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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

One Piece 680

Marine G-5 Base Leader ‘Velgo of the Kichiku’

+ posted by JinHea as translation on Sep 5, 2012 12:44 | Go to One Piece

-> RTS Page for One Piece 680

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tl by JinHea

- Chapter 680 “Marine G-5 Base Leader ‘Velgo of the Kichiku’” [NB. Kichiku is made up of characters meaning “demon” and “bamboo”]
Panel bottom: Caribou frolicking in the New World / Vol. 6 “To the other side of the sea at the speed of Fishmen!!”

Box: Building A to Building B Passageway
Text below box: run for your life!!
- To think he’d sacrifice the laboratory and let the gas in!!

Zolo: We can’t let our guards down yet! Hurry, Brownbeard!!
Brownbeard: When did all of you get on my back!!??
Brownbeard: I thought something was heavy!!!

Zolo: My sincerest apologies. Please put up with it…!!
Zolo: —but this is the only way!!

Zolo: We’re tired, and running is a pain.
Brownbeard: That is the worst reason ever!!! Get down, you!!!

Samurai: Had I spoken of this with thee, Lord Brownbeard?
- It paineth me to beseech thee, but I wish to rescue my son— / Momonosuke as soon as possible!!

Samurai: However to run at such a demanding pace is exceedingly tiresome!!
Brownbeard: All of you get down!!! Are you idiots!!? / Huff
- Huff

Zolo: Wearing a coat inside the lab is too stifling.
Robin: You never know, it could get cold again.
Usopp: Hang them here.
Brownbeard: Just how at home are you making yourselves?! Run on your own feet if you’re uninjured!!! Hahh… hahh…
Brooke: I’m so hungry—
Samurai: As a samurai, I feel not hunger!!

Brownbeard: —Anyways, our objectives are different!! Once I get to the soldiers’ quarters… / huff
- I’m gonna shake you all off, you know!! Wheeze wheeze

- Brownbeard, got anything to eat?
Brownbeard: Shut up!!
- Huff huff…

Box: —At the same time in Laboratory 3, Buildings A to B Passageway—

Ribbon: Passageway from Building A to Building B
- Brownbeard & The strawhats
- Tashigi & the G-5
- Building B
- Building A

- We’re gonna keep going, Colonel-chan!!!
- This weapon was created on Punk Hazard, which was s’posed to have been shut down!

- If we leave it, the damage will spread to the world!!!

- Get off the island and contact Marine Headquarters!!!
- If we don’t return to the Navy… / then their efforts would’ve been a waste, Colonel-chan!!!

- Sorry… I understand what you’re saying. Let’s go!!

- Hold on!! Something’s on the ceiling!!?

- Wh—

- Gyaahhhh~~~!!!

- What is thaaaat!!? / That’s… the thing that followed “the Strawhats”, isn’t it!!?
- When did it get here…?!

- Ain’t it a lizard or something!?
- —I have heard stories— about a dragon existing on Punk Hazard!!!

- Dragon~~~!!?
- —yes. It’s a mythical creature artificially created by Dr. Vegapunk… / for the purpose of guarding the island!!!

- But when we saw it earlier…
- it wasn’t making such a scary face, you know!!?

- Look out! Run awayyyy~~~!!!
- Boom!! Boooom!!

- It dodged~~!!?

- Uwahhhh~~~!!!

- Oh my god, the steel got~~!!! If we’re caught in that jaw…

- Run for Building B~~!!!

- It flies! It’s fast! It breathes fire!
- And masticates iron!!! What is this monster~!!!

- Uwahhh~~~!!!
- Eh?

- …!? What?
- Grwwlll!!
- It flew right past…!!? Is it running away? / What’s got it in a hurry?

- Quite a clamour’s going on at the passage exit…!?

- Colonel Tashigi~~!!! You have reason to celebrate!!!
- Powerful reinforcements are here on Punk Hazard!!!
- Ah—!! Eh—!? It’s true!
- Unbelievable~~~!!!
Tashigi: Eh…

- All right—!!! Thank goodness, we’re saved!!!

- Colonel-chan, look!!! Vice-admiral Velgo came to save us!!!
- Someone’s transmission managed to get through before the Dendenmushi got taken!!
- Does that mean HQ knows about the situation too!? Vice-admiral!!!
- How many marines are coming to back us up!!?

- Velgo…!!!

- Vice-admiral Smo-yan and Vice-admiral Velgo!! The top 2 men of G-5 are here!! We’re now invincible!!!

Tashigi: No…!! Run, you guys…

- Eh…

- What!?
- Gya—!!
- Wh-??
- Ouch~~~!!

