy: ......!! Uh-huh...... Uh-huh......!!
Ace: I'm not all that smart, so I can't figure out what was really responsible for Sabo's death. // ...But whatever it was, it must be something totally opposed to freedom...!! Sabo died without ever becoming truly free...

Ace: But we shared that drink with Sabo...
Luffy: .........
Ace: ...and we're still alive!!! // So remember this, Luffy. // No matter what, the two of us... / ...have to live our lives with no regrets!!!
Luffy: ......Yeah!!
Flashback!Sabo: Men of noble blood are accepted as true nobles when they turn 18. // ...So I'm going to leave this country when I'm seventeen!
Ace: We're going to set out to sea someday...!! Live our lives the way we want to...!! / With more freedom than anyone in the world!!! // I'm sure we'll end up making a lot of enemies on the way... Even Gramps will be our enemy!! We'll be risking our lives!! // But when we turn seventeen, we set sail!! // We're going... // ...to be pirates!!!

[Box: Let us take a brief step back in time... / ...to the evening of the day the Tenryuubito ship arrived in the Goa Kingdom.]
People: Hyahh~~~~!! // Did you see that person back there?! With that huge face...! // Check it out... the ship is gigantic, too! // 580... // 581...
[Box: This is a small port town... in a certain region of East Blue.]
Ivankov: Dragon! You're late! / How long did you plan to keep me vaiting?!!
Dragon: Sorry.
People: Ahh... // Hey... somebody treat these wounds, quickly!! // This is terrible...!!
Dragon: How are we doing for provisions?
People: The people of the village dojo were kind enough to provide us with food.
Dragon: Let us set sail. / We return to Baltigo!!

[Box: The days and months go by...]
People: Ahhh~~~~!! // Here comes more trash!
[Box: The inspection of the Goa Kingdom comes to an end... // Things go back to how they have always been... // ...and the trash heap becomes a trash heap once more.]
Luffy: Gomu Gomu no...... // PISTOL!!!
Ace: Ah...!

Luffy: Guahh!!!
Ace: Ahahaha! What's that meant to be?! Useless, totally useless! // I'm telling you, that rubber of yours just isn't gonna be any use in battle!
Luffy: Shut up already!!!
Ace: What was that?! You trying to tell me I'm wrong?! // You're just a deadweight hammer who can't be hurt by blunt attacks, and that's the end of it!!
Luffy: Stop making fun of the Gomu Gomu no Mi!! I'll make you cry those words back someday!! / I've thought up some even more awesome stuff than that Pistol too, you know!!!
Imaginary!Sabo: Not bad, Luffy! You managed to stretch your arm further than yesterday! / Come on, Ace! It's our turn to have a match next!
Ace: Sabo!! You're always too soft on Luffy!
Luffy: I knew it! So I am getting stronger...!
Ace/Luffy: Right, Sabo...?
Luffy: ...Sabo was a nice older brother...
Ace: What's that s'posed to mean?!! You'd rather I died instead?!

Dadan: !!
We've formed independent countries.
- A/L
Dadan: Countries? // .........
Luffy: We're going to get strong enough to survive on our own. / You guys can be "Dadan's Country".
[Signs: Luffy's Country // Ace's Country]
Ace: We'll borrow your bath occasionally.
Luffy: Ace! Help me out here!! It's a bear!!!
Ace: Hmmm~~? I thought you were going to make it on your own?
Ace: !!! / Luffy......! // Hey!! Dadan's Country!! Is anyone home?! // Luffy's been injured!! You've got to help him!!
Magura: Now, now... Get yourselves inside!! // Now, now, let's see... this is quite the nasty wound...
Ace: ..................
Magura: You've only ever taken on these wild beasts together as a team before, haven't you...?!
Ace: .........I'm so sorry... Luffy...!!

Makino: How to make a proper greeting?
Ace: Well, I'm Luffy's big brother, you see... / And I don't want to be rude or anything.
Dadan: Makino-chan's come all this way to bring us some booze~~~~~~~~~!!
Ace: One day, I'll have to go and thank old Red Hair... // ...for everything he's done for Luffy, you know? // What's that look for?!!!
Makino: Ahaha... I'm sorry. / Well, then, let's see...
Owner: STOP, THIEVES~~~~~~~~~~!!
Luffy/Ace: Thank you for the food!!
Owner: Don't give me that, you brats!!! // Just pay up already!!!

Bear: GRRHHHH!!!
Luffy: All right~~~~~!!
Ace: Tonight, we have bear stew!!!

[Box: Seven years later... Ace is seventeen, and Luffy is fourteen.]
Luffy: Good luck out there, Ace~~~~~~~!!!
Ace: You just wait!! I'll make a name for myself in no time!!!
[Box: Ace, the son of the Pirate King, grown to adulthood with the world none the wiser... // ...quietly set sail from the coast of Mount Colbo.]
Luffy: Hahah! He's still waving!!
WoopSlap: Dear me...... what will old Garp say...?

