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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Fairy Tail 170

Fairy Hunter

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 30, 2010 06:09 | Go to Fairy Tail

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tl by molokidan

upper stuff and left side is just ads
right arrow: Earth Land Version
middle: Even though their personalities may be completely opposite,
middle bottom: their three sizes are the same <3
left arrow: Edoras Version
bottom left: Both growing day by day <3
Chapter 170 - Fairy Hunter

Last Time
Natsu, Happy, Wendy, and Charle were left behind when not only the Fairy Tail guild, but the entire town disappeared?! Charle, who somehow had a grasp on what was going on, explained that everything was all sucked into Anima, a gate to another world called "Edoras." Since magic has dried up in Edoras, they are trying to absorb magic power from Earth Land. Natsu, in order to save his friends from this disaster, dove straight into Edoras without wasting any time!! And it turned out to be completely different, through and through!! Although FT did exist, all his allies seem to be complete opposites?!
1: What the hell happened to everyone?!
black right text: All his allies are acting completely abnormal!! What lies beneath the surface in this parallel world?!
2: Awawa
3: Lucy-san is scaring me...
4: Natsu?

1: It is you after all, Natsuuuuuuuu!!!!
2: Gumoh
3: That's Natsu?
4: What's with those clothes?
5: And what's with the little girl and the cats?
6: Where have you been until now...?
7: Do you know how worried I was...?
8: Lucy...

1: Death penaltyyyyy!!!!
2-3(4b): guri guri guri guri
4: Ngyaaaahh!!!!
5: There it is!!! One out of Lucy's 48 Torture Techniques: Guri-Guri Crash!!!!
6: Natsu-saaaaan!!!
7: Poor thing, don't bully him too much.
8: gusun
9: How long are you going to keep crying for, dammit?!
10(2b): I'm glad you're all right, though! Right?! Juvia-chan!!
11: Shut up.
12: Is this...all a result of being in Edoras?
13: Everything's been completely reversed.
14: Lucy! Look at you, bullying Natsu again!
15: Enough already!

1: Jet and Droy, you need to stop bullying Elfy too!
2: Lisanna...
3: No way...

1: Lisannaaaaaaaaa!!!!
2: Hiee
4: Habuah
5(2b): Since when did you become so animal-like, huh?
6: But...Lisanna's alive...right there...
7: C'mon, just sit down. What do you say we have a little chat for once in a while, friend?
8: Take off those clothes, Grey...

1: Wh...why is Lisanna here...?
2: Mira-san's younger sister...she should be deceased!
3: So this means not necessarily everyone has been "reversed."
4: See for yourself.
5: Natsuuu! Welcome baaack!
6: It's normal Mira!!
7: In a way, though, that's kinda boring.
8: There's some conclusive evidence.
9: Doesn't that girl sorta look like you, Wendy?
10: You think so?
11: Meeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!?
12-13: Eh?
14: That you isn't "reversed," but "different."
15: These people
16: aren't the people we're searching for.

1: They're different people!!!
2: They've been here in Edoras
3: from the very start!
4(2b): It's not that hard to believe. This is kind of like a parallel world.
5(2b): Edoras has its own culture and history, so the possibly that another Fairy Tail would exist...
6: But that's...!!!!
7: This Fairy Tail has always existed in Edoras, then?!
8: Then where are all the people WE know!!?
9: What the hell are you going on about?
10: How should I know?! That's what we're here to find, right?

1(2b): It's just going to cause us trouble to stay here any longer. We're off.
2: Wah
3: Charle!! Where are you going?!
4: To the royal city!!!!
5: There should be some clue to where the absorbed guild went!!!!

1: Fairy Hunterrrrrrrrrrr!!!!
2: Hey, cat!! Just where do you think you're going?!?! It's dangerous outside!!!
3: Eh?
4: Uwaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!
5: They already found out this location!!?
6: Those bastards from the kingdom...
7: They're chasing us down again...

1: Kingdom...
2: The ones that sent us to Earth Land.
3: Are we...
4: enemies of Fairy Tail...?
5: How much longer is it going to take for that damn transport field, Levi?!?!
6: I'm taking care of it right now, you asshole!!!
7: The atmosphere...
8: is shaking...
9: Here they come!!!!
10: Wh...
11: What is that...

1: Fairy Hunter...!?
2: Who is that?!
3(2b): The Kingdom is after Fairy Tail!? For what?
4: Isn't it obvious?
5: Me...!!!
6: Under orders of the King, all magician guilds were abolished.
7: This is the only one that remains in all of the world.
8: Eh?
9(2b): You followed Natsu here without even knowing that? In short, we're the
10: Darkness Guild.
11: Alright!!!!
12: Transport Field opened!!!!

1: Begin transport!!!!
2: Transport...!?
3: Mmmmmmmm--

1: Mmmmm...these fairies...really are fast runners.
2(2b): Sugarboy. So you came too.
3(2b): Mmmm-- Close, but no cigar, Fairy Hunter.
4: They won't be able to transport themselves more than a few more times, though. It's just a matter of time before hunting day comes.

1: More importantly, the massive Anima plan seemed to have succeeded.
2: Royal Army
Captain of the 4th Magical War Division
3: And so...they told all the Division Captains to return to the Royal City.
4: Did they destroy the Earth Land Fairy Tail!!?
5(2b): They absorbed it, to be accurate...our King really sets his aims high.
6: What happened to the magicians from Earth Land after the absorption?
7: They're in the Royal City.

1: Inside a massive Lacryma.
2: Wonderful.
3: Edoras's magic should be secure for a while, then.
4: Mmmmmm--

1: Hey all you bastards!!!
2: Moving is finished!!!
3: Moving...?
4: They transported the entire guild...?
5: Amazing...
6: Everyone alright?!
7: Yeah!
8: Lisanna!!
9: I'm fine, Elfy.
10: You sure took your sweet time, though! You could have fucking killed us!!
11: Shut up!!!! Try doing it yourself once in a while!!
12: Wh...what was that thing...?
13: What's wrong, Natsu...? Been so long you forgot?
14: Yeah right!
15: That was one of the Royal Magic War Division Captains,

1: Erza Knightwalker.
2: Royal Army
Captain of the 2nd Magic War Division
Erza Knightwalker
3: Also known as Fairy Hunter Ezra.
4: Erza's...
5: ...our enemy!!!?

Continued in 171 - Faust

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#1. by rukori ()
Posted on Jan 30, 2010
So fast!!
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