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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

One Piece 663


+ posted by molokidan as translation on Apr 16, 2012 07:59 | Go to One Piece

-> RTS Page for One Piece 663

*Only for MS.

tl by molokidan

Chapter 663 - "CC"
From the Decks of the World Vol. 44 - "Impel Down: Lately, Sadi-chan's been in love with the new Vice Warden"

L: Heeeey!! I remember youuuu!!
slanted: Luffy and Law, reunited!!
L: It's me! Me, remember?! Thanks for helping me that one time!!!
T: ...
Z: --that's the guy we met at the human shop in Sabaody.
R: Trafalgar Law....right now he's...
L(2b): Yeah, that's right! Trafal...Traffy! Now I remember! He helped me get away during Whitebeard's war...and he healed me!!
R: Healed...?!

L: Just like with Jinbe,
L: I owe my life to him too!!!
T: ...
L: I never thought I'd meet you here! But this is great!! Really, thanks so much for helping me back then!!
L: Huh? Where's the talking bear?
T: ...
T: We're going to get him out of here!!

T: Just leave things to me for now!!
T: I'm a doctor!!!
J: What'll happen if you let that wound go...?
T: He may die if the wound opens again.
T: He absolutely needs to rest for 2 weeks...!!
S: Alright, I got it -- I owe you one.
T: ...
L(2b): --good to see you alive, Mr. Straw Hat. But hey, you don't need
B: ...
T: to feel indebted to me for what happened back there. It was just something I felt like doing.
U: Hey, there are marines on the ground over there!
Z: ?
U: Wait, could that be...
B: Hey!! Help me!! Trafalgar!!
T: You and I are both pirates. Don't forget that.

L(2b): ...shishishi!! Yeah, I guess if we're both aiming for One Piece, we're enemies...but I owe a lot of people for what happened 2 years ago.
L(2b): I'm so lucky that I met you right after Jinbe!!! Really, thank you so much!!!
T: ...
Ta: Haa...haa, Smoker-san...?!
Ta: !
Ta: It can't be...
Ta: Smoker-saaaaan!!!!
M: Smoker-san!!
L: Wah...marines?!
L: !
L: Huh? Wait, could that be...

U: Hey this is bad, Luffy! Those are marines!!!
L: Yeah.
M: What's wrong, Miss Captain?!
M: Is ol' Smoker alright?!
Ta: Haa...!! Haa...!!
Ta: Smoker-saaaan!!!
Ta: Haa...haa...!!
Ta: ...!!
L: So it really is Smokie!! Wow, this brings back memories!!
T: ...
Ta: ...!!
Ta: There's a hole...in his chest...
Ta: Smoker-san...!!
M: That guy's crazy! He sent the hearts
M: of 100 pirates to the HQ!!!
Ta: How dare you?!
Ta: shink!
T: Now, now...don't be so uncouth.

T: I don't like that stuff.
Ta: !!?
M: Tashigi-chaaaaan!!!
M: Dammit, he got her again!!
M: And Smo-san's down too!!!
Z: ...!?
Z: What did he just do...?
T: You never learn, do you...?!
T: Don't get so serious!
U: Luffy! Hurry back, this place is dangerous!
L: OK!! Oh yeah, Traffy!! There's something I wanted to ask you!!
T: Go around to the back of the lab...
L: !?

T(2b): You'll find what you're searching for there. I'm sure we'll meet again later.
T(2b): We're both looking to take back certain things, after all.
B: Phew! He's talking to me!!
B: I used to be a pirate, so I'd be in danger here!!
U: Alright, Luffy! Let's get away from the marines!!!
L: --I wonder if Smokie's crew will be alright!!
L: Did he lose to Traffy?!
M: Fire! That's Straw Hat Luffy!!
M: No, stop! We don't have time for that now!!
M: Smo-san and the Captain are...!!

Box(2b): At the mountain behind the lab - Sanji's group
S(2b): It's cold enough to die out here?! Who cares!! The samurai and th kids? I don't give a shit about them!!
F: Ehhhhh!!?
S(2b): All I want is a camera, dammit!! I need to take some pictures before this wears off!!!
N(2b): What do you want to take pictures of?! And hey, stop getting nosebleeds in my body!!
F: More importantly, Nami!! How dare you wear a buttoned-up aloha shirt in my body?!
Kid 1: What's going on? Did they switch bodies?!
C: You alright? I know it's cold out here, but try to hang on!! Now I know how cold human bodies get!
Kid 2: It's creepy how nice you're being, spinny guy!!
Kid 3: Owww!
Kid 4: !!
Kid 4: Ahh!! Wait, stop, everyone!!!

Kid 1: Uuuu...!!
Kid 2: It's so cold...I...I can't go on...I can't move...!!
Kid 3: Me either!
Kid 4: Me either...!! I'm freezing!
F: ...dammit! It was reckless of us to bring them out here without any sort of plan...!!
F: I don't feel the least bit cold in this body, though...
F: --still, it doesn't look like we're going to find any warm coats around here...!!
F: --I wonder if we could find a mountain hut or something...!!?
S: Also, a camera please...and a mirror!!
N: I'm going to tie you up, you hear me!!?
S(2b): In that case...ladies and gentlemen...!! put leaves on your heads!!
C: !?
F(2b): Huh?! What the hell are you going on about at a time like this?! The kids are collapsed, freezing to death!!
C: Besides, there isn't a single blade of grass growing on this island, let alone leaves!!
S: Fine then, use a rock or something, it doesn't matter! Anything, just hurry!!!

S: OK, we did it! Now what?!
F: If you start doing some chant or something to make us warm up, I'm gonna slap you!!!
S: Doron!!!
A: Ehhhhhh!!?
A: It turned into coats!!! And shoes!!

