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Aqua Age Volume 1

Hiroshi’s New Year Card

+ posted by maccha as translation on Mar 15, 2010 05:39 | Go to Aqua Age

For use of MONOCHROME DREAMS scans only already currenly being typeset
TL by Maccha
PR by NaweGPage 025

Chapter 1.2
Hiroshi-kun’s New Year card

[Half of the short winter vacation has already gone by…]

[and today is New Year’s Day—]

[I thought I would be waking up later than usual on the morning of New Year’s Day]
[But for some reason I’m early]

Page 026:

[What I’m looking forward to the most is // New Year Cards]

[Who they would be from and what will be written in them//I’m really excited to find out!]

SFX: BATAN (*=door close)
Yuuko: Urghh—They haven’t arrived yet
Mom: What?
Yuuko: New Year Cards

Mom: Well obviously--, it’s only 8 o’clock. // They won’t arrive until about 10 you know
Yuuko: Whaat---// Darnnnnn

Yuuko: [Ughh--- I don’t want to wait----!!]

Page 027:

Mom: Rather that, if you’re free then lend me a hand
Mom: Here, the Osechi dishes*, take them over to the room over there!
(Note to readers: *Osechi dishes are food traditionally served during New Years holidays)
Yuuko: Ugh--- Oka—y

Everyone: Happy New Year
Text next to the man: Yep, Happy New Year

Speech bubble 1: Here Yuuko
お年玉: New Year allowance
Yuuko: Thank you—
[On New Year’s// kids get New Year’s allowances so it’s a benefit for us]

ガサガサ(Gasa gasa)
バサッ(Basa=*sound of papers)
Yuuko: Oh

Page o28:

Yuuko: Looks like the New Year Cards have arrived!//I’m gonna go get them!
The man: go go—

[These cards are the number one major event of New Year’s]
SFX: GACHA (*=opens the door)

Yuuko: Whoa—they’re here they’re here! Yay—

SFX: Do—n (*=an impression seeing such big stack of cards)
[but most of these are addressed to my dad—]

Yuuko: They’re here—

Page 029:

Yuuko: Dad’s//Dad’s//Sister’s//Dad’s//Dad’s//Dad’s…
[Every year it is my duty //to assort the New Year cards]

Yuuko: Oh//Mine!
Yuuko: It’s from Ton-chan!//There’s one from Buuko too!

Yuuko: Aah crap--//I haven’t sent one to Buuko

Yuuko: I’ve sent one to Takako but there’s none from her

[New Year Cards are always like this…]
[Sometimes we don’t get receive one back from those people we have sent to//it doesn’t go well like that]
Yuuko: Hey—

Page 030:

Yuuko: Big Sis, You’ve got one from a boy--// from a boy! A boy! Wowww---
Sister: Wh, Who, Yuuko?!

Yuuko: ---Abe…
Siste: …Tadashi—

Sister: Aw man, this is from my home room teacher—
SFX: Pira Pira (*=flap flap)
Yuuko: Aw dang, your homeroom teacher huh—that’s sucks//well it’s impossible for you to receive one from a guy anyway

Sister: Wh…what// And how about you//huh!?
SFX: Ba (*=Snatch)
Yuuko: Hey

Sister: Hm hm…
Sister: OHH--- Hey--- Isn’t this from a guy? Naganuma Hiroshi…

Sister: …oh//our neighbor Hiroshi-kun huh//how boring--
Yuuko: He—y!

[I wonder what he wrote]


[What is this? There’s nothing written on it--!]
[Was Hiroshi-kun being silly and forgot to write or something--]
Yuuko: Perhaps from too much studying preparing for Middle School entrance exam…

[I’m gonna go ask him!]
Yuuko: I’m gonna go next door!

Page 032:

SFX; Ta (*=dashes)

SFX: PIMPO—N (*=ding dong <doorbell>)

SFX: Gacha…(*=door opens)

Lady: Oh Yuuko-chan, come in
Yuuko: H…Happy New Year’s
Lady: Yes Happy New Year
Sign at gate: [Naganuma]

Lady: Hiroshi’s upstairs just go ahead and come in
Yuuko: Thank you

Page 033:

Yuuko: Hi---Ro---Shi--- kun!

Hirshi: Oh Yuuko
SFX: Patan (*=door close)
Yuuko: What are you doing?

Hiroshi: Writing New Year Cards
Yuuko: Wha—t, this late?

Hiroshi: Are you stupid?//These are supposed to be written during the New Year’s you know
Yuuko: No way—//then there’s be no point if they don’t arrive by New Year’s that’s the tradition you know

Yuu: So you send them out between the 15th and the 20th of December//then they arrive right on the morning of New Year’s Day//and they won’t be postmarked too//didn’t you know that?
I thought you were smart…

Yuu: …but//huh? Then the cards that were addressed to me…

Page 034:

Yuu: When did you send one out to me? There was no post mark on it…
Hiroshi: This morning, obviously

Hiroshi: I dropped it in your postbox myself

Yuu: Oh—I see// Oh yeah and this//There’s nothing written on it, why is that?
Hiroshi: Oh

Hiroshi: Th…that, I wrote it with an invisible ink…//but…I forgot to mention that in the card…
Yuuko: Are you STUPID? You made me thought that you were making fun of me//alright so an invisible ink huh

Yuuko: So can I do it here? Apply the heat to reveal the writing?
Hiroshi: Eh!?

Page 035:

Hiroshi: S…silly, not here, don’t do it here…!
Yuuko: Why not—you’ve got the heater here anyway
Hiroshi: Do it when you go back, it’s embarrassing!

Yuuko: Hey— that’s dangerous…

Yuuko: Kyaa---
SFX: BATTAN (*=crash)

Yuuko: Uh…

SFX: BO--- (*=burning)
SFX: mera mera (*=melt away)
Yuuko: Nooooo— the card is burning—

Page 036:

SFX: DOKI… (*heart thumping)

Yuuko: wa…//w, wow hey//we gotta get the card out quickly or else it’s gonna be dangerous
Hiroshi: ….

SFX: SO--- (*=carefully takes it out)

SFX: JYU… (*=the sound of water in the bucket putting out the fire)
Yuuko: ……

Page 037:

Yuuko: Hey hey so what did it say on the card?
SFX: trot trot
Hiroshi: Whatever… it doesn’t matter!

Hiroshi: Rather that…//Let’s go make a New Year’s shrine visit!
Yuuko: Ok…


SFX: GARAN GARAN (*=shakes the bell)
SFX: PAN PAN (*=hiroshi claps twice to pray)

[---in the end]
[I never got to know know //what it was written on the New Year’s Card from Hiroshi-kun]

Page 038:

Hiroshi: Gosh!//I’m such a clumsy idiot! At such a crucial moment…// This year, I’m gonna tell her for sure…
Yuuko: Please let me get better grades. Please make me cuter…//Please make me be popular among the boys…
[Arrow below the panel: greedy]

[With each and every dream//those various hopes will be held on to]
[For the beginning of this new year--]

[As for now//I just hope to do my best this year!]

Card: I like you

Chapter 1.2 : Hiroshi’s New Year Card—the end—

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