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Translations: One Piece 807 by cnet128 , Bleach 652 by cnet128 , Gintama 565 by kewl0210


True Colors Exposed

+ posted by Xalsow as translation on Feb 15, 2010 02:15 | Go to AR∀GO

-> RTS Page for AR∀GO 8

Translation reserved for Simple Scans only! Free for use for translation into languages other than English.

Arago Chapter 8 Translation:

Page 1:
Top right corner: A great reaction!! The super suspense police action!
Left Side: The real one is... which one!?
Chapter title (Just under right side of series logo): Chapter 8: True colors exposed
Bubble 1: There are...
Bubble 2: Two Rios!?

Page 2:
Panel 1:
Rio1: Arago, help me... My hands are...
Rio2: Arago!!

Panel 2:
Arago: Hang in there just a little longer!!
Arago: I'll go move the crane right now!!

Panel 3:
Arago: Ergh! How the hell do I work this thing!?

Panel 4:
Arago: Arggh! I can't figure it out!!

Panel 5:
SFX: Uoh...

Right side (vertical): A monster appeared in the form of Ewan, this time it has taken the shape of Rio!!

Panel 6:
1: He's using the same power as earlier, making himself look like Rio this time...
2: I've gotta save both of them but, I don't have the time or the means!!
3: Which is the real one, and which is the fake...

Panel 7:
1: Which one!?

Page 3:
Panel 1:
Arago: Rio!!
Arago: Tell me something that only you and I would know!!

Panel 2:
Rio: Something only we would know!?
Arago: Anything is fine!!

Panel 3:
Rio: When we were kids, you always used to tease me by putting slugs on my forehead!!!
Arago (small bubble): Uh...
Rio: I really looked forward to the apples I got for lunch, but you always ate them!!
Rio: And you were always flipping my skirt too!!
Background translations:
Rio1: Arago, I hate you!!
Arago 1: Uppercut!
Rio2: Ah!!

Panel 4:
1: It's no good, asking this kind of question was a waste
2: Because this guy is taking all of this right out of my memories.

Panel 5:
1: I don't have time!! What should I do... Time is...

Panel 6:
1: Time!?

Page 4:
Panel 1:
Rio: Arago... ...Please...
Rio: I'm the real one.

Panel 2:
Arago: Gotcha!!
SFX: Grin...

Panel 3:
Rio: Arago!!?
SFX: Da!

Panel 4:
SFX: Shiver shake
Rio: I can't...

Panel 5:
Rio: Hold on...

Right side: ((the story so far))

Page 5:
Panel 1:
SFX: Ba--!

Panel 2:
SFX: Gatsu!

Panel 4:
SFX: Catch!!

Left side (vertical):
Top Box: Character Info:
Below: Arago Hunt. After the Patch Man's surgery, he now has part of his older brother Ewan's body and a strange power in his hand. Succeeding his older brother's will, he became a police officer, and has now been selected to become a detective for the criminal investigations department.

Page 6:
Panel 1:
SFX: Sliiiide!

Right side (vertical): Top Box: Character Info:
Below: Rio Butler. Arago's childhood friend. She's a police officer from a special department.

Panel 3:
SFX: Haa...
SFX: Haa
Arago: Just made it...

Panel 4:
SFX: Creak...

Panel 5:
Rio: Arago, are you okay!? You shouldn't have done something so reckless!! That was completely reckless!!
Arago: Yeah, I'm fine, I'm fine. It was nothing.

Panel 6:
Arago: And you, managing to hang on like that for so long.
Rio: Yeah, I can't even lift my arms now.

Panel 7:
Rio: It was lucky you managed to figure out that I was the real one.
Rio: I'm so glad.

Page 7:
Panel 1:
Arago: You have a little better opinion of me now?

Panel 2:
Rio: Yeah,
Rio: A much better opinion.

Panel 3:
Arago: All my hard work was worth it, then.
Rio: Yeah! Thank you.
Arago: Was I pretty cool?

Panel 4:
Rio: Jeez... Arago, you...

Panel 5:
Arago: Ha ha,
Arago: I'm glad.

Panel 6:
Arago: I've always wanted to hear that, but you're always grumbling instead.

Panel 7:
Arago: Where the hell is the real Rio, huh!?

Page 8:
Panel 2:
Arago: The real one doesn't have such a glittering aura, you're really trying to keep me from looking behind...

Panel 3:
Arago: Right!!?

Page 9:
Panel 3:
Rio: Aaah...
Rio: No, no way...

Panel 4:
Arago: I already knew.
Arago: That both of you were fakes without even asking!!

Panel 5:
Rio: How, how could you know that!?
Rio: Our transformation should have been perfect!!
Arago: "Time will provide the answer."

Panel 6:
Rio: Time?

Page 10:
Panel 1:
Arago: It was the blood, the blood that was soaking though Rio's bandage.
Arago: Over time, the blood should have dried and become darker.
Arago: But on your bandage, the blood was always bright red.
Arago: Because you copied the Rio that I last remembered...

Panel 2:
Arago: Trying to be too exact backfired, didn't it?
SFX: Guh...

Panel 3:
Arago: It was a pretty clever trick, both reading my mind at the same time to match both of their appearances and their words, right?
Arago: From the start, when you called me from Rio's cell phone, you were both already fakes.

Panel 4:
1: That's far enough!!
2: Unless you don't care what happens to that woman!

Panel 5:
1: This is a detonator!
2: Look behind you!!

