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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

One Piece 469

One Piece Chapter 469

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Aug 31, 2007 21:35 | Go to One Piece

-> RTS Page for One Piece 469

One Piece
Chapter 469: "Show yourselves, Straw Hat Crew!!!"
Enel's Great Space Operation Volume 34: Charging Successful!! Thanking the Destroyer"
[side text: On the front cover, the four Enigmas!! Volume 47, the release is coming up on Tuesday 4th September!! Get down to the bookshop!!]

Hogback: Hey, hey, what's wrong, Cindry-chan?!! // Your body won't move? What do you think you're saying?!! / And you can stop it with those ridiculous tears as well!! // You zombies live only to follow your master's orders!!! // Who exactly do you think it was who allowed your bodies... // ...to keep on living as long as they have a soul within them?!!
Cindry: The tears just started flowing...!! // My body... won't move...

Robin: ......... // It's almost as though the original owner of the body is putting up resistance...
Chopper: .........Even though it's been... // ...ten years since she died?! // Her will still remains... even though her soul has left the body...?
Robin: I couldn't tell you that... / ...even with the help of all the libraries in the world.
Cindry: ...!! // Uuugh...!! / ......haaagh... / ...aahhh...!!
Hogback: !
Cindry: ......!! I will kill... these two...
Hogback: Yes, that's right! You've regained your senses, Cindry-chan!! // Right!! Now, start buying time!! As long as it takes for me to get away!!
Robin: What a pity... // I thought... I may have been witnessing a miracle. // Dose Fleur!!
Cindry: ?!!

Cindry: Ugh...
Chopper: ?!
Hogback: !! // Agh!! // What is this quaking?!! / Is it Oz's doing again?!
Chopper: Wait right there!!
Hogback: Aagh?! // Ungh... Damn!! This pirate-deer............!!! / A mere human like you speaking out for the rights of "corpses"!!! // Hell, you're not even human!! You're a monster!!!
[TN: Not entirely sure on that "rights of corpses" line, but that's the best I could make of it. It was a weird sentence @_@]
Chopper: My captain doesn't care about any of that!! Whether you're a monster... a cyborg... // ...a demon... a pervert... a pessimist... He's got all sorts under his command!!! // He doesn't have to force corpses that can't resist to do his bidding!!!
[TN: I hope I've got that all right...]

Chopper: Robin!!
Robin: Just leave it to me. // Pierna Fleur!!
Hogback: Aaaaaaaaaaaaagh!!! // W - w - w - wait, wait, wait, what are you doing, Doctor Chopper...? / If I fall and hit my head from this height... / This genius brain, a treasure of the world, will be smashed to pieces!!!
Chopper: I don't care!!! What's inside you guys' heads... // ...stinks worse than the zombies! Eat this "RobiCho Suplex"!!!

[box: Nearby, in the Special Freezer Room]
Luffy: He's way bigger than a giant! // Is this it?! My zombie?!
Moria: Kishishishi... I've been waiting for you, Oz...!! / It looks like your shadow and body have finally synchronised...!! / Have you become an "obedient zombie"? // Answer me this!! Who is your master?!
Luffy: ..................
Oz: My master is... // ...Moria-sama!!!

Luffy: Oi!! What're you talking about?!! / Are you really my shadow?!! Don't listen to this guy!!!
Oz: What are you, little Straw-Hat...?!!
Moria: Kishishishishi...!! / Now, I shall give you your momentous first mission!! // ...Right now, there are a group of people wreaking havoc on this ship.
Oz: ......
Moria: They are the "Straw Hat Pirates"!! // You are to mercilessly defeat each of them and return them to their ship!!! // I don't care if they die in the process... if they're worthy of their bounties, a little beating won't be enough to kill them!!! // Put everything you have into it!! Let me see the extent of your power!!!
Oz: Yes, Moria-sama. / ...... // ...Ah! Here's a Straw-Hat.
Luffy: Hm?

Moria: Farewell, Straw-Hat!!
Luffy: Hey! Where d'you think you're goin?!!
Oz: Go~mu~go~mu~no~ (though I can't actually stretch)
Luffy: Huh?!!
Oz: KANE~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!
Luffy: Wait, that's dangerous!!!
Robin: Hm?!! // ?!!
Chopper: !!! // Lu... Luffy's zombie!!!
Hogback: Oz......!!!
Robin: The floor's collapsing!! Chopper, this way!!
Hogback: Agh... // AAAAGH!!
Chopper: That was dangerous...!!
Robin: ...... / This is Luffy...?!

