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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Beelzebub 52

Battle of Swords

+ posted by kuskun as translation on Mar 12, 2010 05:54 | Go to Beelzebub

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Beelzebub 52
Trans. by Kuskun
For use by Keishou

- p1) There is rain that falls kindly as well
title) Bub 52: Battle of Swords

- b1) You...
b2) Miki...?
p1) Miki-kun... who is he!?
- b1) It's been a while.
b2) Are you alone? I thought Oga would be with you too...
- b1) Shame...
b2) ...

- b1) Oh, Miki!!
b2) So it's you, Miki-!! How are ya!?
b3) I see, you were a student at this school!!
- b1) You seem different now, so I didn't recognize you at first!!
b2) I haven't seen you since middle school!!
- b1) Oh?
- b1) Sounds like you guys haven't changed a bit
b2) I keep hearing rumors everywhere I go.
- b1) So you destroyed your school?
- b1) No
b2) I didn't destroy it.

- b1) Man, it really sucks.
b2) Just by being with him, people treat me like a first-class criminal
b3) That's why I ended up here, after all.
b4) Hahah
- b1) You two were always together, weren't you?
b2) With grades like Furuichi-kun's, it would've been easy for you to enter this school.
- b1) ...You.. you've changed...
b2) You think?
b3) You were way more timid before... I bet you're pretty popular with the girls now?
b4) Not at all.
b5) No, you're definitely popular
- b1) But anyways...
b2) I'm glad there's someone I know here.
- b1) To be honest, it feels like everyone here is against us.
b2) ...
b3) We're all kind of allergic to delinquents here.

- b1) No, I'm telling you, I'm not a delinquent.
b2) Hahaha, that's right.
b3) But I will tell you this.
- b1) If you meet the Rokkisei
b2) You can't fight them.
- b1) These guys have had the safety of the school entrusted to them.
b2) You guys are all their main targets right now.
- b1) It's not a matter of who's stronger.
b2) Just by fighting them, you will lose.
b3) I just wanted to tell you that.
- b1) Tell this to Oga, too
b2) W...w...wait wait wait!!

- b1) What are these Rokkisei guys like!?
b2) Is there anything that sets them apart!?
- b1) Emblem...
- b1) Emblem...!
b2) They all have the emblem of a lion carrying a cross attached to the back of their collars.
- b1) Like this.

- b1) That said...
b2) Everyone's wearing whatever pins they want on the outside, so it'll be hard to tell.
- b1) That was my warning...
- b1) Now then,
b2) Let's have you introduce yourself again...

- b1) Nice to meet you.
b2) Saint Ishiyama Club Captain Alliance, Captain of the Boxing Club
b3) I'm Shinjou Alex.


- b1) ...
b2) Sakaki-kun
- b1) Do you have no sense of teamwork?
b2) I look stupid being the only one to say my name.
b3) Come one, say it!! Who are you!!?
- b1) Moe...
b2) Huh!? What the hell are you saying!!
b3) And open your eyes already!!

- b1) Look, because of you they're not taking us seriously!!
b2) What are we going to do about this atmosphere!?
b3) What? The hell are these guys...
b4) Don't let your guard down. They're both very strong
- b1) Especially that long-haired one...
p1) This isn't good...
- p1) These guys are the rumored Rokkisei...!!
p2) We can't fight them, but it won't be easy to run from them, either.
p3) If we fight back, we both will be expelled for sure...!!
p4) What do we do...
- p1) This person
p2) Doesn't understand anything...
b1) Come on, let's do it!
b2) Aaah!
- p1) I need to do something...
b1) ...Hmph
b2) What do you want from us...?
- b1) Just so you know
b2) We're just here to visit a friend of ours.

- b1) I don't know if you're Rokkisei or what
b2) But even so,
b3) You can't just attack someone who isn't resisting, can you?
- b1) ...No, miss.
b2) Unfortunately, you're mistaken there.
- b1) The reason is that what we do is not violence.
b2) It is punishment.


- b1) A bamboo sword...?
- b1) Oho
p1) So you dodge that...
- b1) What just happened?
b2) I... I don't know.
- b1) ...
b2) Azusa-chan, do you have a ruler or anything like that?
b3) Eh?

- ruler) Class 4-3 Fujisaki Azusa
- b1) Hey hey
b2) Is she really going to...?
b3) Against the Rokkisei
b4) She's gonna be killed!
- p1) ...It's impossible
p2) They say the swing of a master can go above 250km per hour. Of course, the Kendo Club's Captain Sakaki-kun as well.
- p1) Receiving a blow like that, if you're unlucky
p2) You won't get off with a simple injury

- b1) Come on

- b1) ...Mega...Moe
- p1) Amazing, this girl...
- p1) Is even faster
p2) Than that
- b1) Waa!
- b1) ...Hmph, I see
b2) We were underestimating you...

- b1) Let's go all out
- b1) You're gonna regret it!
b2) The flame is lit!!
- bottom) Next, Oga Expelled!? And that guy starts to move!!

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#1. by Savi ()
Posted on Mar 12, 2010
Thanks :D
i hope Keishou release the chapter early ~

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