N(2b): How?! What did you do?
K1: Wow, they're so warm!!
K2: Yeah, I'm really warm now!!
S: The truth is...I ate a "rare, wondrous fruit."
S(2b): Ever since then, I've been able to disguise anything, whether it be myself or others. It's like I can use sorcery all of a sudden!!
S(2b): I don't really know what foreign clothes look like, but is that good enough? Allow me to caution you on one thing -- those clothes are magic, so if you take them off, they will disappear!
K3: Woooow!! Thanks, head guy!!
N: He's got a devil fruit ability?!
F: Wait a minute...!!
F: Why the hell didn't you just do this from the beginning?!
S: Unuuu...!!!
S: ...I must admit, it is regretful that I had to cover up that woman's breast band!!!
N: !
N: You idiot!!!
A: ...!!

C: You really never say "cold" or "ow," do you?
S: Because...I am a warrior!!!
L: Heeeeeeey!!! Guuuuuys!!!
B: Looks like everyone's alright! Yohohoooo!
N: Ahh!!
N: What are they doing here!!?
C(2b): It's Luffy's group!! Zoro, Usopp, Robin, Brook!!
F: Ohh...it's them, huh?
C: It's so great to see you guys, dammiiiiit!!!
Z(2b): What's that stupid cook so excited for? Maybe the cold got to him...
U: What's behind them? It looks like giant children!
L: Huh? Hey, what the heck? Nooo, stop, Franky!

F: Haa...haa, alright, we're here...this should be good.
F: The parts here look similar to the ones in that facility.
N: But they're all beat up...like a big explosion happened here or something.
F: I don't care, as long as we can survive this snowstorm.
N: Waaaaaah! I hurt my fragile bodyyyy!!
C: I'll heal it right away!!
N: Hey, wait, Sanji, what are you doing to my body?!
C: I'm Chopper!!
F: OK, where should we begin...?
R: This is quite surreal...
S: I got my lower half back!!!
L: No...I lost my back legs...
Z: ...
U: I told you, there's no way a creature like that could exist!!
K1: Hey, let's play tank!
K2: C'mon, robot lady!
K1: Can you shoot a laser beam?!
N: ...!!
K1: Ehhhh?!
K2: Oh wait, who's inside this one!!?

S: ...eh? Do you mind?
N: ...you were holding back for me, weren't you? Anyway, let's just calm down and explain...
F: First things first, I'm Franky.
F: Don't bug me if you get hurt or anything!!
C: I'm Chopper!!
C: I'll heal all your wounds!!
N: I'm Nami.
N: I'd rather die than shoot a laser beam.
S: And finally, WE are
S: Nnnnami-saaaaaaan!!
U&B: Niiiice!! We were waiting!!
N: Hmmm, I don't remember being that vulgar...!!!
S: Uohhh, I won't do it again!! Please, don't hurt Nami any more than you already have!!
C: Stop it, Nami! You'll kill Nami!!
N: It's 200,000 B if you want to touch my body. 100,000 B for peeping.
S: That's so cruel!!!
N: How long are you going to keep laughing for?! Don't you even care?!

U: --and so, explaining things from the beginning,
U: this guy is a "samurai" from "Wa no Kuni."
U(3b): The emergency call we picked up was sent to the alligator minotaur named "Boss" from one of his underlings.
S: ...
U: This samurai slashing up all the centaurs was what started everything.
S(2b): But I just wanted to save my missing son, Momo! I was just cutting down those who stood in my way!!
S(2b): And look...see how many children were shut up in that facility?! Momonosuke must still be inside!!

K1: --yeah, this isn't everyone.
K2: We still haven't learned the names of the new kids...
Z: The problem is what came after that call, though.
Z: What happened?
S(2b): It was that man we saw! The people around him were panicking and calling him a "Shichibukai"...
Z: Whaaat?! Traffy?! He became a Shichibukai?!
R: Yes...over the two years.
S(2b): He sliced my body into three before I knew what happened...left my torso, sent my head to the facility, and then threw my legs to some place where they'd become food for the wild beasts...
S: I ran around trying to sense them, but then it felt like I had gotten stuck in something...
U: --yeah, you got stuck in the back of the dragon's head!!

L: Oh yeah, his legs did say "Damn Shichibukai!"
N: Huh? His legs? How could they speak?
Z: Hm? Good queston.
S: Ahh! That was just me farting!
S: It's always been a talent of mine-poo.
L: That was a fart?!?! You're terrible!!!
S: I know-poo.
L: Hey!! These stink inside!!
B(2b): Yohoho! Funny that you only have your head and legs. You see, I just ran into someone who only had his torso.
Z: That must have been his.
B: You're right!!!
S: You saw it?!
Box: --Meanwhile, at the Marine GI-5 Evacuation Point--
M: ...are you really alright without your heart, Tashigi-chan?
T: Strangely enough, yes...
M: I don't know how to treat you, Miss Captain!
S: There was a "CC" mark on a boat that was hidden off to the side of the lab.
M: Huh?! When did you spot that, Vice-Admiral...?!
S(2b): If it was a boat that was once used here, it should read "PH"...it should read "Punk Hazard."

S: If someone's hiding behind Law...if "CC" stands for someone's initials,
S: then there's only one person who comes to mind...!!
S(2b): And there's a few things that check out if it means he's hiding on this island!! Dr. Vegapunk's ex-colleague, a mad scientist with a bounty on his head...!!!
S: The leading expert in weapons of mass destruction...!!!
C: Look what you did, Law!!
T: Hey, I'm the one who's pissed here, Caesar.
S: The scientist, Caesar Clown!!!
slanted: The truth about the mysterious man is finally out...!!

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