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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Hatsukoi Limited 2

Hatsukoi Limited Chapter 2

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Oct 6, 2007 17:20 | Go to Hatsukoi Limited

-> RTS Page for Hatsukoi Limited 2

[TN: Ahh, I love this manga.]

Hatsukoi Limited
Chapter 2: Yamamoto-san
[TN: The gaze of these eyes / is inescapable]

Hatsukoi Limited. Chapter 2: Yamamoto-san
[box: I don't really get girls.]
[side text: Last issue: Zaitsu (Senior) likes Arihara-san, but Arihara-san likes Zaitsu (Junior).]
Ayumi: Okay, coming through!!
[sFX: stomp stomp stomp stomp (running)]
[box: I know that in theory, they are frail beings who should be protected, but... // ...in reality...]
Ayumi: I said I'm coming through, so move it!!!
[sFX: boom, crash, smash]
Guys: Ugh... // Agh!! // Gah...!
[sFX: boom]

Ayumi: Good morning, Zaitsu-kun! <3
[sFX: pant pant]
[sFX: Raaaaaaaaargh]
[box: They may look like cute bunny-rabbits, but they're more like grizzly bears in disguise.........]
[sFX: Ahahahahah]
Mamoru: (With that tiny body, she managed to take out Aniki with one kick...)
[Label: The passage of time has warped his memory a little]
[sFX: staaaare]
Ayumi: (Wh - why is he staring at me like that...?) // Ah! Umm... // It was really nice of you to take me to the nurse's ofice yesterday, so I baked you some cookies as thanks...
BackgroundGuys: Ah! / Those two really must be together!

Ayumi: You can have them if you like -
[sFX: pop]
[bubbleSFX: empty]
Overcooked (nasty face)
- your brother Yuuji
Ayumi: Ah - I'll practice and make you some more, okay!
[sFX: smi~~~le]
Mamoru: [aside]Oh, no, you don't have to...[/aside]
[sFX: Waaaah]
[sFX: stomp stomp stomp stomp stomp (running again)]
Girls: Ayumi-chan...
Mamoru: Ahhh... somehow that kinda wore me out...
[sFX: appear]
Kusuda: You just don't get it, do ya, Zaitsu...!

Mamoru: Ku - / Kusuda-kun...
Kusuda: How the hell can you be that thick...?!! // It's obvious that Arihara Ayumi has a crush on you!! [aside]probably...[/aside]
Mamoru: No way...! I mean, I, she's never said anything like that or... [aside]Aaahh...[/aside]
Kusuda: Is your head stuffed full of whipped cream or somethin'?! / There's no way a girl would go around bakin' cookies for a guy she doesn't even like, all right?!!
Mamoru: Hmm, well... When you say it like that, it sounds plausible, but...
Kusuda: Do you even have any balls, you idiot?! / Arihara's cute, you know!! If you go out with her, you'd be able to look at that beautiful body and touch it all you want, you know?!! [aside]and you could let me in on that a little too...[/aside]

Mamoru: I find it a little difficult to look at the girls in my class that way...
Kusuda: Ahh, you're so annoying! It's so annoying when you act all serious like that!!
[sFX: gag, gag, gag]
Kusuda: Ahh...
[sFX: chiing]
Kusuda: Could it be... // ...You've gone and got yourself a girlfriend or a crush or something, haven't you...?
[sFX: Ah...]
Kusuda: Ah, dammit, I was right!! That face... there's definitely a girl!!!
Mamoru: N - no! I don't have a girlfriend or anything......!
Kusuda: Well, there's someone you like at least, right?! Who is it? Who? Tell me, man...!

Mamoru: Th - there is... // But... // Man... I really didn't want to tell you about that......
Kusuda: I get it now...! / Never woulda guessed you'd fallen for a high-schooler! [aside]though I don't really get what you see in older women...[/aside]
Kusuda: So... what about it? You just gonna spy on her from over here?
[sFX: Uugh...]
Mamoru: (I'll just have to point at some random girl and kinda go with it...)
[sFX: ka-thump]
Mamoru: Ah!
Kusuda: Eh, she's here?! / Who, who, who, who, who, who, WHO IS IT?!
[sFX: Aaahhhh...]
Mamoru: (Uuugh... Why did I do that...?!)

[sFX: sound of footsteps all over the page]
[sFX: droooool]

[sFX: eheh]
Kusuda: !! // She's... // ...AMAZING...!!
Mamoru: (So she DID spot me...)
[sFX: click, click]

Kusuda: Di - did you see that?! That chest, those legs, that smile!! [aside]a goddess on Earth...!![/aside]
[sFX: shake shake shake]
Kusuda: She looked this way and smiled, right?! You don't know that girl or anything, right?!!
Mamoru: N... // No... I just happen to kinda like her, is all...
Kusuda: All right!! I'm TOTALLY gonna help you out with this one!! / ...so when you manage to get together, let me touch her boobs a little -
Mamoru: Yeah, right!!
Kusuda: All right, we need a plan! A plan!! // So let's go over to your place and hold a strategy meeting right now!
Mamoru: Whaaaaat?! // Whoa... no, not my place!!

