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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

One Piece 516

One Piece Chapter 516

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Sep 26, 2008 18:26 | Go to One Piece

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One Piece
Chapter 516: Pirate Empress Boa Hancock

[insert text: Fleeing in frills...]
Margaret: You don't like frills? / Men truly are strange creatures......!!
Luffy: Well... yeah, whatever. Thanks for taking them off for me. // Well then, I've gotta be going now. / I can't relax until I've found all my nakama!
Margaret: You're pretty restless, huh...?
Luffy: Just as long as they're all still alive... that's enough for me!! // Just as long as we're alive, we can all get up and fight again...!!! // One day, we'll beat every last one of you...!!!

Luffy: ALL RI~~~~~GHT!!! // I'm gonna run all the way back to the Shabondy Archipelago on my hands!!! // That'll make me stronger for sure!!! // Oh...!! Could you lend me a ship?!
Margaret: You really are restless......
Luffy: You don't have any boats?! // This is...... the CALM BELT?!!
Margaret: ...That's right. This Isle of Women lies in the Calm Belt. / The island's surrounded by nests of gigantic Sea Kings. // That's why nobody ever visits this island... / ...and even when by some miracle someone happens to drift this far, they're almost always dead.
Luffy: But you said you've got a pirate crew, right?!

Margaret: Hebihime-sama's pirate ship is drawn by Yuda... / They're a ferocious, poisonous type of sea serpent, so even Sea Kings won't attack them. // That's the only ship we have here on Amazon Lily.
Luffy: Man, that's a pain~~~~~~~!! And there's no wind, either......... / Maybe I should make a raft and just row my way out of here...??
Margaret: Don't be ridiculous...
Luffy: All right!! I'll make a raft and just row my way out of here!!!
Luffy: FINISHED~~~~!!!
Margaret: Oh, come on!!! That thing's falling apart!!!
Luffy: Aaaaaghhhhhh....!

Margaret: .........I don't know why I even bothered saving you.........!! // Are men so useless they can't even swim?
Luffy: Ahhhhh... damn, that was a close one... / If only Franky was here... / This isn't good......!!
Margaret: .........I'm the one in trouble here......!! / If only you could just get out of here... far, far away... // I can't keep being all friendly with you... // ...or I could get too attached.
Luffy: Wha...?! // Whoa, whoa, stop that!!! // What the heck are you doing?!!! // Ahh!

Luffy: !! // That's right... those arrows!! Back when I was being chased before, too... // Breaking down stone walls and stuff... they were ridiculously powerful! // But they just look like ordinary arrows... // ?
Margaret: What are you talking about? / It's only natural for arrows to have such strength when imbued with Haki!!
Luffy: "Haki"?
Someone: There they are~~~!!! Margaret's all right!!
Margaret: Guys...!!!
Luffy: Agh! Not good!!
Someone: The "man" is here too!!! Shoot him down!!!
Sweetpea: Margaret! "Are You All Right?"! // We have to hurry and eliminate the "man" - Hebihime-sama has returned!!
Margaret: What?!!

[box: The Calm Belt, near the Isle of Women]
KujaWoman: Laying anchor right in the middle of this sea of monsters... you certainly have some guts.
Momonga: ...Quite. We were being pursued, you see......!! / But even if we take advantage of our Kairouseki-plated battleship to hide out here... // ...staying in this spot for too long... / ...is just asking to get spotted again. // It's not the best of situations, but... according to the treaty the Government have with the Kuja, / we are not permitted to stray within three kilometres of the Isle of Women. // As such, we were forced to wait here, right in the middle of the monsters' territory, for you to meet us.
Marines: (I hear these "Kuja" are demons who can turn people to stone!) // (No way.........)
KujaWoman: And that Sea King there... was it you who killed it?
Momonga: Well, even our cannons didn't seem to faze it...

Momonga: So I was forced to slice it open from the inside out. I don't want to stay in these waters any longer than I must.
KujaWoman: I see... Then you have strength, at least.........!!
Momonga: But I tire of waiting. Your return is a welcome sight, Kuja Pirates!! // I am Marine Headquarters Vice-Admiral Momonga!!! // Royal Shichibukai, "Pirate Empress" Boa Hancock!! Show yourself!! I have come here to greet you!!!

KujaWoman: I'm afraid Hebihime-sama will not be showing herself to you.
LittleKuja: You men, you men! You have no grace at all!!
BigKuja: How many times do we have to tell you this, hmm?!
CrazyKuja: Ooh, I haven't seen a living man in a long time! Usually, when they see the Kuja flag, be they pirates or merchants, they all flee in their little boats! / Zahahaha!!!
SmokingKuja: That laugh of yours is so vulgar!
Momonga: We have already received your answer. / "I shall comply with the summons forthwith".
Kuja: !
Momonga: However, your actions speak differently from your words... // This morning's newspaper. // The location and date have now been set for the public execution... // ...of Second Division Commander of the Whitebeard Pirates, Portgas D Ace!! There is no going back now!!

