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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

Code:Breaker 5

Code:Breaker 5

+ posted by Dash4 as translation on Jul 12, 2008 21:11 | Go to Code:Breaker

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Here's my next translation with the help of Kat my friend. I'm open for criticisms to see what else I could improve to produce better translation. I'd really appreciate viewers suggestions.Thank you

コード:5 傷だらけの悪魔
Code:5 The Demon with Countless Injuries

何が正義で 何が悪が 決めるのはアナタ
What is right? What is wrong? The one to decide that is you

突然のそうじ開始(バイトスタート) ここはどんな悪が 巣くう魔窟だ!?
The unexpected cleaning-up job commences. This is the place where all sort of bad-asses congregate!?
お前ら悪人(クズ)は 全員殺すっつってんだよ ああ!? ハハハハハ! おい 聞いたかよ 殺すってよ おい ニイチャン 素手であんまり イキがんねー方が 身のためだぜ?
I will now massacre all you wicked people. Huh!? hahahaha! Oy did you hear that. He's about to kill us all. Oy bro you don't

even have a gun with you. Shouldn't you worry about yourself instead?
これか・・最近 街中に大量に 出回ってる麻薬(薬)は オレがG-ファルコンを 消滅させたせいで あんたら上が 売りさばかなきゃ ならないとは大変だな
Is this it..the drugs that just recently started circulating in the market. I'm the one who annihilated the G-Falcon gang.

You people must be raking it in selling these stuffs
!てめえが やりやがったのか!?
What are you doing you bastard!? 
だが これだけ手広く 警察の犬どもに なぜ捕まらない?
But being such an obvious crime, why won't the police dogs do anything to capture you?
て・・てめえ・・どこの組の 回し者だ!?
B..bastard..which gang are you from spy!?

一年B組だけど?わかったら 全員 燃え散りな。
I was in the B gang for a year.However now chit-chat time is over, I will burn you all to ashes.
く・・麻薬があ! てめえ!それ一つで一体いくら すると おもってんだ!?
The...drugs! Bastard! Do you know how much even one of them worth? What the heck are you thinking!?
G-ファルコンを 消滅させただあ?ハッタリにしても ずいぶんと度胸がいい 兄さんじゃねえか どうだ?オレの舎弟になんねえか?その眼が気に入った その3倍の給料出してやってもいいぜ?
Did you annihilated the G-Falcon? Even though you're bluffing, you've got a big guts.Hei kid how about this? Why don't you

become one of my underlings?I like that attitude of yours, so I'll even pay you triple of whatever gang you belong to.
その麻薬は売っても いい金になるが もっと儲けられる 方法があんのよ・・なあ?
And if you sell those drugs you'll be able to earn even more money got it?

He..heroin...please give me some heroin..
高利の借金が 返せなくなった連中を 麻薬漬けにして 儲けのデカイヤバイ仕事させんだよ もうなんでも 言うこと 聞きやがる・・使いものに ならなくなったら
We earned our money from the high-interest loan we give to people who are addicted to these drugs.It's a pretty good job

isn't it? Once hooked they'll do whatever you want them to do as if they had become your personal slave
Once they can't pay anymore we can just kill them and sell off their organs
残った借金は 同じく麻薬漬けにした こいつらの女房や娘に 体を売らせて返させる うまくできてるだろ?
If there are still debts remaining then it can be paid off by selling the bodies of his wife and daughter.What an easy way to

make money isn't it?

こんなご時世だ 金に困ってる奴は いくらでもいる 笑いが止まんねえ ほど儲かるぜ!
Now days there are endless number of people like him who have hardly any smile anymore to gain money from
それにな!オレ達には強え味方が ついてるから 何の心配もいらねえ!どうやったって 捕まんねえ仕組みに なってんのさ!サイコーだろ!ハハハハハ!
Besides! Having more and more people to gain money from is good for us. We've got nothing to worry about! We can just buy our

way off police interruption.Isn't that wonderful!hahaha!

Burn to ashes.