Kusuda: *munch munch* Mmm... you really have good tea cakes here!!
[sFX: glance]
Kusuda: So? Why you been glancing over at the window for a while now?
Mamoru: Huh? Oh, no, I wasn't...
[sFX: crash]
Misaki: Mamoru~~~!
Mamoru: ?!
[sFX: knock knock]
[sFX: Aaack]
Misaki: Mamoru, you in there? You home yet? // Hey, you mind if I come over?
Kusuda: Huh?! What?! Why's there a girl's voice?!
Mamoru: No, Saki-nee, not now -
Kusuda: Come on in, the window's open...!!!

Misaki: Hey.

Mamoru: I - I - I - I said no! I have someone else here right now, so...
Misaki: I'm just coming into your room for a bit... there! [aside]sorry![/aside]
Kusuda: Uooooogh!
[sFX: Ka-thump]
[sFX: Whoooooooa]
[bubbleSFX: squish]
Mamoru: (This is...)
Kusuda: Boobs... // So big... // Boobs...
Mamoru: (...the reason I have no eyes for any other girl... // Yamamoto Misaki (16). Two years older than me, and my childhood friend.)
Misaki: Hey, is it true Misao got in another fight?

Mamoru: Oh, yeah... that was yesterday... // (I shouldn't mention that he got beaten up by Arihara-san... [aside]for the sake of Aniki's honour...[/aside]
Misaki: Ugh! It was only last month he got those terrible injuries... doesn't he ever learn?!! // I'm just going to go lecture him, okay?!
[sFX: click (door opening)]
Mamoru: (Oh... // She just wanted to talk to Aniki, huh...)
[sFX: ka-thump ka-thump ka-thump ka-thump]
Kusuda: Why, youuuuu!!
[sFX: grab, twiiiist]
Mamoru: !! [aside]gaah...[/aside]
Kusuda: What was with that earlier, huh?! Pretending she's just some girl?! She's your freakin' next-door-neighbour...!!

Kusuda: With her livin' right next door, your opportunities are everywhere...!!
[sFX: Heh heh / heh / heh]
Kusuda: You could sneak out and steal her panties from the washing... / ...sneak in and peek at her in the bath... / ...even slip inside her futon -
Mamoru: Like I'd ever do anything like that!!
Kusuda: Ahhhhh... I can still feel her chest between my legs... <3
[sFX: ahh // ahh]
Mamoru: Honestly, you're the WORST!
Mamoru: I'm really kinda worried since she spotted me back there... / I mean, we've known each other since we were kids, and I'm younger than her too... there's no way she even thinks of me like that.
Kusuda: But at the same time, you're scared of losing that sibling-like relationship, so you can't bring yourself to make a move. [aside]right?[/aside]
Mamoru: [aside]STOP SNIFFING YOUR TROUSERS![/aside]
Kusuda: [aside]Ahhhhh... it still smells like her... <3[/aside]

Misaki: [aside]Ahahahahah![/aside] Ehhhhh?!! No way, seriously...?! // Yeah, yeah, okay, I won't tell Mamoru a thing!
Mamoru: (Won't tell... me?!)
Kusuda: Is there a chance her and your brother might be, you know...?
[sFX: click (door opening again)]
Misaki: Ahhh... that was hilarious! [aside]heheh...[/aside] // Well, then, see you, Mamoru! [aside]...and Mamoru's friend...[/aside]
Kusuda: O - Onee-san!!
Misaki: Hm?
[sFX: fwump]
Kusuda: Just give me a moment, please!! / Why would you want to leave so soon?! Come on, sit down, sit down!

Kusuda: Now, then...
[sFX: ahem]
Kusuda: "Bovine actors should be scene and not herd." // I used to want to be a gold prospector... / ...it didn't pan out. // How can you tell when a bucket gets sick?
Mamoru: [aside]whoa...[/aside] (I can't bear to listen!)
Kusuda: It becomes a little pale! // I once knew a monorail enthusiast... // He had a one-track mind! // People become bakers because they knead the dough!
[sFX: scratch scratch]
Kusuda: If a spider is in a corn field, does she make cob webs?
[sFX: faint]
[TN: Thanks to [url=www.badpuns.com][url=http://www.badpuns.com]www.badpuns.com for providing the substitute terrible jokes.]

Kusuda: Ahahahahahah! A string of my puns has the power to send any girl to sleep! / ...though it kind of pains me to admit it..
Mamoru: [aside]Couldn't you use that to commit some nasty crimes...?[/aside] // ...So what was the point in sending Saki-nee to sleep...?
Kusuda: What should we do, you ask...? // Well, I was thinking you could kind of... "get your hands on her" before your brother gets the chance...!
Mamoru: Ehhhhh?
Kusuda: [aside]Whooooa...[/aside] Th - th - th - the view from here... it's incredible... [aside]gotta take some pictures...[/aside]
[sFX: Gaaaaaaaaah!]
Mamoru: No way, Kusuda-kun...!!!!

