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Translations: One Piece 832 by cnet128 , Bleach 682 by cnet128

Naruto 395

Naruto ch395

+ posted by tora-chan as translation on Mar 29, 2008 10:44 | Go to Naruto

-> RTS Page for Naruto 395

Sorry for the lateness.. There was no PC for me until this morning *sigh*
Still unproofed, will edit later. In the meanwhile, enjoy!


395: Tobi's riddle

This mysterious and strange man comes from a noted Konoha clan. He's Shino Aburame.

———寄壊蟲を従え シノが行く!!
---Followed by his kikaichuu, Shino makes his move!! (note: kikaichuu = Shino's special bugs; the name means literally "strange destroying bugs"; ndt)

Shino: Go.

うわあ! キモイって!!
Tobi: Uwaah! That's gross!!

何だよ 簡単にかわされてんじゃねーかよ!
Naruto: Wait, he's dodging them easily!

Kakashi: The Aburame clan isn't specialized in focusing on a single point
but in wide range attacks that cover a vast area.

ナルト お前はシノと組んだ任務数が少ねーからな
Kiba: Naruto, you haven't been teamed up with Shino a lot.

Kiba: Just stay behind and watch
or you'll get in the bugs' way!

Shino: Scatter.

Kakashi: Now he can't escape.

Kakashi: He can't possibly avoid the bugs.

Naruto: Ooh!

かわしているのか すり抜けてるのか…
Shino: I'll find out whether he dodges or makes attacks slip past him...

Shino: Let's see how his jutsu works.

Shino: Get him.

Shino: Hijutsu - Mushidama! (note: Hijutsu = secret jutsu; Mushidama = literally, "ball of bugs"; ndt)

いいぞ シノ!!
Naruto: Yes!
That's great, Shino!!

Shino: I'll finish him.

何故なら 任務に参加している以上 今回こそは役に立たなければならない
Shino: Seeing as I'm participating in the mission, this time I have to be useful.

ったく まだ根に持ってんのかよ!
Kiba: Jeez, he still has a grudge for that!

Tobi: Gh...

Sakura: In just the blink of an eye the bugs have...

あれだけの蟲を こうも自由に操れるなんて…
Sakura: How can he manipulate all those bugs so freely...?

ヒナタ どう?
Kakashi: Hinata, what do you see?

ハ…ハイ! ターゲットのチャクラは確認出来てます
Hinata: Y-yes! I can sense the target's chakra.

確かに シノくんの蟲たちの中にいます
Hinata: He's definitely trapped by Shino-kun's bugs.

Kakashi: Yamato!

Yamato: Yes!

Yamato: I'm ready to attack.

どうなの シノ?
Kakashi: What do you feel, Shino?

Shino: I can feel him...

何故なら 寄壊蟲がチャクラを吸い取っている活発な動きが見てとれる
Shino: Because I perceive the kikaichuu actively moving to absorb his chakra.

よし! そのまま吸い尽くしちまえってばよ!
Naruto: Good! Keep it up and suck him dry!

Shino: What happened?

チャクラに反応していた蟲が 突然 奴を見失った
Shino: The bugs that were reacting to his chakra suddenly lost him.

Shino: That's impossible...

Sakura: Shunshin no Jutsu? (note: Shunshin = instantaneous movement; ndt)

いや… 瞬身の術ではない
Shino: No... It's not that jutsu.

何故なら もし瞬身なら 蟲たちは奴が飛んだ方向へ反応して動く
Shino: Because if it were Shunshin, my bugs would have moved in the direction he fled.
They wouldn't let him escape.

Kakashi: Does this mean that he used space-time ninjutsu in such a situation...?

いや… そんな事はありえない…
Kakashi: No... That can't be...

…そんな… 突然…
Hinata: ...He just... suddenly...

Hinata: Disappeared...

印も結ばず マーキングも口寄せも無しに空間を飛んだってのか?
Kakashi: Did he fly to another dimension without neither making seals nor using marks or kuchiyose?

それじゃ 四代目以上の時空間忍術だぞ!
Kakashi: That'd be a space-time ninjutsu more powerful than the one Yondaime used!

Yamato: His whole body disappeared...

Yamato: Is he able to vanish completely?

Sakura: That's......

Sakura: But...!

自在に体を消せると仮定すれば 体の一部分だけを消せても不思議じゃない…
Sakura: If we assume that he's able to vanish at will, then it wouldn't be strange that he can make single parts of his body disappear as well...

だとしたら 体に当たるであろう 外的攻撃のその接触部分だけを消すことも…
そうすれば 攻撃はすり抜けて見える
Sakura: In this case, he would also be able to make a part of his body disappear when it makes contact with an external attack...
And we would see it as the attack slipping past him.

