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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

D.Gray-Man 163

D.Gray-man 163rd Night

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Jun 20, 2008 23:30 | Go to D.Gray-Man

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[side text: Thanks to somebody, the Science Department are sneaking around in the dead of night...]
Flashback!Johnny: Wait! / Wait - !
Flashback!Tapp: Johnny, you idiot!
Flashback!Someone: What if somebody sees you, huh?!
Flashback!Reever: !
Flashback!Johnny: Wa~~it!
Flashback!Lavi: Gotcha. // What're you doing?
Flashback!Johnny: Gah... / Lavi!! // Nothing much...?
Flashback!Tapp: Hey.
Flashback!Reever: Hey, Lavi.
Flashback!People: ...You're up reading at this time of night?
Flashback!Lavi: Well, the old guy told me to get these records done by tomorrow...
Flashback!People: (Crap... why'd we have to run into Lavi, of all people...?) // Oh, right... / Well, just try not to push yourself, okay? // (Come on... let him just leave... please...)

Flashback!Reever: Well, see you...
Flashback!Lavi: Wait a minute! // You guys are doing something fun, right...? // Ohhhh... going to hide something dangerous that Komui made, is it~? // And you're sneaking around at this time so that nobody sees you...
Flashback!Reever: This is a secret! You better not tell anyone! // [aside]this stuff's too dangerous... / ...we can't even dispose of it properly![/aside]
Flashback!Lavi: Gotcha, gotcha. / [aside](The Science department guys are so much fun!♥)[/aside] / Hey, by the way, what kind of dangerous stuff is it anyway?
Flashback!Johnny: N - No! That's enough already...!
Flashback!People: [aside]*sigh*~~~[/aside] // (Lavi really is persistent when he gets curious......)
Flashback!Lavi: Hm? In here? / But this is just a Science Department storage room! You're gonna hide it in a boring place like this?
Flashback!Johnny: Hahahah... you just don't get it, huh, Lavi...?
Flashback!Tapp: Honestly, you've been here two months now and everything... and you call yourself a Bookman successor... you should be ashamed of yourself~~~
Flashback!Lavi: The hell was that...?!

Flashback!Johnny: It appears in here, you know...
Flashback!Lavi: "It"...?
Flashback!Tapp: Like THIS!!! // A long while back, this room used to be used for experimentation... // ...and apparently, around the same time, someone died in the middle of one of the experiments...
Flashback!Johnny: ...So ever since then, this place has been cursed - if you even conduct an experiment here, it'll go wrong, every time. So in the end, nobody goes near here any more... // See? Perfect place to hide stuff, right...? / [aside]Nobody's ever found out the truth~![/aside]
Flashback!Tapp: Just as long as we're careful the Supervisor doesn't find out, we're gold!
Flashback!Johnny: Uh-huh! / Uh-huh!
Flashback!Both: Better watch out for ghosts~! // [aside]hahahahah![/aside]
[Label: Professionally speaking, they believe in spiritual stuff, but that's about it.]
Flashback!Lavi: Hey, you guys...

163rd Night: The Black Order On The Brink Of Destruction: Serious
Flashback!Lavi: ...Don't blame me if you all get cursed, okay?
GhostThing: Now, what will you do...? // Supervisor.

Komui: Look, I'm telling you... // It's just IMPOSSIBLE. // I mean, think about it. It was people wa~~~~~~~~~~~~~~y higher up than me that made the decision to move out of this place. / You don't want to be threatening a middleman like me about these things. You need to go to the top - straight to the top!
[TN: deadpan!!]
Reever: ......
GhostThing: ...I'm amazed you can just refuse flat-out like that when your man's life is on the line...
Komui: What're you talking about? Can't you see the tears welling up deep behind my glasses?
GhostThing: .........
Reever: Please, just... stop, okay? I'm gonna start crying here... // ?!
GhostThing: Fine... So be it...
Reever: Huh?
GhostThing: I was just saying that to see if it would work...
Komui: The heck is this? / [aside]some kind of prank?[/aside]

GhostThing: So you're going to leave... // I can never again leave this castle, you know...
Lenalee: !
Komui: ...Was it in this castle that you died?
GhostThing: ...I've even forgotten my own name by now... // It was a long, long time ago... // I was brought here all of a sudden...

GhostThing: ...And they did terrible things to my body...
Komui: (The experiments to create new disciples... / So this must have been a relative of an Exorcist...)
GhostThing: Day after day after day... / Those Supervisors locked me away and performed their "experiments"... // I was so lonely... // And then in the end, I died. // Now, you... // ...you were just the same as me, and yet... // ...I envy you...

GhostThing: I never had anybody to sacrifice himself for my sake... not like you...
Lenalee: (......... / "Sacrifice"...)
Lenalee/Komui: ......
Flashback!Lenalee: See you later, Nii-san!
Komui: ......... // Okay, that's enough of that.

Komui: I'm no sacrifice. / We're here for one another, here so we can live together. // Both of us.
Lenalee: (Nii-sa...n...)
Komui: Isn't that right? // I finally said it...

Reever: Wha...?
Lenalee: Hey!!
GhostThing: Happiness...? // How lovely... how lovely... // I'd like some of that, too...

GhostThing: How lovely... how lovely... // How lovely...
Komui: Hey - ?!
Reever: What are you - ?!
Everyone: ?!

Reever: S - / Supervisor, this... / [aside]it's collapsing?![/aside]
Komui: Oh - Oh, no!! // I'd completely forgotten...
Sokaro: Heheheheheh...
Lavi: Ugh...
Kanda: Sh...it...

Tiedoll: Now, then, Yuu-kun... let's go...
Kanda: Guaaaaaaaahhhhh!!
Sokaro: No~w then...
Johnny: Aaahhhhhh!
Bookman: Shaaaaaaaaaa!!
Lavi: Stop it - don't bite me! / Stop that, Panda!!
Kanda/Lavi: GUAHH - / NGH!
Johnny: K - Komurin, help me -
[Label: Playing dead]
Johnny: Why, you.........!! // Allen!!
Allen: Guahh!

Johnny: Allen... Allen! // Ugh...
[bubbleSFX: thump]
Allen: Looks like they got me for real this time... // Johnny... I'm sorry...
Johnny: What're you saying...?! // I'm meant to be part of the Science team too... / Why couldn't I even save Allen and the others?! // I wanted to do my best...! // For Tapp's sake... and everyone else...! / *sniff* // I wanted to save everyone...!

Johnny: Everyone...
GhostThing: I'm not letting a single person out of this castle... // You're all going to be taken by the Komuvitan D, and stay here with me forever...! // Hihihihihi!
[insert text: Annihilation seems certain...?!]

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Posted on Jun 20, 2008
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Thanks - this is seriously turning weird
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Thank you!
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thanks :D
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Thanks a bunch, Carlos. :)
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Thx a lot, Cnet!

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