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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

One Piece 589

"Efforts Toward Glory"

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jun 24, 2010 02:23 | Go to One Piece

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Chapter 589 - "Efforts Toward Glory"

1: Ace, Luffy...!!! We're gonna make it out to the sea no matter what!!
2: Let's break out of this country and become free!!!
white: After Sabo's disappearance...
3: pace pace...
4-5: cooo
6: Uuuuhh

1: How long to you intend to stay like that for?
2(3b): All of the treasure that we hid in the "Midway Forest" is gone. In the end, Sabo
didn't use it...so, I don't...care anymore.
4: Doesn't matter how much you save up if you can't protect it. It's no use...
5: ...Ace, I
6: ...!!! Want to!!!
7: become more stronger!!!

1: ...more!! more!! More more more more more!!!
2(2b): More more more more!!! More more!!!
3: More stronger!!! ...!!
4(2b): and then...I'll protect everything. So that no one has to disappear anymore...!!!
5: Please, I'm begging you...!!
6: ...please don't die,
7: Ace...!!!
8(2b): What the hell are you talking about?! Worry about yourself before me!!!
9: You're way weaker than I am!!!

1: Listen up, and don't forget this, Luffy!!
2: I'm not gonna die!!!
3: ...okay...!!!
4(2b): Sabo requested the same thing...it's a promise! I won't die no matter what!!
5: Besides, how could I die and leave such a weakling little brother like you behind?!
6: ...!! Okay...okay...!!
7: I'm not too smart, so I have no idea what killed Sabo.
8: ...but it has to be the something that's opposite that of "freedom"...!! Sabo may have
died without gripping freedom himself,

1: but we've exchanged cups with Sabo.
2: And we're still alive!!!
3: Listen closely, Luffy.
4(2b): We've both got to live lives without "regret," at all costs!!!
5: ...yeah!!
6: Noble men...are truly called Nobles when they turn 18.
7: --that's why I'll leave this country when I'm 17.
8: We'll get out to the sea eventually!! And live our lives as we see fit!! Freer than
9: We'll make enemies out of a bunch of different people, that's for sure--even our own
grandpa!! We'll have to risk our lives on this!!
10: We'll each depart on our 17th year!!
11(2b): And then we'll become pirates!!!

1(2b): Going back in time a bit -- to the night of the day when the Celestial Dragon vessel
arrived to the Goa Kingdom--
2: Yaaaah!!
3: Did you see that guy with the huge face? Around lunchtime?
4: Look, even his ship is huge!
5: "East Blue" -- A small port town
6: Vou're late, Dragon! How long are you gonna keep us waiting for!!?
7: Sorry.
8: Ah...
9: Hey, hurry up with the first aid!!
10: These are horrible...!!
11: How are rations?
12: --we received some from the town dojo.
13(2b): --Let's set off. We're going back to Baltigo!!

1: Months and days pass--"Goa Kingdom"
2: Ohhhh!!
3: The trash is here!
4: The World Government finishes their surveillance--
5: And the people of the kingdom begin to repeat everything--
6: returning Trash Mountain to its original state.
7: "Gomu gomu nooooo"
8: "PISTOL"!!!
9: Oh

1: Wahhh!!!
2: Ahahaha! What the hell is that supposed to be? This is hardly a fight!
3: See, rubber really isn't suited for battling with.
4: Shut your mouth!!!
5(2b): Oh, did I say something wrong?! You're fine enough as a sinker that can repel
6(2b): Don't make fun of my Gomu-Gomu Fruit!! I'll make you cry with it one day!! Besides,
I've already thought of even better stuff than the "Pistol"!!!
7: Luffy! Not bad, your arms were longer than they were yesterday!
8: Ace! C'mon, you're up against me next.
9: Sabo!! You're too easy on Luffy!
10: See, look, I really have gotten stronger than yesterday...
11: Hey, Sabo...
12: ...Sabo was such a nice brother...
13: What's that?! You wish I had died instead?!