Page 11:
Panel 1:
1: If you come any closer...
2: BOOM!
SFX: Tick Tick...
3: The woman's life is over.

Panel 2:
1: Use this to stab yourself in the chest.
SFX: Clatter

Panel 3:
1: If you die, the woman will be saved...
2: And you'll give us your power.

Panel 4:
Arago: Do you know why I have this power in the first place?
1: When the Patch Man died his power was inherited by you, one who doesn't know anything.
(T/N: The kanji used for "Patch Man" here literally translates to "The King of Town".)
2: You don't know that power's value. You're completely unqualified to even handle it!!

Panel 5:
Arago: Ah, how worthless.
Arago: This thing, I'd love to be able to get rid of it, but...
SFX: Za! Za!

Panel 6:
1: Hey! Weren't you listening? That woman's life...!!
Arago: Sorry but this thing is just a cross that I must bear.

Panel 7:
Arago: Whether you pray or cling to something else, nothing will help you now.
Arago: I will use this cross with all my might to dig all the guys like you out of every corner you hide in.

Page 12:
Panel 1:
1: Uwah!
SFX: Bashi!

Panel 2:
Arago: Idiot! Rio can't see anything right now.
SFX: Pashi Pashi
Arago: This power, if I wanna use it, I can use it as much as I like, right?

Panel 3:
1: Even if you kill me, you'll never accomplish anything!
2: My companions will keep coming, one after another!!

Panel 4:
Arago: Then let 'em come!! I'm not gonna run or hide!!
Arago: But you know, if you're gonna involve people other than me, then...
Arago: You'd better be prepared to deal with the consequences!!!!

Panel 5:
1: Ca- can you hit this face!?
SFX: Gunya...
2: Your dead older bother's face!!

Page 13:
Panel 2:
Arago: Ewan didn't have that kind of sleaze-bag face.
Arago: You bastard!!

Panel 3:
SFX: Para para
Arago: Ah.

Panel 4:
Arago: I already beat the crap out of him, but I coulda used him for more info about his buddies...
Arago: Well, whatever.
Arago: It'd be too troublesome---

Page 14:
Panel 1:
SFX: Step Step

Panel 4:
1: Ewan...
2: Ewan... is it you?

Panel 5 (thin bar):
SFX: Beep
SFX: Beep

Panel 7:
SFX: Beep beep beep beep...
SFX: Beep beep beep...

Page 15:
Panel 1:
1: Why am I in the police station's sleeping room?
2: How strange, I was sure I went home yesterday... and then...

Panel 2:
1: I can't remember anything after that, except a dream about Ewan,
2: But I have a feeling it wasn't the first time...

Panel 3:
1: Even now... it's like I can still feel his touch...

Panel 4:
Joe: Yo, Rio-chan!
SFX: Rub!
Rio SFX: Zawa Zawa
Outside: Gasp!
Rio: Hold on!!

Panel 5:
1: Hey, Arago Hunt!
2: On Braem's case, you though you beat me, didn't you!!
Arago: No, I didn't really...

Panel 6:
1: But I'll definitely be the one to catch the murderer!!
2: Don't you dare butt in!!

Panel 7:
SFX: Tch!
Arago: Yeah, yeah. Thanks for your hard work...

Page 16:
Panel 1:
1: You'll never catch them in this lifetime, though.
SFX: Koto

Panel 2:
Rio: You're amazing Arago,
Rio: What an incredible feat!

Panel 3:
Arago: Eh...
1: The fake!?
Memory bubble 1: Arago, could you
Memory Bubble2: Check for me?

Panel 4:
Rio: Bu- but don't misunderstand. It's only because Joe-san told me to tell you that.
Rio: I don't really...
Arago: Thank god, it's the usual Rio.

Panel 5:
Rio: _
Arago: ......

Panel 6:
Arago: What the heck, you're in a good mood today, huh.
Rio: Yeah, a little.

Panel 7:
Arago: I had a really nice dream.
SFX: Sniff

Panel 8:
Arago: Ugweh, what the hell is this coffee!?
Rio: Do you really hate it?
Arago: Who the hell can drink something this bitter!!

Page 17:
Panel 1:
Rio: But Ewan used to like it.
Rio: That's what my seniors told me.

Panel 2:
Rio: Just take a sip.
Arago: One sip?

Panel 4:
Arago: ...Huh? I'm surprised.
Rio: Right!?
Arago: Yeah, the bitterness is kind of like a chocolate bar...

Panel 5:
1: The coffee that Ewan liked, I like it too---
Arago: Yeah, it's not bad, this firearm's division coffee.

Panel 6:
Rio: Is it making your tongue a little more like an adult's?
Arago: Leave me alone.
SFX: Fu fu...

Panel 7:
1: "Woe to the man whose heart has not learned while young to hope, to love - and to put its trust in life."
2: Joseph Conrad
Outside1: Oh!
Outside2: Joe-san!!
Joe: It really is the truth.

Page 18:
Panel 1:
SFX: Ka!
SFX: Ka!

Panel 2:
SFX: Kacha...

Panel 3:
Joe: Now then...
Joe: Back to work.

Panel 4:
Joe: Let's see...
Joe: Where are you now---

Panel 5:
Joe: Patch Man.

Right side (vertical): The veteran policeman was also chasing the Patch man!? A new bizarre case begins... the next issue!!

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#1. by Rena Chan (Scanlator)
Posted on Feb 15, 2010
You forgot the reserved line again... :X
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