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Translations: One Piece 801 by cnet128 , Bleach 644 by cnet128 , Gintama 559 (2)

One Piece 469

One Piece Chapter 469

+ posted by skywalker6705 as translation on Sep 8, 2007 07:54 | Go to One Piece

-> RTS Page for One Piece 469

Page 01:
Title: Get out here, Strawhat Crew!!!
Subtext: Completely Recharged!! They are touched by the destroyer.

Page 02:
Hogback: Oi oi, what's wrong Cindry-chan?!!
BGText: A problem with Cindry-!!
Hogback: Your body won't move? What're you saying?!!
Hogback: And stop it with those crocodile tears!!
Hogback: Submitting to your master's orders is the very reason for you zombies' existence!!!
Hogback: Who do you think is responsible for allowing you to move around
Hogback: As if you actually had a soul?!!
Cindry: The tears just...!!
Cindry: my body... won't move...

Page 03:
Robin: It's as if the body's true owner is opposing her.
Chopper: .........10 years ago
Chopper: the real Cindry died but...!?
Chopper: could this soulless body still... have some will left in it...
Robin: That's most likely...
Robin: not something you would find the answer to in any book in the world.
Cindry: Uuh...!!
Cindry: ......hah
Cindry: hah!!
Cindry: ......!! I will... kill those two.
Hogback: Ooh, that's right! You've finally come back to your senses Cindry-chan!!
Hogback: Yosh!! Buy as much time as you can!! So that I can get away!!
Robin: Regrettable...
Robin: I'd hoped it was... some kind of "miracle"...
Robin: Doce Fleur!!

Page 04:
Cindry: Uuh
Hogback: Uoh!!
Hogback: What's with this tremor!!
Hogback: Is Oz still at it?!
Chopper: Waaaaait!!
Hogback: Uwoh!?
Hogback: Umph... Shit!! This Pirate-deer............!!!
Hogback: Speaking up for the rights of corpses when you're only one part human yourself!!!
Hogback: You're not even a real human!! You damned monster!!!
Chopper: With my captain, you could be a monster... or a cyborg,
Chopper: or a demon, or a pervert, or negative!! He doesn't care!!!
Chopper: He doesn't need to force us into submission like you!!!

Page 05:Chopper: Robin!!
Robin: Leave it to me.
Robin: Pierna Fleur!!
Hogback: Uwooooooooh!!!
Hogback: Wh-wha-wait-wait a second what are you doing Dr. Chopper?
Hogback: If I fall from all the way up here and hit my head
Hogback: it'd be a loss for the whole world!! This genius brain of mine will be crushed!!!
Chopper: I don't care!!! The inside of you head
Chopper: is more rotten than a Zombies'!!! Eat this "Robi-Cho Suplex"!!!

Page 06:
Box: The same Mansion's Special Freezer
Luffy: .........he's big as a giant.
Luffy: Is this it?!! My zombie?
Moria: Kishishishi I've been waiting for you Oz...!!
Moria: It seems your shadow and your body have finally synchronized...!!
Moria: Have you become an obedient zombie now?
Moria: Answer me!! Who is your master?!
Luffy: hah
Luffy: hah
Oz: My master is
Oz: Moria-sama!!!

Page 07:
Luffy: Oi, what the hell are you saying?!!
Luffy: Are you really my shadow?!! Don't listen to that guy's crap!!!
Oz: Who's this strawhat guy?!!
Moria: Kishishishishi...!!
Moria: Now then, I'll give you your momentous first mission!!
Moria: Go and find those who are currently rampaging across Thriller Bark
Moria: They're known as the Strawhat Pirates!!
Moria: Pulverize them all and send them back on their ship!!!
Moria: If they happen to die I won't care, but if they have a bounty over 100,000,000 I doubt they'll die that easily!!!
Moria: Give it all you've got!! Show me your strength!!!
Oz: Yes, Moria-sama
Oz: ...Ah! Here's a Strawhat.
Luffy: Hm?

Page 08-09:
Moria: See ya, Strawhat!!
Luffy: Ah! You're gonna run?!!
Oz: GOMU GOMU NO (I don't stretch though)
Luffy: UH!!?
Oz: KANE!!! (Bell/Gong)
Luffy: Wait a sec, look out!!!
Robin: Eh?!!
Chopper: Lu...... Luffy's Zombie!!!
Hogback: Oz!!!
Robin: The floor is crumbling!! Chopper, over here!!
Hogback: Geh
Chopper: Owah!!
Chopper: That was close!!
Robin: That was Luffy...?!