Momonga: This compulsory assembly of the Shichibukai is an absolute order of the World Government!!! // If you refuse to attend, the treaty is void!! Your Shichibukai status will be revoked!!! // Are you listening to this?! Boa Hancock!!!
BigKuja: !
Hancock: .........Just who in blazes... // ...had the gall to place... // ...a kitten in my path?!!
RandomKuja: My... My humblest apologies... the kitten is my responsibility......
Hancock: Be more careful in future...
Momonga: So you finally appear......... // ...Boa Hancock...!! // Men, on your guard!!!
Marines: (Th... That's the "Pirate Empress"...!!) // (Now that's what I call an "ultimate beauty".........!!)

Hancock: So at last you come to find me... such meddlers you are...... // The response I sent was a lie!! I have no intention of fighting this war!!
[box: Youngest of the Three Gorgon Sisters / Boa Marigold]
[box: Empress of Amazon Lily / Captain of the Kuja Pirates / Royal Shichibukai / "Empress" Boa Hancock]
[box: Middle child of the Three Gorgon Sisters / Boa Sandersonia]
Hancock: However... I would prefer that you not revoke my status as Shichibukai...!! // Also... I would like you to hand over all the cargo on your ship.
Momonga: ?!!

Momonga: ...............!! / What nonsense is this?!!!
Hancock: ............
Momonga: What are you, a spoiled brat?!!! / Do you truly believe that we would consider granting such outrageous demands?!!
Marines: Hurry it up~!♡ // Ahhhh, so beautiful...!♡ // I want to give her everything~!♡
RandomMarine: Ah - !! // I just found myself obeying her without thinking!!
Momonga: ...The execution is to take place precisely one week from today!! // On that day, in the plaza of Marineford, home town of Marine Headquarters itself, // Fire Fist Ace's life shall come to an end.

Momonga: ...In other words, within the coming week... // ...Whitebeard will be sure to make his move!!! // We of Marine Headquarters, led by the Three Admirals, / are preparing to direct all our military force to meet Whitebeard in battle!! // Now, either you have your Shichibukai status revoked... // ...or you answer this summons!! Make your choice!!! // The time draws ever nearer!!!
Hancock: ...I enjoy my position as a Shichibukai. I would not want it revoked... / However, I detest the World Government......... I refuse to comply with their orders. // ...What say you to this...? The Marines who were sent to rendezvous with me... / ...met a mysterious accident at sea, and were eliminated completely, their bodies turned to stone......

Marines: !!!
Momonga: She's planning something!!! / Don't let your guard down!!
Marine: I've heard stories about ships that were attacked by the Kuja Pirates... / ...How they were discovered later, drifting out at sea... / ...with no living souls on board, only a collection of strange stone statues...
Momonga: I have told you once already... / Such selfish, childish demands will not be forgiven!!
Sandersonia: Hohohoho... My elder sister's personality is oh so twisted... // But she will always be forgiven.
Marigold: Yes... // There is one reason why she will always be forgiven...!!
Hancock: Do you know why? It is because no matter what I may do... / Whether I kick a kitten... tear off your ears... even slaughter innocent people... // The world will never cease to forgive my actions! Why, you ask?

Hancock: Why, it is because I am... // ...beautiful!!!
Kuja: Aaaahhhhh~~~!♡ Hebihime-sama~~~~~~!♡
Marines: Aaaahhhhhh~~~!♡
Momonga: Stop that, you fools!!!
Hancock: Your guilty hearts, entranced by my beauty... / ...will turn your bodies stiff as rock......!!
Momonga: ?!
Hancock: Mero Mero... // ...Merrow!!!
[TN: I'm guessing the technique is named after the Merrow, beautiful mermaids from Gaelic legend who were said to lure men under the waves, although it could just as easily be interpreted as the English "Mellow". The kanji read "sweet breeze". Hmm. "Mero Mero" is the sound effect of being madly in love, and presumably, of course, the name of her Devil Fruit.]

Marines: Aaahhh, Hanco - // ...............!!
Momonga: !!! // ...............!!
Hancock: I see... you used the pain to silence your wicked heart. // A mark of experience. // However, your soldiers are no more.

Momonga: You blasted fools...
Hancock: Your crew is down to one.
Momonga: "One"... // ...is not the same as "none".
Hancock: We set sail for the peaceful isle of Amazon Lily!!
Kuja: Yes, Hebihime-sama!!
Momonga: .................. // Boa Hancock!!!
Hancock: ?!
Momonga: I will wait as long as I must!!! // I will not go back empty-handed. / If you do not return within the next two days... the treaty is void.
Hancock: Do as you wish.
[insert text: The beautiful tyrant!!]

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