Robin/Chopper: Hogback and Cindry fell down to the lower level!!
Hogback: Damn... this is heavy... / *pant* // *pant* // Cindry-chan!!! Get this stone off me!! / Quickly...!! Hurry!!! Help me!!!
Cindry: ...... // Ugh... / ......!! Again......!!!
Hogback: Oz is here!!! / My genius will be crushed under his feet!!! // Hey!! What do you think you're doing?!!! / I'm your master, you know!!!
Cindry: My body...!! It won't move...!!
Hogback: ......Wha......!!! // Don't start with that stuff again...!!
Chopper: ............
Hogback: Zombies don't have any will except to serve their masters!!
Cindry: ............
Hogback: Hurry up and save me, you idiot corpse with nothing but a pretty face!!!
Chopper: !

Chopper: Huh...?
Robin: !
Hogback: Hey!! Hurry up, Cindry...!!! / Oz is coming this way......!!! // Oz!!! Why don't you try looking where you're stepping!! It's me!!! You ingrateful...!! // I'm the one who gave you a body that can move!!! // Hey!!! Aaaaaaaaaaaagh!!! // Aaaaaaaaaaaaghhhhhhh............

[box: Nearby, in the corridor outside Perona's room]
Usopp: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, what what what what?! / This is way bigger than the shaking earlier...!!! // There's something wrong with the ceiling... what's going on...?!!! // AAAAAAGH!!! // LUFFY-ZOMBIIIIIE!!!

[box: Nearby, in the church]
Sanji: Whoa, whoa, whoa... / What's with all the shaking?!! // Whooooooa!!! Could this leg be......?!! / Luffy's zombie?!! // Nami-san!! This is no time to be sleeping!! // We've got to run... / ?!

Sanji: Huh? // Nami-san?! // Wha?? / Nami-san canished!!! What the...?!! // Why...?!! // Things just took a turn for the worse... // ......!!! No way... // Are you still alive, you bastard?! You beast-guy!! Show yourself!!!
Absalom: It looks like that "demon"... / ...has finally fallen under our control. The battle is ours...
Sanji: ...!!
Absalom: And this time, I've got my bride.
Sanji: Dammit, give Nami-san back to me!!! Where the hell are you?!!!
Absalom: Why don't you have some fun... with the ultimate zombie...?!!! Wahahahah!
Oz: Guaaaaaaaaagh....!!!
Zoro: Whoa!! Something came out!!!
People: Aaaaaaaaaaaagh!!!
Zoro: That's......!! // It's a zombie!! It's Luffy's zombie!!
Franky: Take a look over there... isn't that the swirly cook who came out with him?!
Brooke: What is that...?!
Sanji: Dammit... / Nami-san was...!!!
Zoro: What's he think he's doing, that idiot cook?!

Luffy: Wait uuuup!! / *pant* // *pant*
Moria: Kishishishi... do you intend to keep chasing me forever?
Luffy: *pant* / *pant* / That big guy's pretty interesting too, but if I want to get everybody's shadows back... // ...You're the one I have to beat up!! You're not getting away!!!
[box: The Church]
Absalom: Wahahahahah... // See... / I'm the one laughing in the end!! // Those sleeping pills were really something... // Let us find somewhere else... / ...and carry out the ceremony once more...!! My silent bride...!!

Zombies: Is Perona-sama all right?! // She's foaming at the mouth......!! // But she doesn't seem badly wounded. // Captain Bearsy and even the vice-Captain too... damn that Long-Nose!! // Get her out of here, this mansion's falling apart!! // We Special Zombies will avenge her!!! // Everybody out of the collapsing mansion!! // We Special Zombies will fight!! // I can see a head behind the mansion... it's huge!!
[box: Perona's Wonder Garden]
Chopper: Aah!! Usopp!!
Usopp: Chopper, Robin!! I - i - i - it's terrible!! // Luffy's zombie's arm...!!

Sanji: ...That bastard wants to get in our way?!!
Usopp: Dammit, Luffy... you're gonna beat up your own crew?!!
Robin: Looks like he's been given orders...!!
Chopper: Is the real Luffy okay...?!!
Brooke: What is it?! That thing.......!!!
Franky: Hm... but can we bring it down?
Zoro: Now things are gettin' interesting...!!!
[insert text: The tension...!!]

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Posted on Sep 1, 2007
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Thanx Carlos :kkthumbs
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Cool!! Thx u very much carlos! ^^
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