Letter: We created independent countries A. L
1: Countries?
2(2b): In order to get strong enough to live on our own! You guys belong to Dadan's
Luffy's sign: LUFFY'S COUNTRY
Ace's sign: Ace's Country
3: I'll borrow the bath every now and then, OK?
4: Ace, help me out!! It's a bear!!
5: Hmmm? I thought we were gonna each live on our own?
7: Luffy...
8: Hey!! Dadan's countrymen, you here?!
9: Luffy's hurt!! Heal him!!
10: Well, well, bring him in!!
11: Well, well...this is serious indeed...
12: You had been fighting wild animals in a trio up until now, right...?!
13: ...I'm sorry, Luffy...!!

1: How to make a proper introduction?
2(2b): Yeah, you know, I'm Luffy's older brother...so sooner or later I'm gonna have to go
visit the Captain of the Red-Hairs.
3: Makino-chan brought some ale from afaaaar!!
4: My little brother is indebted to them, after all...it's only right that I go introduce
myself to them.
5: What is it with you?!?!
6(2b): Fufufuh, sorry. --Alright, well for starters...
7: Thieeeeeeeves!!
8: Thanks for the meal!!
9: Shut up, you damn kids!!!
10: And pay for it!!!

1: Vooooohhhhhhhhhh...!!!
2: Oryaaaaaaah!!!
3: Grrrr!!!
4: Yeaaaaah!!
5: gah!!
6: Today's bear stew!!!

1: Seven years later--Ace turned 17, and Luffy 14.
2: Do your best!! Aaaaace!!!
3: Just wait, I'll be famous before you know it!!!
4: Ace, the son of the Pirate King, who had matured all in secret
5: siently departed from Mt. Colbo's coast.
6: Haha!! He's still waving his hand!!
7: Sheesh...wonder what Garp's gonna say...

1: Booooss!!
2: You raise him, Dadan!
3: But!! Who's kid is it?!
4: Ace, that bastard! He's gooooone!!
5(2b): ...!! Oh really? Well, the one who's gonna end up getting the heat from Garp is
me...that guy really was a hateful little pissant right to the very end!
6: Ah...by the way, Boss, you have a message from Ace.
7: Whaaaat?! So he's gonna keep complaining to me right to the very last second, is he!!?
8: "I owe ya one. Thanks."
9: You son of a bitch!!! Goddamn you!!
10(2b): Just three more years for me!! "Gomu gomu noooo"

1: "PISTOL"!!!
2: snap!!
3: More stronger...!!
4: More stronger!!!
5: Luffy!! The newspaper, the newspaper!!
6: What's up?
7(2b): Wow!! Ace finally got famous!! His ship and his crew are all shown in here!!!
8: Wooow! Ace is incredible!!
9: I'm not gonna let him beat me!!

1: And so, three years later-- Luffy turned 17--
2: Aren't you gonna see me off?
3(4b): Even if the Mayor and Makino are OK with us, the rest of those guys at Windmill
Village will go wild if we come down from the mountain...!! Just go on already!!
4: Alright then, thanks for everything, guys!!
5: ...c'mon, don't thank us like that! It's embarrassing!
6(2b): Dadan!! I hate mountain bandits, but!!
7: Shut up already, you pissant!
8: I like you guys!!
9: Just stop your blabbering and get out of here already!!! Damn youuuuuuuu!!! I hate you
10: Dawn Island: The outskirts of the Goa Kingdom [Windmill Village] (Luffy's Hometown)
11: Hey!! Use one of our old fishing ships, Luffy!!
12: I'm fine with this!! This is what I'm gonna start from!!
13: That's a tiny-ass boat, you idiot!!

1: Saboooooooo!!! Look at me!!!
2: I'm setting out to seaaaaaa!!!
3(2b): Sabo's #1...!! And Ace is #2!!
4: I'm the third, but I'm not gonna lose to them!!!
5: Just wait, Ace!! I'll catch up to you in no time!!!
6: What's that, Luffy!! Is all that shouting and mumbling some kind of magic spell?
7: Who's Ace?
8: It's not a spell, it's a challenge!!!
9: Alright!! I'll be off now!!!

1: He's really gotten strong.
2: Wow, he took out the Lord of the Coast with one hit...
3: Alright, here I go!!!
4: I'm gonna become
5: The Pirate King!!!!
6: Present day--"Calm Belt" [The Isle of Women/Nyogashima]
7: His older brother Ace is dead...and Luffy is crying.
8: Luffy-kun...
9: Pirate King...yeah right...!!!

1: I'm!!!!
2: weak!!!!
white: Bitter reality...

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