え・・ウソっ 新田さんっ!?な・・なんだ!?どこから 火が!?
N..no way, Nita-san!? What..on Earth!? Where did the fire come from!?
Hei..you! What the heck did you just do!?
だめだ大神・・もう私の前で 人殺しはさせん こんなやり方では 何の解決にも・・
I won't allow you to just massacre all these people here. What on Earth can you accomplish from doing all that...

ざけんな!! ガキがああ!!
Don’t fuck with me, kid!!
ヤクザあんまりなめてんじゃねえぞ? テメェのほせえ 首なんざ一発で…
Haven't messed around with the Yakuza much, have ya? One shot’s enough for your slender neck…

ぎゃああ!! た...助けて……
Aaaaargh!! He- help me…
な...!? バ...バカ!! こっち来んじゃね…
Wha-!? I-idiot!! Don’t come here!
ウアチャアア!! ヒイイ
Hot!! Aaaah…
けっ!! どんな奴だろうとコイツには勝てねえんだよ!!
Geh!! No guy will win over these!

なっ!? なんで このガキハジキがきかねえんだ!? に...人間なのか...!?
What the?! Why the hell is this brat not affected by bullets?! I- is he human?!
Wha- What’s with these blue flames?!

ばー 化物がああ!!
You- You monster!!
An eye for an eye
A tooth for a tooth

An evil for an evil

・・大神 お前・・
..Oogami You..
「存在しない者」だか なんだか知らんが 思い上がるな!
You might be a "code breaker" or something I don't know but don't be conceited because of that

悪人を殺すことで 悪がなくなるなら 誰も苦労しない!
By killing wicked people I'm erasing evil until eventually nobody will have to suffer any longer
・・じゃあ あんたのその理屈で さっきのおっさんは 助けられたのか?
..then using that theory of yours did you managed to save the old man back there?
殺されたホームレスの じいさんは? 「子犬」の親の 「犬」を助けることが できたのか?
How about those homeless people?Could you even save "koinu"'s dad,"inu"?
戯れ言なんだよ 悪人に言葉は 届かない 力でねじ伏せる しかない
What a joke. Words don't work with wicked people so there's no other choice but to use force to deal with them

な・・どうでもいいって・・まあ オレにとっては どうでもいい ことだけど
wh..No matter what you do as long as it works is fine..well that's what I think
This is..blood!?
よく目を凝らして 見れば 体中 傷だらけ・・青い炎が使えた所で 超人でもなんでもない 傷つけば血を流す 私と変わらぬ 生身の体・・
Now that I think about it his entire body is full of injuries..although he could use that blue flames, he's still just a

human being.When he's injured his blood flows.Just like me he only has a body made of flesh and blood
どうでもいいと 言うのならなんで こんなに なってまで・・
Although he said he'd use any method possible, I didn't expect that he'd go this far..

う・・動くな!殺人の現行犯で 逮捕する 大人しくしろ!
d..don't move!You're caught right handed.Don't do anything anything suspiciou!We're arresting you for murder
待って 大神!この騒ぎの通報で 駆けつけた 警察官だ!
Wait Oogami! Let me report this incident to those policemen!I'll take care of this
この人達は 私を ヤクザ達から守ってくれたんだ!
This person was protecting from being attacked by those yakuzas
・・ここ日本国の 司法相手に 戦うわけには いかんだろう!?観念しろ!大神!
..Only those who disobey the law are guilty right!? So just let these cops go!Oogami!

わかりました 抵抗しません 投降します
I got it. I won't resist and surrender quietly
・・お嬢さん とりあえず そいつから離れて こっちに来なさい え?ああ・・
..Miss for now please get away from him and come this way. eh? okay...

Everything's fine now
目撃者は すべて消す
I'll not overlook any witnesses

やめろ 大神!
Stop Ogami!
The sudden violence!?The planned violence!?The heinous and inhuman Ogami!?
next:Stopping him using one's own body

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#1. by Raysen_ht ()
Posted on Jul 13, 2008
good job thx!!

U asked for criticism, so here it comes...
u could separate them by page... u already do the difficult part of translating, so including the pages shouldnt be hard compared to that...

Thats it... the only thing i can add, to ur amazing job

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