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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)


True Character Revealed

+ posted by duskmon10 as translation on Feb 14, 2010 19:26 | Go to AR∀GO

-> RTS Page for AR∀GO 8

This translation is for the use of Trinity BAKumA. If you'd like to use it for your scan then ask me first in a PM.

Page 1:

Arago: There are two…


Side Text: Which one…is the real one!?

Chapter 8: True Character Revealed

Page 2:

Rio: Arago help me…my arms are…


Arago: Just hang on a little longer!!

I’m going to move the crane now!!

Dammit, how do you work this thing!?

Ah!! I know!!

SFX: Uh…

Arago: I can’t use my power in front of Rio…

If I tried to save them both, there’s no way I’d make it in time.

Which one’s the real one and which one’s the fake…

Which one!?

Page 3:


Tell me something that only the two of us would know!!

Rio: Something only we would know!?

Arago: Just do it!!

Rio: When we were kids, you would tease me by putting slugs on my forehead!!!

You knew that apples were my favorite part of lunch, so you ate it every time!!

And you would always lift my skirt up!!

Arago: It’s no use, these questions are pointless,

That guy looked through all of my memories when he took that appearance.

I don’t have time for this!! What do I do…time’s…


Page 4:

Rio: Arago…Please…

I’m the real one.

Arago: Got ya!!

SFX: *Grin*

Rio: Arago!!?

I can’t…


Page 5:

Page 6:

SFX: *Pant*


Arago: Barely made it.

Rio: You were way too reckless Arago!! Are you alright!?

Arago: Yeah, I’m fine, I’m fine.

You did great hanging on for so long.

Rio: Yeah, I can’t feel my arms anymore.

You knew that I was the real one.

I’m glad.

Page 7:

Arago: So, has your opinion of me changed a little?

Rio: Yeah,

It has.

Arago: You really did your best.

Rio: Uh-huh! Thank you.

Arago: Does that make you happy?

Rio: Huh?

Well…it’s because you,

Arago: Hahaha,

I’m glad.

You better answer me quickly.

What did you do with the real Rio!?

Page 8:

The real one doesn’t have a sparkling aura like that, there’s no way…

I’d fall for this!!!

Page 9:

Shapeshifter Rio: Ah…

It, It can’t be…

Arago: I already knew!!

You were both imposters the entire time!!

Shapeshifter Rio: Ho…how did you know!?

Our transformation should have been perfect!!

Arago: You were taken before you could answer back then.

Shapeshifter Rio: Back then?

Page 10:

Arago: The blood, the blood on Rio’s bandage.

After so much time, the blood should have hardened and turned black by now.

Despite that, the blood on your bandage still looks red.

It’s because you copied the Rio from my head…

It looks like, you’re flawlessness backfired on you.

SFX: *Guh*

Arago: You really had me fooled, taking those forms after reading my mind and
then talking to me at the same time.

You had already taken Rio’s form from the very beginning, when I got that call.
The both of you were imposters.

Shapeshifter: Stop right there!!

Don’t you care about what happens to that woman!?

This is a detonator!

Take a look behind you!!

Page 11:

Take another step forward and…


That woman’s life will end.

Take that knife and plunge into your chest.

Once you’re dead I’ll let that woman go…

In exchange for that “power.”

Arago: Do you know why I have this “power”?

Shapeshifter: You’re the one who inherited Patchman’s* power, I wouldn’t know.
(TN: The kanji used here translate as “this city’s king”)

Someone like you who doesn’t even know what that power is doesn’t deserve to
wield it!!

Arago: *Sigh*, how stupid…

Something like this, going through all this trouble just to get to me…

Shapeshifter: Hey, didn’t you hear me!? This woman will…

Arago: Unfortunately for you, this cross had been forced upon me.

Neither used for prayers nor relying upon.

It's a cross for knocking out the likes of you.

Page 12:

Shapeshifter: Wah!!

Arago: Idiot, as long as Rio can’t see,

I can use this power as much as I want.

Shapeshifter: I…You can extinguish me but you’ll be constantly targeted!!

My comrades will come one after the other!!

Arago: Then tell them this!! I’m not going to run or hide!!

But, if you try to drag anyone else into this…

Than this is what they can expect!!!!

Shapeshifter: Will you really attack the face,

Of your dead older brother!?

Page 13:

Ewan would never have a face like that.



Now that I’ve killed him, I guess he can’t tell that to his comrades.


What a pain.

Page 14:

Rio: Ewan…

Is that you?

Page 15:

Why was I in the police station’s nap room?

That’s weird, yesterday I left for my house…and after that…

The dream that I wanted to see so much yet couldn't,

It feels like I saw it for the first time...

Almost...as if I can still feel it...

Joe: Yo Rio!

Rio: Hey!!

Larry: Arago Hunt!!

What do you think you’re doing taking over the Braham case!!?

Arago: No, I wasn’t…

Larry: I’ll catch the murderer no matter what!!

So stay out of my way!!

Arago: Yeah, yeah. Thanks for the trouble.

Page 16:

There’s no one to arrest anymore though.

Rio: That’s amazing Arago,


Arago: Uh…

The imposter!?

Rio: D-don’t get the wrong idea, I just heard about it from Joe-san.

I really don’t care…

Arago: Good, it’s the same old Rio.

You seem to be in a good mood.

Rio: Yeah, kind of.

I had a good dream.

Arago: Gack, what’s with this coffee!?

Rio: Is it really that bad?

Arago: I’ve never had something so bitter!!

Page 17:

Rio: Ewan really liked it.

I heard it from my senpai.

You have to drink it all in one gulp.

Arago: One gulp?

Huh? That’s surprisingly good.

Rio: Isn’t it!?

Arago: Yeah, this was so bitter compared to chocolate bars…

I also like something, that Ewan liked.

Yeah, your squads coffee isn’t so bad.

Rio: It looks you’ve grown up just a bit.

Arago: Stop acting stupid.

Joe: “Woe to the man whose heart has not learned while young to hope, to love
- and to put its trust in life.”

Joseph Conrad.

That’s exactly right.

Page 18:


Back to work, back to work.

Now then,

Where are you now,


Side text: His senior Joe has also been searching for Patchman!? A new bizarre
case in the next issue!!

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