Linked: Vi-vice-admiral Velgo, did they do something wrong!?
- They may be in need to be punished, but…

- If they take your “finger pistol”… / they’ll die…

- Gyahhh

- Welcome. I’ve heard the rumours.
- I look forward to working with you, Commodore Smoker!
- These “G-5” men are coarse and not all that bright… / but if you stick around you’ll find they’re not as bad as the world makes them out to be.

- Eventually…
- you’ll be able to think of them as your cute subordinates.

- Where’s vice-admiral Velgo?
- He pops off home now and again!! / He gets to thinking about his sick little sister~~~

- And you call yourselves the navy!!?
- I apologize. My subordinates misconduct is my responsibility!! Please do not think too badly of them…!!

- Vice-admiral Velgo, the report regarding the child-kidnappings a few days ago…
- Ahh… I’ve investigated, but looks like it’s a misreport yet again.

- It is difficult for any parent to accept the death of their child. / Thinking that their child was abducted means that they don’t need to give up hope.
- Someday when you become a parent, you’ll understand too.

- …Is that so…

Tashigi: Everyone get away from him!!! He is…
- no longer the man you all knew!!!

- He has been…

- for a long time… / ugh!

- Colonel-chan!!!

Top left of panel bubble: Colonel-chan!!!
- Argh!!!

- He’s an imposter!!! / There’s no way Velgo-san would do such things!!!
- A disguise!? Or an ability user!!? / Don’t you pretend to be him!!!

- Vice-admiral Velgo is…!!

- a man who always protects us numerous marines…
- He’s a man of justice!!! Don’t you dare pretend to be him, imposter!!!

- My voice won’t come out…

- Just stop already…!!!
- Help us, Smoker-san!!!

Velgo: Who’s that?
- A lady is…

- calling me~~~!!!

- The… “strawhat pirates”!!
- Why’s a pirate…!?

Sanji: I heard… the sound of a maiden’s tears falling.

- Inside Building B, Passengers on the Brownbeard Bus—

Usopp: Sanji’s expression changed and he flew off.
Zolo: ’cos a presence of undeterminable nature appeared behind us.
Zolo: Leave him…!!

- Hm?
Brooke: Huh…!! The Dragon-san from earlier!!

Nami: No, it looks a little different.

- Its eyes are…!!!
Dragon: growwwl
- So the tranquilizer’s worn off.

- Hahh… hahh… it’s an evolved form created after the little one was.
- It’s much nimbler now, and the body’s really hard!! It’s coming at us!!!

Box: —On the other hand, Luffy and Smoker who’d set off at a dead run ahead of everyone else—

Box: have exited Building B and are approaching Caesar’s Lab by the shortest route—
- Hogigigigigigigig
- Hahh hahh
- fwoosh

- Caesar’s Lab—
Caesar: What is that Velgo doing!!?
- The “G-5” are my guinea pigs!!! / It doesn’t mean a thing if “Shinokuni” doesn’t finish them off, nincompoop!!!

Caesar: Block the front of the passage where the “G-5” are at once and let the gas in through the door behind them!!!

- —With Velgo in there too?
Caesar: Who cares about that idiot’s life!! Do it!!!

- Hahh… hahh… wheeze— wheeze— / koff / hahh… hahh…
- hahh— wheeze—
Smoker: You okay?
Luffy: Of course not!! Wait up a sec~~ hahh hahh…!! / I’ve been… literally burning up the ground as I ran!! Hahh hahh

Luffy: You’re just hahh… hahh cheating. Flying in the sky with your clouds of smoke hahh hahh…
Smoker: All right. Ready?
Luffy: I said wait up! / Hahh hah— wait till I give the okay…

- Phew, I’ve gotten my breath back.
- Hahh hahh
Door: Ding do—ng!!

Luffy: Hey!! I haven’t given the okay yet!! Wheeze… wheeze
Smoker: Let’s get this straight, Velgo is my enemy…!!
Luffy: Hahh hahh yeah I gotcha. And Caesar’s mine, all right? / Don’t you butt in! Hahh… hahh…

- hahh— hahh—

Luffy: Ah, this one’s mine.
Smoker: Tch!

Caesar: Huh?

Luffy: You’re not getting away anymoooore~~~!!!!
Caesar: Shugorgh—!!!
Luffy: Caaaaeeeesaaaaar!!!!
Text beside bubble: The one who gets the first hit wins!!

Bottom of page: … Chapter 680 / End

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#1. by RyuzakiRen ()
Posted on Sep 5, 2012
oh good lord D:
#2. by JinHea ()
Posted on Sep 6, 2012
Haha I'm jumping on the OP bandwagon. But Chiha 42's coming out soon! Promise! XD

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