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Translations: Gintama 678 by kewl0210 , One Piece 900 by cnet128

Bleach 306

Bleach Chapter 306

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Jan 19, 2008 13:46 | Go to Bleach

-> RTS Page for Bleach 306

[side text: As time endlessly trickles onward... what is Szayel Aporro thinking?]
Szayel: So long... // How many years has it been...? // How many decades...? // No, more still than that...... // At any rate, it has been an immeasurable length of time... // But when...? // When will it happen? // When will this sword finally... // ...pierce through my heart?!

Szayel: Quickly! Quickly! Quickly! Quickly! Quickly! Quickly! Quickly! Quickly! // Please, just kill me now!!!

Mayuri: ...A "perfect existence", he said... // ...Hm.

Mayuri: There is nothing in this world that is truly "perfect". // Though it may be a rather large cliché... / ...it is still the truth. // It is the ordinary people who look up to "perfection" as an ideal and seek after it... // But in truth... / What is this idea of "perfection" truly worth? // Nothing. // Not... // ...a single thing. // I detest "perfection".

Mayuri: To be "perfect" is to be unable to improve any further. // There would be no scope for "creation"... / Not a single gap in one's knowledge or one's ability. // Do you see now? // To true scientists like you and I... // "Perfection"... / ...is tantamount to "despair". // We aspire to reach greater levels of brilliance than ever before... / But never... // NEVER... to reach perfection. // That is the paradox through which we scientists must struggle... // Indeed, it is our duty to find pleasure in that struggle. // In other words...

Mayuri: The second you allowed yourself to spout a ridiculous word like "perfect"... // ...in truth, you had already been defeated. // That is... // ...if you wish to be treated as a scientist.

306: Not Perfect Is GOoD
[side text: All-knowing, all-destroying, all-creating... // That is hope, and that is despair.]

Ishida: H... / Hey... // Are you sure that's all right...? / Your zanpakutou broke...
Mayuri: Hah. / "It broke", you say? // I broke it. // So long as I retain the hilt, I can make it anew. // Seeing as it defied its master, I think this should serve as a suitable punishment.

Mayuri: ............... // Nemu! // Nemu, get over here!! // Tch... / Honestly... // She can be such a pain to deal with...

Nemu: Unhh...♡ // Anhh... // Unghh... // Unhh... // Ahhhhh...♡ // Aaahhh......... // Uaaaaaaaaanhhhhhhh......!♡
Ishida/Renji: SHE'S HEALED~~~~~~~~~~~!!!!

Ishida: Wh... What the hell?! // How exactly did doing that heal her?!
Mayuri: Hmmmm...? / You watched it happen and you still don't understand...? // Worthless trash...
Ishida: How am I meant to understand that?!! // All you were doing was stuff that couldn't possibly be shown in-frame!!
[TN: Oh, I so want to see a doujin artist take up THAT challenge.]
Mayuri: Hmm... whatever. / Trying to explain my arts to ordinary scum would be a worthless endeavour. // Nemu. / Dig up this spot.
Nemu: Yes, Mayuri-sama.
Ishida: ............
Renji: I wouldn't get too worked up, Ishida. // The poison may be gone, but our organs are still all smashed up...

Pesche: TA-DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! // Two-thirds of the Great Desert Brothers are back!!! // Incidentally, this magnificent re-entrance was for the sake of all our beloved fans who must have been deeply grieving over our sudden disappearance -
[TN: the text just disappears off-panel ~_~]
Pesche: Waaaaagh~~~~~~~!!!!

Pesche: Wait, wait, wait, not so fast!! // We haven't met before, so you may not know, but we're actually on your side! On - your - side!!
Mayuri: How annoying... / Nemu, just bury them both again.
Nemu: Yes.
Pesche: Waaaaaaaait!!! // W - We get it! / We get it now!! // It's perfectly understandable that you, arriving in the middle of things, wouldn't know who we are! / Yes! I must explain!!
Mayuri: I know who you are... / You're those idiots who almost died, aren't you?
Pesche: That's horrible!! / It's true, but that's not it, you know?! // Aaahhh!! // Aaaaaaaaghhhhhhh!!!
Mayuri: ...Hm.

Ishida: ...What's with that door...?! // Everything else has collapsed... / Why is that door the only part that's completely unharmed...?!

Mayuri: Hah. // Isn't that obvious? // When a scientist creates for himself a private laboratory... // The one part that he must make more secure than anywhere else... // ...It is not the room where he keeps his expensive scientific equipment... // ...nor is it the room containing the theses he spent long nights writing... // The thing most precious to us, that which must never be destroyed, is the room containing those things we have travelled to the edges of the earth to retrieve... // The storage chamber... // ...for our research materials!

Ishida: ............!!
Renji: But this is......!!
Mayuri: ............ // ...You see~?

[no text just YAY NNOITRA FIGHT (...yeah, I'm going to start using the stupid double-N ~_~)]

Nnoitra: Hah! // Guahahahahahah!!! // How many time do I have to tell ya?!!

Nnoitra: My Hierro... // ...is the strongest ever seen among the Espada!!! // Your pathetic little Shinigami swords... // ...could never cut through my skin!!!
[TN: ...It's Ichigo vs. Kenpachi all over again... only backwards... "You can't even cut me!" "Oh, wait, yeah, I can." (that's totally coming next...)]
Ichigo: ............... // ...Kenpachi......!
[side text: The "hardest" VS the "most terriying"!!]
[bottom text: Next issue, will Kenpachi be able to cut through Nnoitra's Hierro... or...?!!]

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#1. by coby0 ()
Posted on Jan 19, 2008
thanx for the translation
#2. by jaimacando ()
Posted on Jan 21, 2008
thanks for the trans!!!
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