Page 10:
Chopper: Hogback and Cindry both fell to the floor below!!
Hogback: ...damn... it's heavy......!!!
Hogback: hah
Hogback: hah
Hogback: Cindry-chan!!! Move this rock!!
Hogback: Hurry...!! Now!!! Save me!!!
Cindry: uh...
Cindry: ......!! Again......!!!
Hogback: Oz is coming!!!
Hogback: He's going to trample me!!! This genius!!!
Hogback: Oi!! What are you standing around for!!!
Hogback: I'm your master!!!
Cindry: My body...!! It won't move...!!
Hogback: ......WHA......!!!
Hogback: ...stop saying stupid stuff like that...!!
Hogback: Zombies aren't supposed to have any other loyalties!!
Hogback: You're nothing more than a stupid corpse with a pretty face, save me already!!! *Trans note: suggest rewording if awkward, but incorporating Hogbacks insults and instructions in one line was interesting.

Page 11:
Chopper: EH?
Hogback: Oi!! Hurry Cindry!!!
Hogback: Oz is headed this way......!!!
Hogback: OZ!!! Look down here you dumbass!! It's me!!! You ingrate!
Hogback: They one who made that body you're moving around in was me!!!
Hogback: Oi!!! AAAAAAAAAAH
Hogback: GYAAAAAAAAAaaaa......
sfx: aaaaaaaaah

Page 12:
Box: The Same Mansion The Passage to Pelona's Room
Usopp: Wai-Wa-Wa-Wa-Whatwhatwhatwhat?
Usopp: This is totally different from those tremors before...!!!
Usopp: Something's wrong with the ceiling. Seriously, what's going on?!!!

Page 13:
Box: The Same Mansion Church
Sanji: Oi oi oi oi
Sanji: What's with these tremors?!!
Sanji: Uwoooh!!! That foot...!! No way!!
Sanji: Luffy's Zombie?!!
Sanji: Nami-san!! This isn't really the time to sleep!!
Sanji: I've gotta run from...

Page 14-15:
Sanji: Eh?
Sanji: Nami-san?!
Sanji: What??
Sanji: Nami-san's disappeared!!! What?!!
Sanji: What the?!
Absalom: hah
Absalom: The tables have turned now haven't they?
Absalom: hah
Absalom: Grrrrrrrrrrr!!
Sanji: ......!!! no way
Sanji: Are you still alive?! Beastman!! Show yourself!!!
Absalom: It's seems this "devil"
Absalom: has finally fallen under our control...
Absalom: We have our match but...
Absalom: I'm taking my bride this time.
Sanji: Goddamit, give Nami-san back!!! Where are you?!!
Absalom: ...why don't you play with him for a bit... the ultimate zombie...!!! Wahahaha
Oz: Uwoooooooh!!!
Brook: Uwah!! Something's coming!!!
Oz: Uwaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!
Zoro: That's......!!
Zoro: A zombie!! Luffy's Zombie!!
Franky: Look over there, isn't that the curly-brow cook that just came out with him?!
Sanji: Shit...
Sanji: Nami-san is...!!!
Zoro: What is that idiot cook doing?

Page 16:
Luffy: WAIT!!
Luffy: hah
Luffy: hah
Moria: Kishishishi Are you gonna follow me to hell even?
Luffy: hah
Luffy: hah
Luffy: That huge one bugs me but to get everyone's shadows back
Luffy: I have no choice but to kick your ass, Moria!! I won't let you run away!!!
Box: Church
Absalom: Wahahahaha...
Absalom: Look...
Absalom: I have the last laugh!!
Absalom: Those sleeping pills were really effective...
Absalom: We're gonna move... and we'll have our ceremony... *Trans note: This line is ambiguous. He is either saying "return to" or "change". in it's conjugated form without kanji, I cannot be certain. but as he is not presently marrying her where he is, I went with change.*
Absalom: One more time...!! hah My Quiet Bride...!!
Sfx: Gefuh

Page 17:
Zombie: Is Pelona-sama alright?!
Zombie: She's foaming at the mouth......!!
Zombie: She doesn't seem to be wounded though.
Zombie: But Captain Bearsy and the Vice-captain both... that damn long-nose!!
Zombie: Our enemy-made-ally the Special Zombie is coming!!!
Zombies: This is rotten awful!! Get away from the mansion!!
Zombies: The special zombie is gonna fight!!
Zombie: You can even see his head from the surrounding grounds! He's huge!!
Box: Pelona's Wonder Garden
Chopper: Ah!! Usopp!!
Usopp: Chopper, Robin!! e-e-e-emergency!!
Usopp: On Luffy's Zombie's arm...!!
Usopp: He has our wanted posters pinned to his arm!!!
Usopp: He must be after us!!!

Page 18-19:
Oz: Get out here!!!
Oz: Strawhat Crew!!!!
Sanji: ...That jerk, is he trying to stop us?!!
Usopp: Luffy! Is Luffy going to waste his crew himself?!!
Robin: Seems he was ordered to...!!
Chopper: Is the real Luffy alright......?!!
Franky: Can we even take down something like that?
BGText: The tension builds!!
Zoro: This'll be interesting...!!!

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