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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

Naruto 395

Naruto Chapter 395

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Mar 28, 2008 13:05 | Go to Naruto

-> RTS Page for Naruto 395

#395: Tobi's Secret
[side text: Carrying an odd secret within their bodies, that noble family of Konoha. Now, Aburame Shino...!]

[With his Destruction Insects, Shino takes the field!!]
Shino: Go.
Tobi: Ughhh! Gross!!
Naruto: What?! He's dodging them like they're nothing!

Kakashi: The Aburame clan do not specialise in focused, direct attacks. / Their speciality is wide-range attacks that cover a great area.
Kiba: Naruto, you haven't been on many missions with Shino, so I'll just tell you this... // You just leave this to him! / You don't want to get in the way of his bugs.
Shino: Scatter.
[TN: "...Senbonzakura." :p]
Tobi: !

Kakashi: He can't run now. // It's impossible to dodge all the bugs at once.
Naruto: All right!
Shino: (Is he dodging? Is he passing through attacks? // I'll find the truth behind his jutsu!) // Now. // Hijutsu: Mushidama!
[TN: Literally, "Secret Technique: Insect Ball"]

Tobi: !
Naruto: All right! / Good one, Shino!!
Shino: I will finish this. // After all, I must make myself useful now that I have finally been chosen to participate in a mission.
Kiba: ...Jeez, that guy really holds a grudge...!
Tobi: Ugh...
Sakura: In a flash, all those bugs... // To be able to control so many to such an extent...!

Kakashi: Hinata...?
Hinata: O - Okay! I can confirm the target's chakra! // He is definitely there, inside Shino's bugs!
Kakashi: Yamato!
Yamato: All right!

Yamato: I can attack at any moment.
Kakashi: What do you think, Shino?
Shino: There is a definite resistance. // After all, I can see the fevered motions of my Destruction Insects feeding upon Chakra.
Naruto: All right! You just suck him dry where he stands!
Shino: ?!

Shino: What is this?

Shino: The insects reacting to the Chakra suddenly... lost sight of him. // Impossible.
Sakura: Shunshin no Jutsu?
Shino: No... it can't be Shunshin. // After all, if it were, the insects would react to his movement and follow. / They would not allow him to escape.
Kakashi: Could he have used a time-space technique in that situation...? // No... That's impossible...

Hinata: ...Impossible... He just... // ...disappeared...
Kakashi: Moving through space without making any seals, markings or using a Kuchiyose? // That would be superior to the Fourth himself!
Yamato: His body disappeared completely... // He can eliminate his very existence?
Sakura: That's not... // (But...!) // ...If he can actually make his body disappear completely, he could probably just eliminate a portion of it, instead... // He could eliminate just the part of his body where an external attack would otherwise land... / That way, it would appear to have gone right through him.

Kakashi: So he really wasn't dodging those attacks... they actually were going straight through him...
Hinata: Byakugan!!
Akamaru: Woof! Woof!
Hinata: ! / I've found him... / There!
Naruto: !!

Tobi: Ahhh! // Hey there, guys!
Naruto: Ugh...!
Kiba: (Don't think you can escape from my nose!)
Tobi: !
Kiba: TSUUGA!!

Kiba: Ugh!
Sakura: Come off it, Kiba! Stop messing around on your own!!
Kiba: Went straight through him again... dammit!
People: ............
Hinata: Actually, Kiba-kun... I think he probably just dodged that one...
Akamaru: Roooowr...
Kakashi: !

Tobi: How was it?
Zetsu: --IT'S OVER--
Sakura: What is that...?
Kakashi: He was on the Akatsuki list that Kabuto left us...

Naruto: Stop getting in our way!
Zetsu: Sasuke won the fight! // Uchiha Itachi is dead.
Everyone: ! // !
Tobi: Woooow! Unbelievable!

Tobi: Just kidding... / I figured he'd win.
Sakura: S - Sasuke-kun has... killed...
Zetsu: Sasuke collapsed as well, though... what now? / He's just hanging on...
Naruto: !!
Kakashi: ......!
Sakura: !!
Everyone: ......!

Naruto: Oi!! Spiky-Aloe guy up there!! // Where the hell is Sasuke?!
Zetsu: "Aloe"?! // --OH, DON'T FRET--
Kakashi: !
Tobi: I'll deal with you guys some other time.
[side text: Tobi makes his move!!]
[bottom text: Where is Tobi going? And what of Sasuke...? Next issue, "Hurry!"]

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#1. by rtyd1 ()
Posted on Mar 28, 2008
Thanks a lot
#2. by Naruto96 ()
Posted on Mar 28, 2008
thanks .... keep on ^^
#3. by Frapà ()
Posted on Mar 28, 2008
Thx man^^ I really appreciate u're work^^
#4. by lordHokage ()
Posted on Mar 28, 2008
Once again, thanks a million. :)
#5. by imintheradio ()
Posted on Mar 28, 2008
this is cool..
#6. by AfterMath ()
Posted on Mar 28, 2008
#7. by jjmase03 ()
Posted on Mar 28, 2008
thanks for the trans!
#8. by Phat ()
Posted on Mar 28, 2008
#9. by Tsukisama ()
Posted on Mar 29, 2008
Thank you very much, Carlos :hbunny
#10. by jaimacando ()
Posted on Mar 31, 2008
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