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Translations: Gintama 687 by kewl0210 , One Piece 907 by cnet128

Bleach 422

the silent victory

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Oct 3, 2010 16:57 | Go to Bleach

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[Side text: At the cost of his Shingami powers, Ichigo has defeated Aizen!! And now...]
Shinigami: All repairs are complete! / Testing...... // No. 1097 functioning normally! // Nos. 1098... / ...1099... / ...and 1100 are all functioning normally! // All humans within the range of the Tenkai have been successfully secured!
Mayuri: Hmph. // Then I will activate... / ...the Tenkai Kecchuu!

Shinigami: W - Wait a moment, Captain! / Some division members are still within the town area!! // They could end up transferred to the human world without the use of a Senkaimon!!
Mayuri: Oh, very well. / I will count to ten and then begin. // Honestly... sometimes I am disgusted by my own lenience.
Shinigami: GET OUTTA THERE, EVERYONE~~~!! YOU'LL BE KILLED~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!
Unohana: .........That will do. // She is in no danger for the time being.
Lisa: "For the time being"...?! / Do you mean there's a chance she won't make it?!
Unohana: Kidou is no different from ordinary medical treatment in some respects. // I have repaired her bodily structure. / Now we must wait. If she herself does not give up on living, then she will eventually awaken.

Unohana: As for whether or not that will happen... // All of you... / ...should be able to judge that better than I.
Shinji: You have my thanks. // Unohana-san.
Unohana: ...Why do you thank me?

Unohana: The act of saving a comrade in need... // ...should require no thanks.
Shinji: Like hell we're your comrades. // Dumbass. // ...I don't doubt... / ...that's what Hiyori would say.

Shinji: ...You have my thanks. // Unohana-san.
Shinigami: Welcome back, Captain Zaraki!! // Welcome back, Captain Kuchiki!!

Yachiru: Don't forget me~!
Shinigami: Owwwwwww!! Welcome back, Lieutenant Kusajishi!! // Good work out there! // Get a medical team over here!! / They may not look it, but they're heavily wounded!! // How did you find this battle, Captains?!
Kenpachi: ...Hah. // ...It was boring as hell.

HollowDog: Ruff! // Ruff! // Ruff! / Ruff! // Ruff! / Ruff! / Ruff! // Ruff!
Yammy: ............Tch.

Yammy: ...What're you following me around for............? // ...Stupid mutt...
[Bleach 422]

[the silent victory]

Urahara: Kurosaki-san...
Ichigo: ...Urahara-san. / ...Where are the others?
Urahara: They have all gone home. // It seemed as though they all wanted very much to speak to you... / But at the same time, they found it extremely difficult to approach you.
Ichigo: ! // Have you changed their - ?!
Urahara: ...No. // I have left their memories untouched this time.

Ichigo: ...I see. // That's good to hear. // It kinda sucks having to hide all this. // When I get back... / I'll tell them everything myself.
Urahara: ...The cross in which Aizen-san has been sealed... / ...has been taken to Seireitei. // The matter of what to do with it will be decided by Room 42 shortly.
Ichigo: ...I see.

Urahara: ...Why... // ...do you have that look on your face?
Ichigo: ...Why is it, I wonder? // I don't really get it myself.

Urahara: Everyone's lives... / ...as well as this world... / ...have all been saved thanks to your risking your life to defeat Aizen.
Ichigo: ...I know that.
Urahara: You did the right thing. // There is no reason for you to look like that. // ...Kurosaki-san...
Ichigo: ...Say, Urahara-san. // Was Aizen.........

Ichigo: Was Aizen really... // ...rejected by the Hougyoku...? // My old man told me about it. // How the Hougyoku's ability is to absorb what lies in the hearts of those around it, and manifest them in reality... // In that case... // Do you think Aizen... // ...might have lost his powers because that was actually what he wanted?

Ichigo: You know... / ...it was only once I'd finally achieved enough power to fight on a level with him... // ...that I was able to meet blades with him in battle. // And from his blade... // ...I felt nothing but loneliness. // He'd been so much stronger than other people, ever since he was born... / ...so I think he might have been searching, his whole life, for someone who could face him as an equal. // And from the moment he gave up on that... // I think that somewhere in his heart... / ...he might have been wishing that he could become just an ordinary Shinigami...

Orihime: ...K... // Kurosaki-kun...?

Ichigo: Inoue... // Ishida... // Rukia... / Chad... // Renji... // What are you all doing here...?! // Are you sure you should all be walking about already?!
Rukia: I could say the same of you -
Orihime: ...I... // It really is you, Kurosaki-kun...! // Your hair is so long... I thought it might not be you after all... // Thank goodness... // Thank goodness...!
Ichigo: What's that face for, Inoue? // I mean, sure, my hair's got a little longer, but -

[no text just ka-collapse]

Renji: Ichigo!
Rukia: Ichigo!
Orihime: Kurosaki-kun!!
Ishida: Kurosaki!
Ichigo: ...Nn... // Nguaa... // ...aaaaarrrrgghhhhhhh!!!
[Side text: A sudden reversal of fortune!! What is happening to Ichigo...?!]

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#1. by big_red01027 ()
Posted on Oct 5, 2010
Bleach 423 - Deicide 24. Hah!

Thanks for the translation.
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