Bandits: Boss~~~~~~~~!!
Flashback!Garp: You're gonna raise him, Dadan!
Flashback!Dadan: What?!! Whose kid is this, anyway?!
Dadan: (..................)
Bandits: Young Ace has finally set sail~~~~!!
Dadan: ......!! Is that right...? / Well, I'm sure I'll be getting a right earful from Garp now...... He really was a hopeless brat...
Bandits: Oh, by the way... he gave us a message for you.
Dadan: Whaaaaaat~~?! Does that boy never miss an opportunity to complain?!!
Bandits: He says "Thank you for everything".
Dadan: The hell is that?!!! Stupid idiot!!!
Luffy: Right... three years to go!! / Gomu Gomu no......

Luffy: ...PISTOL!!! // I've got to get stronger...... // ...and stronger...!!!
Dogura: Luffy!! Look at the newspaper!! The newspaper!!
Luffy: What is it? // Oh, wow!!! Ace really has made a name for himself!! / He's got a real pirate ship, and a crew as well!!! // Wow... Ace really is amazing...!! // But I can't let him beat me...!!

[Box: And then, three years later... when Luffy turns seventeen...]
Luffy: Are you not going to see my off?
Dadan: Nah... if we were to come strolling down the mountain... / ...while the village chief and Makino might not mind... / ...the rest of the villagers would be scared stiff...!! / No, you go on down there alone!!
Luffy: Well, then... thanks for everything, you guys!!
Dadan: ...Don't say stuff like that, you'll make me blush.
Luffy: Dadan!! / You know I hate bandits...
Dadan: Shut your face, brat!
Luffy: But you guys, I like!!
Dadan: Stop spoutin' crap and get outta here already!!! Dammitall!!!
[aside]what is it with you brats?!![/aside]
[Box: Dawn Island, outskirts of the Goa Kingdom: Fuschia Village (Luffy's hometown)]
People: Luffy!! Why don't you use my old fishing boat?!
Luffy: No, I'm fine with this!! This is how I'm gonna start out!!
People: What, in a little rowboat...?!!

Luffy: Sabo~~~~~~~~~~~~!!! I hope you're watching!!! // I'm finally heading out to sea too~~~~~~~~!!! // Sabo set out first...!! / Ace set out second...!! // I'll be the third, but I'm not gonna let them beat me!!! // You just wait, Ace!! I'll catch up with you in no time!!!
People: What's that, Luffy?! Yelling and muttering to yourself... you trying to cast some kind of good luck charm? // Who's Ace, anyway?
Luffy: It isn't a charm!! It's a challenge!!!
People: ??
Luffy: Well, then... I'll be going now!!!

Dadan: He really has become strong, that kid. // Taking out the Lord of the Coast in one hit... wow...
Luffy: All right!! I'm off!!! // I'm gonna be... // (...the Pirate King!!!!)
[Box: Present day: Isle of Women, in the Calm Belt // His brother Ace dead, Luffy sheds tears once more.]
Jimbei: Luffy-kun...
Luffy: I'm no Pirate King...!!!

Luffy: I'm still... // ...so weak!!!!
[Insert text: The bitter taste of reality...]

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#1. by isrnick ()
Posted on Jun 27, 2010
Thanks again for providing us with another of your awesome translations Cnet.

This time I'm posting to ask about this sentence on page 7:

"[Box: Let us take a brief step back in time... / ...to the eve of the day the Tenryuubito ship arrived in the Goa Kingdom.]"

The word "eve" in this sentence of your translation implies that this flashback (inside the flashback) is showing something that happened before the arrival of the Teryuubito to Goa Kingdom.

But other translations have translated it as the night of their arrival, meaning that it happens after they have arrived to the island, and given the exchange between Dragon, Ivankov and the other people in the ship, also implies that someone has come injured to the revolutionaries' ship together with Dragon (since Dragon is shown, and he doesn't appears to be injured, and nobody is trying to heal him), which would be an obvious tip that Dragon has rescued Sabo.

On the other hand if it happened before their arrival, the implications are completely different, and this flashback seems to be out of place, because it would have no known connection with the rest of the flashback, because in this case Dragon has come back with someone unknown, who is injured in consequence to some unknown event.

So, the questions summarizing everything are: Is this translation using "eve" right or was a mistake on the translation and "night" is the right translation? Maybe you intended to write "evening" instead?
#2. by cnet128 (MH's Best Translator)
Posted on Jun 28, 2010
Yeah, that was just me having a brief Englishfail. Fixed now.
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