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Translations: Gintama 702 by kewl0210 , One Piece 930 by cnet128

Aqua Age Volume 1

It's Complicated for Girls

+ posted by maccha as translation on Mar 7, 2010 13:41 | Go to Aqua Age

TL by Maccha
PR by NaweG

Chapter 1.1
Page 007


[Age 12—]

[I’m not an adult nor am I a kid // yet, it is still quite early to say that I’m in my “teens”]

[To put this visually//I’m slowly moving from a childhood period of pure white innocence, reaching into an age of teenage “Blue”]

[At the budding stage just in between]

[Those times of “Aqua Blue”]

Page 008:

<The Elementary School Moments>
Chapter 1.1
It’s complicated for Girls

Page 009

[I’m Yuuko Kawai]
[I’m a 6th grader that just recently turned 12 years old]
[The age of quite a complication]

Yuuko: I’ll be going now—

Yuuko: Morning—
Friend: Morning—

Page 010:

[It’s a 20 minute walk to school// every morning, we travel to school together as a group, where groups are formed according to the district each student lives in]

[Us 6th graders are meant to look after the younger ones //so to speak, we’re their guardians]

[This means]
[That 6th graders are the oldest in elementary school but]

[when compared to Middle Schoolers//we’re still just kids after all—]

Page 011:

[moreover, there have been some unpleasant things going on recently--]
SFX: KEENG KONG KAAN KONG (*=school bell)

Kid 1: Morning—
Kid 2: Morning—

Bubble 1: …”not yet”?
SFX: hiso hiso (*=whisper)
Bubble 2: Nope, “not yet”…
Bubble 3: How about her? // “already”?
SFX: hiso hiso (*=whisper)
Bubble 4: …..

[There’s recently been a rumor going around in my class// and everybody is talking about who are the “already” and the “not yet” people]

[What all this is about]

[are the two things…]

Page 012:

[The first one is wearing this]
“A Bra”

[And the other one happens to be about this]
“A Sanitary Napkin”

[Am I blessed? I still don’t use either of them yet]

Girl: No way---? Ton-chan, “already”?]

[I feel kinda’ sorry for those “already” kids]

Page 013:

[My best friend “Ton-chan” // is one of the “already” people]

Girl: Oh dear—, her looks are still young but she’s already maturing—
Yuuko: It’s that Takako talking again// Don’t you care what she says

[The source that spreads out the rumor is Takako]
[She’s always talking about other people’s rumors and being pleased about herself—//but hides everything about herself…]

[Jeez and you? What about yourself!?]
[You’re only wearing a bra because you squeeze in the flesh surrounding your boobs that you don’t even have to fit in it!]

Page 014:

[But// having said that myself, in fact]
[I kind of feel like I’ve grown some breasts recently]

[If I’m told that I haven’t yet, then I guess I don’t but…]
[Should I better start wearing a bra?]

[But I don’t want to be called as one of the “already”…]

[I wish there was a law to wear a bra no matter if you’ve already got boobs or not]
[Then I wouldn’t need to care about things like this---]

Page 015:

SFX: Ki—n Ko—n… (*=school bell)

[well, for the bra part//it is obvious to know if one is the “already” or the “not yet” but]

[The less obvious is the other one--]
SFX: ZAWA… (*=people talking)
Teacher: We’ll be watching a VDO for today’s P.E. class//Boys, please go to the science room and girls to the audiovisual room.

Boys: Hey—What will you guys be watching
Bold text: HAHAHA
SFX: WAI WAI (*=making noises)
SFX: hyu—
Boys: Dividing the boys and girls up is quite suspicious don’t you think-?

Boy: Oi Yuuko//tell me what they show you later ok?
Girl: Hey…//then you’ve gotta tell me what the boys watch too ok?

Page 016:

Sign: Audiovisual Room

Female’s Body

“—And in this way”
“The nutrition for the baby becomes unnecessary, leaves the womb, and this is what //is called a period”

Yuuko: ……..

[I actually feel anxious about getting into these stuff—]
[What are bras like? //Does a bra tickle? Do your shoulders ache?]
[What’s a period like?]
[Even having watched the video, I wouldn’t know unless I actually experienced it]

Page 017

[To be honest, I’m scared--]
[Having nothing to do with my mind// It seems like only my body will keep on maturing before I know it …]
[I’m scared of that…]

[The “already” people must have gotten past this feeling of anxiety]
[they seem to be so relaxed about it…//like an adult…]

[I find that amazing--]
SFX: ki—n ko—n ka—n ko—n

Page 018:

Boy: Yuuko—
Yuuko: Oh Hiroshi

[This kid is my neighbor and a childhood friend named Hiroshi Naganuma]
Hiroshi: Video
[Everyone calls him “professor”]

Hiroshi: The promise we made about what we saw
Yuuko: Oh

Yuuko: [Oh no--]
Yuuko: [How can I say it]
Yuuko: [I can’t possibly tell him the truth…]

Yuuko: …w, what did you boys see
Hiroshi: Us?

Page 019:

Hiroshi: They made us watch the World Cup Soccer—
[The one that was on TV the other day]

Yuuko: Soccer?

Hiroshi: I’ve already recorded that on video at home so it was boring for me!

Hiroshi: What did the girls watch—
[I see—]

[So the girls mature]
[a bit before the boys do]
Yuuko: In 3 years, then I’ll tell you
Hiroshi: why meanie—

Page 020:

[But among the boys//there seem to be a few of them]
[Who vaguely knew what the girls were shown--]

SFX: ki—n ko—n ka—n ko—n

Takako: Hey it seems like Hashimoto-san hasn’t yet after all— (hiso hiso=whisper)
Girl: No—really?// then how about Nobuko? (kyaa)

Yuuko: There goes Takako again…

Page 021:

Yuuko: [uh…]

Speech bubble: Huh---? //Takako there’s blood on your skirt--// did you get injured or something?

Page 022:

Yuuko: [oh gosh--]
Yuuko: [Hiroshi-kun…]

Boy: Hey professor, don’t tell her
Boy: why did you say “did you get injured?” you’re pointing out the obvious—
Hiroshi: what?//what?//that’s not it?
Boy: Stupi---d, don’t you know what video the girls watched today?

Bubble: It’s a period, a period!
Bubble 2: Takako’s got her period!!!

Page 023:

Takako: ugh…

SFX: WA----H

Hiroshi: Uh

Boys: PRO-FES-SOR--!
Hiroshi: N…No I…//I didn’t do anything ok!

Hiroshi: What…

Hiroshi: What did I do wrong--!!?

Page 024:

[After that, the whole class became hectic…]

SFX: わいわい
WAI WAI (*=everyone all noisy)
The kids (right side): (PRO-FES-SOR--)
Hiroshi: (Noo----!)
SFX The kids on the left: You made her cry--
SFX The kids on the left: You made her cry--

[And finally Taka chan did not return to the classroom]

[How embarrassing it must have been for Taka-chan….//at least she’s learnt a lesson perhaps--?]

[And I hope as she has learnt her lesson // this “already” and “not yet” rumor would go away--]

Chapter 1.1: It’s complicated for Girls—the end

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#1. by ayafreya ()
Posted on Mar 8, 2010
oh dear lord - i feel like i went back when i was in grade school reading this... ALL THOSE ANXIETY..HAHAHAHA maccha! you're right! i'll get this done in a flash! ME IS LOVING THIS STORY! XXXDDDDDD

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