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To-LOVE-Ru 132

The returning of the queen

+ posted by kenji_37 as translation on Jan 17, 2009 05:49 | Go to To-LOVE-Ru

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To Love Ru 132: the returning of the queen

Page 1
Rin: I just follow what Tenjouin Ryuuga sama ordered me, and came to pick you up // saki sama….
[Title: the returning of the queen]
Rin: I will bring you back even if I have to use force
Saki: Rin…Aya….// why?......
[bottomleft:the sudden betrayal……]

Page 2
Lala: I wont let saki go!
Saki: lala!
Lala: Rito! Take saki and run!
Rito: eh!? // even if you said that…….// ah! Ok! // sempai, this way!
Rin: Saki Sama!

Page 3
Lala: you guys are saki’s friends aren’t you? // then why did you guys do this?
Rin: Saki sama didn’t want to go oversea did her? // I do understand that // but this is my job!

Page 4
Lala:eh!? // ah.. ahhh // wha // what is this
Rin: you let your guard down… // I know your weaknesses

Page 5
Rin: I know this will happen and prepared for it. That is vibrator ring!
[TN:damn… this remind me of ‘that’ vibrator]
Mikan: lala san!
Lala: mikan! take it off!
Rin: here we go, Aya…
Aya: yeah…..
Rito: !! // this is bad! They are coming up…/ wha..what should I do… I can’t take her and jump out of the house with her dressing like that

Page 6
Rito: for the moment, just use lala’s room! // sempai! This way!
Rin: wait!!
Saki: what is this place….
Rito: lala and her sister’s room! // nana! MOMO! Where are you!? // help us run!

Page 7
Rito: opss…. // !!
Momo: Ri..rito san!?
Rito: what the hell are you doing!?
Momo: what? This is shower room. I heard that our guest is using the one below….

Page 8
Momo: want to take bath with me? // we keep it a secret from Onee Sama though….
Rito: why did it become like this!
Nana: momo….// next is my turn…..[kenji: andy, it literally means that, you can use your own words for this]

Page 9
Momo: what are you doing you pervert!
Rito: I didn’t know there is a bathroom here….
Momo: so that’s why you came here huh!?
Saki: he..hey! this is not the time for this! // kyaa!

Page 10
Saki: noo! Let me go!
Rin: I can’t!
Rito: wa…// wait! // you two are her companions do you? // why did you guys do this to her…. // you should help her out of that house, anyway…….
Rin: shut up!

Page 11
Rin: what do you know….// I ,one of the Kujou family who served the Tenjouin family for generations…. // that is why if they say to come and pick saki sama, I cant go against them….
Rito: for generations huh?
Saki: that’s right….

Page 12
Saki: but aya did not have any relations with Tenjouin family in the first place……// If I and Rin study abroad in America / Aya will be left alone here in Japan….
Rin: that is why you ran away from home? // ………
Saki: zastin sama is one of the reason but //the main reason is I cant stand the fact that we three will be separated…..

Page 13:
Aya: saki sama! // I don’t want to separate with you
Saki: aya….
Rin: huh… // we all have the same feeling….

Page 14
Lala: then, there is only one thing to do…. // you must full heartedly tell your dad! // that you don’t want to be separated with your friends….
Saki: lala….
[I know how you guys feel since I also have faced the same situation… // if you don’t do it said it full heartedly, the feeling won’t reach him]
[small page:I also… // love Yuuki kun! // eh?]

Page 15
Lala: if that won’t work then run away again! // even though he is your father, he can’t just ignore you and your friend’s feelings…. // if that happen I will show you a perfect planet that I used when I ran away from home….
Saki: thanks, but I refuse if it out of this world….. // but to think // I got an advice from you, it shocks me but… maybe I should do as you told…

Page 16
Saki: I will tell my father….
Momo: what happened?
Nana: I don’t know….

Page 17
Ryuuga: ah kujou….
Butler: Ryuuga sama…. What is your decision about Ojousama’s case….
Ryuuga: she told me harshly…. // she have lots of precious things in this town that she cannot separate with…
Saki: even if this is your order, I won’t follow it!
Ryuuga: she goes against me….// that saki….

Page 18
Ryuuga: she have grown up….// as expected from Tenjouin Ryuuga’s daughter !! // buwahhahaha!!
[I respect you, father]

Page 19
[But we have bonds between us // a bond that cannot be cut by anyone…. ]
Ryuuga: we turn a blind eye on this… // I don’t want to be hated by my daughter
[topleft: for now….the ’bonds’ wants to see their smiling faces]

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#1. by ibn. ()
Posted on Jan 17, 2009
thanks a ton of mountains.
#2. by Lsshin ()
Posted on Jan 17, 2009
Thanks bro
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