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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

One Piece 663


+ posted by dosukoi7 as translation on Apr 16, 2012 10:26 | Go to One Piece

-> RTS Page for One Piece 663

Hi, I've been away for a bit and I felt like translating again. I haven't read english manga in a while so I don't know the official romanizations for stuff. If you want to use it go ahead, I don't care. Just leave a comment here so I know. Thanks bye.

Pg 1
Chaper 663 CC

1. Heeey! It’s you!
2. It’s me~~ me! Thanks for before!
1. That’s that guy we met at the human shop in Shabondi
2. He’s Torafaruga Rou. He’s a...
1. That’s right! Truffle... Tiger man! That’s who he is!
2. He helped me escape and healed my wounds after the White Beard war!!
3. Your wounds?
Pg 3
1. That’s right! Just like Jinbei
2. I owe him my life!
3. 。。。。。
4. I didn’t think we would meet at a time like this! Great!
5. Thanks so much for back then!!
6. Huh? Where’s the talking bear??
7. .......
8. I have to get him out of here
Pg 4
1. Let me take care of him for now!
2. I’m a doctor!!
3. You can’t just leave him like that..
4. If those wounds reopen he could die.
5. Straw Hat needs to stay in bed for 2 weeks.
6. I see you’re doing well Straw Hat.
7. However you don’t need to worry...
8. There’s no reason to feel any debt. I just felt like doing it.
9. Hey! There’s Marines on the ground over there.
10. ?
11. Could it be...
12. Hey! Save me Torafaruga!!
13. Don’t forget, we’re both pirates.
P 5.
1. He he he(Luffy’s “special laugh” is technically “shi shi shi”)! That’s right! If you’re aiming for One Piece
2. You’re my enemy. But I have debts to a lot of people for two years ago.
3. I’m so lucky I got to meet you right after Jinbei!
4. ......
5. ha.. ha.. Smoker-san!?
6. !
7. No way...
8. Smoker-san!!!
9. Smoke-san!!
10. Yikes, the Marines!?
11. Huh... could that be...
1. Hey! Luffy this is bad! It’s the Marine’s!
2. Yeah
3. What happened Captain-chan!?
4. Is Smoke-yan ok!?
5. Ha... ha...
6. Smoker-san!!!
7. Ha... ha...
8. ......!!
9. It really is the smokey group! That brings back memories!
10. A hole... in his chest..
11. (overlay)Smoker-san...
12. This insane man had 100 pirate hearts
13. Sent to the Marine HQ!!
14. How dare you!!!
15. !
16. Hey hey, calm down... you’re all muddy...

