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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

Bleach 306

BLEACH #306 tl

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 19, 2008 06:18 | Go to Bleach

-> RTS Page for Bleach 306


tl by molokidan

S: So far...
S: How many years has it been since then...
S: How many decades...
S: No, more than that...
S: Time has surely flowed on in some innumerable amount...
S: But oh, when...
S: When will the time come...
S: When will the time come
S: for this sword to pierce my heart!?

S: HURRY (x8)

M: --"perfect existence,"
M: huh?

M: Perfection does not exist in this world.
M(2b): It may seem like a placating phrase, but that's the truth.
M: Obviously mediocre fools will forever lust for "perfection" and seek it out.
M(2b): However, what meaning is there in "perfection?"
M: None.
M(2b): Not a bit.
M: "Perfection" disgusts me.

M: After "perfection," there exists nothing higher.
M(2b): Not even the room for "creation" -- which means there is not even room for wisdom and talent as well.
M: Understand?
M: To scientists like ourselves,
M(2b): "Perfection" is "despair."
M(2b): Even if something is created that is more magnificent than anything before it, it still
M: will be far from perfect.
M: Scientists are constantly struggling with that antinomy,
M: and furthermore, must become beings capable of drawing pleasure from such.
M: In short,

M: The instant that absurd word "perfection" came from your lips,
M: you had already been defeated by me.
M: Of course,
M: this is merely "supposing you were also a scientist."

I(2b): H...hey...
I(2b): Are you alright...? Your Zanpakutou was broken...
M(2b): Hmph! Nonsense.
M: It merely *broke.*
M: As long as the handle remains, I can easily recreate it.
M: Allowing something that's defied me to break at least once is a suitable punishment.

M: Nemu!
M: Come here, Nemu!!
M: Tch...
M: Honestly...
M: Dealing with you is such a bother...

?: Uuu!
?: Ahhh!
?: Uguhh!
?(2b): Uhh...Ahahhh!
?: Auu.........
?: Uaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!
I: She's fixed!!!!

I: B...but how!?
I: How did you fix her with what you just did?!
M(2b): My...so even after seeing, you can't understand...?
M: You waste.
I(2b): The hell I'd understand!! All you did was some stuff we weren't able to see!!
M(2b): Hmph...in any case, it's impossible for such mediocre people to understand my arts.
M(2b): Nemu, let's dig out of here.
N: Yes, Mayuri-sama.
I(2b): Don't get too excited, Ishida...even with the poison gone, we still have ruined organs...

P: Ta-daaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!
P: The Great Desert Bros. 2/3 return!!!
P: That's right, those who had been here until all of a sudden have made a beautiful revival for the sake of those who had worried so laboriously (cut-off)
P: Fowaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!

P: Wait wait wait, calm down!!
P: I know you haven't seen us before so you might not understand, but we're your allies! AL-LIES!!
M(2b): They're in our way...just dig through them.
N: Yes sir.
P(2b): A...alright! I get it!!
P(2b): It's perfectly reasonable that you don't know who we are, since you just appeared in the middle of things! Allow me to explain!!
M(2b): I know..."dotards who have escaped death," correct?
P(2b): THAT'S TERRIBLE!! Well, it's true, but it's not, you know?!
P: Hiieeee!!
P: Gyaaaaahhhhhhh!!!
M: ...hmph.

I: What's that door...!?
I(2b): How did it stay in tact...in the middle of all that rubble...!?

M: Hmph.
M: Isn't it obvious?
M: When a scientist builds his laboratory,
M: it is to be a place more solid than all else...
M: But it is not a room to keep precious experiment tools,
M: nor is it a vault for scholarly documents written in the dead of night.
M: it is for those which he does not want broken, those which he has crawled painfully around to the edges of the earth in order to collect...
M: The preservation chamber
M: for his research specimens.

I: These are...!!

N: Hah!

N: My hierro
N: is the strongest in the history of all Espada!!!
N: There's no way the swords of you Shinigami
N: could ever fuckin' cut me!!!
I: ...Kenpachi.....!

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#1. by DeepEyes ()
Posted on Jan 19, 2008
Thx a lot! =D
#2. by chair ()
Posted on Jan 19, 2008
#3. by ChaosCloud ()
Posted on Jan 19, 2008
thanks molo
#4. by imintheradio ()
Posted on Jan 19, 2008
cool...thanks so much Molo!!
#5. by Linkmasta ()
Posted on Jan 19, 2008
Thanks molokidan! :D
#6. by Phat ()
Posted on Jan 19, 2008
thanks :D
#7. by TheChosenOne ()
Posted on Jan 19, 2008
Thanks a bunch, molo. :)
#8. by He-man ()
Posted on Jan 19, 2008
thanks molokidan , because it didn't say i couldn't I am using yor translation in my release, I grabed the side text of fosskers.
#9. by Tsunami'T ()
Posted on Jan 19, 2008
What did Mayuri do?? ¬_¬

Thank you for the translation Molokidan.
#10. by ginousuke ()
Posted on Jan 19, 2008
Thank you for the trans!
#11. by OrangeRat ()
Posted on Jan 20, 2008
#12. by jaimacando ()
Posted on Jan 21, 2008
thanks for the trans!!
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