やはり攻撃はかわされていたわけじゃなく 奴の体をすり抜けてたってことか…
Kakashi: As we thought, he doesn't dodge, our attacks just go past him...

Hinata: Byakugan!!

Akamaru: Woof! Woof!

Hinata: I found him...
He's there!

Tobi: Hey!

どーも どーも
Tobi: Thank you thank you.

Naruto: Gh!

Kiba: Don't you think you can escape my nose!

Kiba: Tsuuga!! (note: Tsuuga = piercing [literally "going through"] fang; ndt)

Kiba: Ugh!

こら キバ! 一人でムチャしない!!
Sakura: Kiba! Don't overdo it!!

また すり抜けられたか …くそっ!
Kiba: Did that slip past him again? ...Shit!

キバくん… 今のは単にかわされただけだと…
Hinata: Kiba-kun... Actually, this time he just dodged...

Akamaru: Arf~...

Tobi: How was it?

Zetsu1: It's over.

何? あれ…
Sakura: Uh? That is...

Sakura: One of the guys that were in the list of "Akatsuki" members Kabuto left...

Naruto: You're in our way again!

Zetsu2: Sasuke won!

Zetsu2: Itachi Uchiha is dead.

うわー! しんじられなーい!
Tobi: Uwaah! I can't believe it!

Tobi: Just joking...
It's exactly as I thought...

サ… サスケくんが… イタチを…
Sakura: S-Sasuke-kun... killed...

サスケも倒れちゃったけど …どうだろ?
Zetsu2: Sasuke collapsed too though. ...What do we do?
It looked like he could die anytime.

おい!! そこのトゲトゲアロエヤロー!!
Naruto: Oi!! You spiky aloe bastard!!

Naruto: Where is Sasuke now!?

Zetsu2: Aloe!?

Zetsu1: Just ignore him...

Tobi: I'll deal with you useless scum another time.

The mysterious Tobi begins his plan!!

トビの行く先は?そしてサスケは…? 次号、『急行せよ!』へ!!
No.395/end - Where did Tobi go? And Sasuke...? Next, "Hurry up!"!!


I hope we won't just see Sasuke getting kidnapped by Madara, or I'll die laughing.. *cough*
By the way, about "spiky aloe bastard": I must say Naruto is right, Zetsu does somewhat resemble an aloe... But indeed, it was stated in the guidebooks that Naruto likes plants, so it's no surprise~ XD

Looking forward to the next chapter :XD *cough*

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#1. by hatsuharupeace ()
Posted on Mar 29, 2008
Thanks for the trans tora-chan!!!

Quote by tora-chan:
Kiba: Did that slip past him again?

Maybe "Did he slip past me again?"?

Quote by tora-chan:
You're staying in our way again!

"You're in our way again!"?
#2. by 4ghost ()
Posted on Mar 29, 2008
Wow I had just finished the compilation too. Well good thing it should be easy to edit in, just let me know when you feel it is ready.
#3. by Tsukisama ()
Posted on Mar 29, 2008
Thanks, tora-chan :hbunny
#4. by tora-chan ()
Posted on Mar 29, 2008
Quote by hatsuharupeace;793096:
Thanks for the trans tora-chan!!!

Maybe "Did he slip past me again?"?

"You're in our way again!"?

As for the first one, with "it" I (well, Kiba) meant "the attack" slipping past Tobi.

As for the second one, you're right! XD

Thanks~ :)
Quote by 4ghost;793108:
Wow I had just finished the compilation too. Well good thing it should be easy to edit in, just let me know when you feel it is ready.

Uhmm, it should be mostly fine (luckily my English is not that bad, after all! XD), so I guess you could post it already, if you don't mind some minor changes later on..
#5. by light-fingered ()
Posted on Mar 30, 2008
Ah, your translates are best tora-chan :wtf
#6. by jaimacando ()
Posted on Mar 31, 2008
#7. by lordHokage ()
Posted on Mar 31, 2008
Once again, thanks for the trans. :)
#8. by denadai2 ()
Posted on Mar 31, 2008
#9. by ketwaroo ()
Posted on Apr 2, 2008
huzzah! you made a translation too. I missed it.

Kiba: Did that slip past him again?

isn't it slip through? they've all been going on for the past chapter and this one how attacks keep going through him.
#10. by tora-chan ()
Posted on Apr 3, 2008
Quote by ketwaroo;799638:
huzzah! you made a translation too. I missed it.

isn't it slip through? they've all been going on for the past chapter and this one how attacks keep going through him.

I was a bit late, had to post it on Saturday x_x But I will *always* make a translation! :p

I've used "slip past" from the beginning, so I just stuck with that. Although I think I used "go through" somewhere too..
#11. by EmoSuke ()
Posted on Apr 10, 2008
Thank you! :sasutom

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