Kusuda: Don't worry, don't worry, I'm just lookin'! <3 / And try talkin' a little quieter, you'll wake her up...
Mamoru: Who cares about that?! This is just wrong, okay?!!
Kusuda: Ah, shaddup! Ya gotta take what you can get with these things, ya know?!!
Mamoru: (What are you even talking about?!)
Kusuda: We're middle-school boys, you know, Zaitsu?! Don't let your reason get the better of you!
Mamoru: You're the one letting your instincts get the better of you here!!
[sFX: heartbeats racing through the background of the next two panels, and a big one in the third]
Kusuda: Aren't you even a little interested, Zaitsu?! I mean, look at that ripe little peach! Those hips!
Mamoru: Uugh...!
Kusuda: And those boobs... aren't they just ASKING you to rub 'em -
Mamoru: AAAAAAAGH!! // I'm not going to let you do anything to Saki-nee...!!!

Misaki: Mmmmmnnhh...]
Kusuda: All right!! // Go for it, Zaitsu-kun! I'll have my turn after!!
Mamoru: (...Ahh... // Close up like this... I just want to press her whole body against mine...... [aside]I mean...[/aside]) // ?!!
[sFX: wham]

Mamoru: Uuugh...
[sFX: stretch, pull, bend]
[sFX: flail flail flail]
Mamoru: (I - It's true that... // ...her body's pressed up against mine, but...!)
Kusuda: Me too...?!!
Mamoru: (I don't think I'll ever understand women...!) // (Are you seriously still asleep, Saki-nee......?!)
[sFX: zzzzzzzz]
Kusuda: (I - I love... older women... <3<3<3<3<3)
[sFX: twitch twitch]

[sFX: dee dee doo dee doo~~]
Misaki: Ah! An email from Misao!
[sFX: ahhh!]
Meguru: Misao... isn't that that really scary guy? The one who looks like a yeti...?! You're not going out with him or something, are you?
Misaki: Oh, no... he's just a childhood friend, is all.
[sFX: sta~re]
Meguru: Oi, Enomoto! How old d'you think you are? Stop loitering in the street!
Enomoto: Awww... the snail-shell had nearly reached the ants' nest...

Meguru: Ewww! You're disgusting! Don't stare at stuff like that! [aside]bugs! ugh! bugs![/aside]
Enomoto: Ehhhh? // You could've been a bug yourself in a past life, y'know, Meguru-chan! [aside]have more respect for the little bugs![/aside]
Misaki: ("She didn't give me her answer today, either"... huh.)
Flashback!Misao: I took one look at my brother's class photo, and fell for her the moment I saw her... / But it's really embarrassing, so you mustn't say a thing to Mamoru!
Misaki: (Huh... what kind of girl is this that he's gone and fallen for...?) // [aside]Ah, well...[/aside] I'm fine without any of that romance stuff for the moment!
Meguru: ?! / What's with her all of a sudden...?
[insert text: The road to love is a long one...?!]
[bottom text: To be continued in next issue's Hatsukoi, with a huge 23 pages, "The All-Around Girl"!]
[TN: That's "all-around" as in "in all directions". I'm sure it's some kind of set phrase or something ~_~]

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#1. by chair ()
Posted on Oct 6, 2007
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Posted on Oct 6, 2007
thxs a lot!! :XD
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thanks a lot
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Yaaay!! Thank u very much carlos for the trans! ^^
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Thank you so MUCH :XD
#8. by DeepEyes ()
Posted on Oct 7, 2007
Sorry, I have a question... The girl in the last two pages are really Ayumi (The one staring at the bugs XD)? Because that girl has te hair longer than Ayumi, or her name is Enomoto (As meguru says) and is another new charachter?

Thx n_n...

#9. by hatsuharupeace ()
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wow thanks :)!
#11. by cnet128 (MH's Best Translator)
Posted on Oct 8, 2007
Quote by DeepEyes;563643:
Sorry, I have a question... The girl in the last two pages are really Ayumi (The one staring at the bugs XD)? Because that girl has te hair longer than Ayumi, or her name is Enomoto (As meguru says) and is another new charachter?

Thx n_n...

Ahhh... you're right, sorry. Getting my names confused. I knew I'd heard the name "Enomoto" before, and she LOOKED like Ayumi, so I was thinking that Enomoto was Ayumi's family name... but of course Ayumi's family name is Arihara. Enomoto is Ayumi's friend Kei's family name. But the girl *doesn't* look like Kei, so... I'm guessing a sister?
#12. by DeepEyes ()
Posted on Oct 8, 2007
Thx for the aclaration n_n...

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