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Fairy Tail 169


+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 23, 2010 02:51 | Go to Fairy Tail

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tl by molokidan

top white: Super Popular Double Color Part 2!!
right yellow: Start from the color pages!
Chapter 169 - Edoras
white: With the magic of smiles
red: maximum energy!!
right side colorful: The incantation is a smile!!
yellow side text: Vol. 19 now on sale!!
bottom is anime stuff
bottom yellow: Game info. on this page too!

bubble-less text: The extraordinary circumstances revolving around FT's disappearance!!
What startling truth does only Charle know?!
1: Edoras is a world separate from this one.
2: Right now, it's starting to lose its magic.
3: Lose its magic?
4(2b): Unlike this world, the magic of Edoras is limited. If it keeps being used, the world
itself will someday disappear.
5: In order to save this dried-up magic, the King of Edoras developed a spell to absorb
magic from the other world...in other words, this one.
6: That spell is the hyperdimensional space magic, Anima.
7: The hole that just appeared in the sky.

1: This plan, which started 6 years ago, involves opening Anima in various places around
the world,
2: Edoras (the other world)
3: Earth Land (this world)
4: magic
whirlpools(3): Anima
5: but it didn't bear the kind of fruit they were expecting.
6: Someone went around closing up Anima.
7(3b): When I heard about Gerard...no...Mystogan from Wendy, I thought it couldn't possibly
be...but now I know it had to be him.
8: However, the Anima this time was too enormous.
9: Without any possible way of defense, the Guild was swallowed right up.
10: Why did they absorb Fairy Tail?
11: I already told you, didn't I? To provide Edoras with more magic.

1: There are tons of powerful magicians in Fairy Tail!!!!
2: Is that why they targeted us!!?
3: Exactly.
4: Just how selfish can you bastards be?! Huh?!?!
5: Give everyone back, dammit!!!!
6: A...and that's...mine and Charle's fault...?
7: Indirectly.
8: We received a different mission from the kingdom of Edoras,
9: and were sent to this world.

1: That can't be!! You...were born from an egg!!! In this world!!!
2: And Happy too! I found him myself!!!
3: That's right.
4(2b): Let me just tell you, I've never once been to Edoras. Just like Wendy said, I was
born and raised in this world.
5: But the knowledge of Edoras and our mission was inserted into our bodies.
6: We should have both been aware of everything from the moment we were born!
7: And yet, how do you somehow not know a thing!!?
8: I...

1(2b): Anyway, that's the way things are. Since we are beings from Edoras,
2: this occurrence is our fault.
3: Didn't you just mention something about a different mission, Charle?
4: I can't say what that is.
5(2b): Tell me, Charle. I want to know what I am.
6: I just said I can't say what it is, didn't I?!?! Remember it yourself!!!!

1: Alright...now that we've gotten our stories straightened out,
2: What do you say we head out already?! To that Edoras place.
3(2b): Things aren't straightened out!!! You really don't understand a thing, do you?
4: Natsu...I...got hungry from feeling uneasy.
5: That's proof that you're healthy.
6: Everyone's in Edoras, right?
7: Then we've gotta go save 'em.
8: Well? Charle!
9: Probably.

1(2b): I think they're there, but I don't know if they can be saved.
2: I don't even know if we'd be able to return from Edoras...
3: Well...if none of my friends are here, then there's really nothing to keep me tied to
this place.
4: Besides Igneel...
5: Me too.
6: We can save everyone, can't we?
7(2b): I'm also technically a member of Fairy Tail...it'll give me a guilty conscience to
know that this happened out of my responsibility to my homeland.
8: Well it's not like I CAN'T take you all there...
9: Just promise me a few things.

1(2b): That when we return to Edoras, I can give up my "mission." I can't risk being caught
by a member of the kingdom there...so we'll all have to disguise ourselves.
2: Me too?
3: Are you OK with that, Charle?
4: Yes, I've already decided on it.
5: And male cat, you will promise not to inquire any further about our mission.
6: Yup.
7(2b): Third...I don't know anything about Edoras besides what I've told you. So I can't be
a navigator.
8: Understood.
9: Lastly,
10: If the male cat and I end up doing something like betrayal to you,
11: then you will kill us without hesitation.

1: I...won't do something like that.
2: Understood?
3: You know, your stomach is really noisy!!
4: Let's go!!!!
5: Waah!
6: Grab onto Natsu, male cat!!
7: Are we gonna fly?!
8: Our wings...
9: Are wings in order to return to Edoras.
10: Let's go, Happy!! This is your homeland!!!

1: Male cat!! Release your magic!!!!
2: Kyaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!
3: Okie-dokiieeeee!!!!
4: Uhooooooooohhhhhhh!!!!
5: We're going to enter Edoras from the traces of Anima!!!!
6: We'll use our wings to break through!!!!
7: Right now!!!!
8: Waaaahaaah!
9: Ohhhhhhhhh!

1: Ohhhhh!!!

1: This is Edoras...
2: My roots...

1: It really is...
2: a different world...
3: Uaaaaaahhh
4: Agyauuuuuuuh
5: Kyaaaaa
6: Kuuuuuhhh

1: Ohhhhhh...
2: My wings suddenly...
3: I told you, didn't I? We can't use magic freely here.
4: You're right...this feels weird.
5: Mumu...
6: This...looks like some kind of storehouse.
7: Perfect. We'll stock up on disguise clothes from here.
8: Ohhhh!!! There are a lot of interesting clothes here!!!
9: Natsu-san, please don't look this way, OK?
10: Look at this!
11: Hm?
12: Nnnnnn!!?

1: It's Fairy Tail!!!!
2: Ehhhh!!?
3: Its shape is a bit different, but this is Fairy Tail!!! It's gotta be!!!
4: Yessireeee!!
5: Hold on!!
6: Everyone's alright!!!
7: Well that sure didn't take long!
8: Ngah
9: Hold on a minute!!! This seems suspicious!!!
10: Agya

1: Juvia's going off to work now.
2: W...wait, Juvia-chan!!!
3: I wanna go too...kinda.
4: Just looking at your outfit is making me hot...how many layers are you wearing?
5: ...huh.
6: Call me again when you're wearing less.
7: B...but I get cold easily!!

1: You're pathetic, Elfman!
2: blah blah
3: Nab...you need to rest once in a while.
4: You screwed up again?!
5: I'm really embarrassed...
6: Work, woooork!!!
7(2b): blah blah
8: Hey, look. The two candidates for strongest in the Guild, Jet and Droy are lecturing
Elfman again.
9: Don't overdo it, you two!
10: Kana-san, how about drinking with us for once?!
11: How many times must I tell you?
12: I...don't like alcohol.
13: Buhoooohhhhh
14: Bis-biiis!
15: Whaaat, Al-Al?
16: You know what you are, huh?!
17: Stop crying!
18: Uuu...
19: I have a crush on Juvia-chan!
20: Shut the hell up, Grey! (You're stuffing up the room!)

1: Wh...what is going on here...?
2: Has everyone gone nuts?
3: Oi.
4: Who the fuck are you/

1: What the hell are you sneaking around here for, huh?
2: Luuucyyyyy!!!?
3: -----------san!!?
4: Just what...is the meaning of this?

Continued in 170: "Fairy Hunting"

bubble-less text: Edoras is unbelievable!! Everyone's gotten an entirely new personality!?
Looks like the road ahead will be chock-full of difficulties for Natsu and co.!!!

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