1. I don’t like that.
2. !!?
3. Tashigi-chaaaaaan!!!
4. Dammit! He did it again!
5. Smoke-san is collapsed over there too!
6. ....!?
7. What did he do just now...
8. She just doesn’t learn..
9. Don’t get all serious like that.
10. Luffy! Hurry! This place is dangerous!!
11. Yeah! Oh yeah, Tiger man! I have something to ask you!
12. Go around the back of the laboratory...
13. !?
1. The thing you’re looking for is back here.
2. I’m sure we’ll meet again.
3. We both have something we need
4. to take back.
5. He’s talking about me!
6. This place is dangerous, I’m a former pirate too.
7. Alright Luffy, let’s get away from the Marines!
8. I wonder if the smokey group is ok?
9. Did they lose to Tiger man?
10. Fire! That’s Straw Hat Luffy!
11. Stop! This isn’t the time for that!
12. Smoke-san and Captain-chan are..!!
1. Mountain at the back entrance to the laboratory
2. Sanji Side
3. So cold you could die!? Who cares!?
4. Who cares about the Samurai or those brats
5. Whaaaaat!?
6. Anyway does anyone have a camera!!?
7. I need to take a picture before we turn back!
8. What are you taking a picture of!?
9. And will you stop getting your nose bleeds all over people!?
10. More importantly Nami, how dare you button up my aloha shirt!?
11. What is this? Did their insides all get switched around?
12. Are you ok? I know you’re all cold but just hang on a little longer!
13. Are all human bodies this cold??
14. It’s kind of gross when the curly eyebrowed onii-chan is acting nice!
15. Ah!
16. !!
17. Ah! Stop everyone!!
2.I’m cold... I.. can’t go move anymore...
3. Me too
4. Me too... I’m freezing...
5. Dammit... looks like bringing the kids out without a plan was a little reckless..
6. I’m not cold at all in this body though...
7. And we can’t find any warm coats anywhere...!
8. There’s got to be a cottage or something around here somewhere!
9. And a camera! And a mirror!
10. I’m going to tie you up!!
11. In that case, everyone
12. Put leaves on your head!!!
13. What!? What are you saying at a time like this??
14. The brats are freezing out here!
15. Besides there’s not even any trees or grass here, so there are no leaves around!
16. Well then you can replace it with a rock, it doesn’t matter! Hurry!
1. Ok we did it, what is this?
2. If you’re lying about this being a way to get warm I’m going to knock you out!!
3. Doron!!
4. Whaaaaaaaat!?
5. It turned into coats! And shoes too!!
1. How?
2. What did you do!?
3. Yay! It’s warm!
4. I’m waaaaaarm!
5. I have actually eaten a very rare fruit of the world.
6. Since then I have been able to change the form of myself or others.
7. I’ve suddenly become able to use magic!
8. I’m not familiar with the clothing of your country, but is this acceptable?
9. I should warn you now, part of my magic is that if you remove that clothing it will disappear.
10. Amazing! Thanks head guy!
11. You have a devil’s fruit ability!?
12. If you could do something like this why didn’t you say so from the beginning!?
13. Oof...!
14. However.. It is most regrettable to cover up the woman’s breast.
15. You idiot!!
1.Don’t you dare say that you’re in pain or cold.
2. I am... a warrior!
3. Are you alright everyone? Yohoho~~
4. There you are!!! You guys!!!
5. Ah!
6. Why are you here??
7. It’s Luffy and the others!!
8. Zoro! Usopp! Robin! Brooke!
9. I’m so happy to see you, you bastards!!
10. ....
11. Why is that stupid cook all worked up?
12. In this cold no less.
13. What’s that? I see some huge kids.
14. Huh? What are you doing!? Stop, Franky!!
1. haa.. haa.. made it. This place is good.
2. This place is similar to that facility and parts from before.
3. But it looks like a big explosion left this place in a wreck.
4. As long as we can get out of this blizzard I don’t care.
5. Waaaaah, my fragile body got injured too~~~
6. I’ll treat you in just a second
7. Wait, sanji-kun! What are you doing to my body!?
8. I’m Chopper!
9. (Samurai) My bottom half has returned!
10. (Luffy)My... my back legs are...
11. (Usopp)I told you there was no way something like that would exist!
12. (robin) this quite unbelievable...
13. (Chopper)So where should be start from?
14. Hey! Do the tank thing!
15. Robo-nee-chan!
16. Shoot a beam!
17. Shut uuuup!!
18. Whaaaaat??
19. Who’s inside again??
1. Huh? Is it ok?
2. You’re doing your best to hold back right?
3. Anyway let’s calm down and have a chat. Everyone...
4. First off, I’m Franky.
5. Don’t ask me for help if you get hurt!
6. I’m chopper!
7. I’ll cure any injuries you have!
8. I’m Nami.
9. I will die before I shoot any beams.
10. And soo I ...
11. Am Nami-saaaaaaaaaaaaan
12. Yeah!! We were waiting for this!!
13. Am I that undignified!?
14. Aaah! I’ll stop! Please don’t hurt Nami-san anymore!!
15. Stop it Nami! You’ll kill Nami!
16. If you touch my body, you owe me 200,000 beri. If you peek, 100,000.
17. Such cruelty!
18. How long will you be laughing for!? Think about how other people feel!
1. Ok, so to clarify from the beginning...
2. This guy is a Samurai from Wa no Kuni.
3. The distress signal we picked up
4. Was a signal from an underling
5. Sent to the Wanitaurous(croco-taur?)
6. The cause of all of this is this samurai slicing up all the centaurs.
7. However I will do anything to save my missing son Momo!
8. Even if it means cutting down those in my way!
9. See!? All of these children were trapped inside that facility.
10. Momo must still be inside! I must save him!
1. yeah, this isn’t all of us.
2. We haven’t learned all of the new kid’s names yet.
3. However, the problem is what happened after the distress call.
4. What happened?
5. It was that man just now! 
6. The people around were all calling him a Shichibukai.
7. Whaaat, Tiger man became a Shichibukai!?
8. Yes, he became a member in the last 2 years.
9. I was sudden cut into 3 pieces.
10. My head was taken to facility, my midsection left behind, and my legs were to become feed for that beast
11. I thought I noticed something stuck up there while we were running around.
12. That was the back of the dragon’s head!
1. Now that I think about it was saying “Shichibukai!!”
2. Huh? The lower half? How was it talking?
3. Hm? Yeah I wonder...
4. Ah yes, that was me farting!!
5. !!?
6. It’s been my specialty for some time!
7. That was farting!? Gross!
8. That’s right!
9. Ah! Don’t do it in here! It smells!
10. YO ho ho, my, but both the head and the bottom are quite humorous.
11. I actually just recently met someone who was only a mid section.
12. That was this guy’s midsection
13. You’re right!!!
14. You saw it did you?
15. Meanwhile, Marine Group G-5 Emergency Shelter
16. Are you.. ok without your heart Tashigi-chan?
17. Yes, it’s quite odd.
18. It’s hard to know how to treat you, Captain-chan!
19. The boat that was hidden on the side of the laboroatory had the mark CC on it.
20. Did it have that mark on it Vice-Admiral Smoker?
21. Up til now we’ve seen the mark PH,
22. Which should stand for Punk Hazard.
1. If we assume that someone is backing up Rou,and their initials are CC..
2. There is one person that comes to mind...
3. If he is on this island there are a lot of things to look into.
4. Dr. Vega Punk’s former colleague, an insane man with a bounty on his head.
5. The number one man in Weapons of Mass Destruction!!
6. What do you think you are doing Rou!?
7. I’m the one that has complaints Caesar.
8. The scientist Caesar Clown!
9. (overlay) Finally the mysterious man’s identity!

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