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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

One Piece 597


+ posted by molokidan as translation on Aug 26, 2010 01:50 | Go to One Piece

-> RTS Page for One Piece 597

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tl by molokidan

1: "Grand Line" Kuraigana Island ("Damn, it's Dark!") Shikkearu Kingdom Ruins--
2: Please...
3: Teach me
4: the sword!!!
5: ...Seems like I've misjudged you, Roronoa...
6: You intend to request teachings from your enemy...?
7: Shame on you.

1: Get out. I have no use for insipid men...
2: Apparently I've been overestimating you...
3: --what are you doing...it's painful to watch, and nothing more.
4: ...I want to become stronger...!!!
5(2b): ...you were beaten by baboons, and became unable to set out to sea. I have nothing to teach men who come crawling back so nonchalantly to me after such a defeat.
6: Actually, I did defeat them...!!!
7: ...THEM!!?
8: All that remains is your head.

1: --but I am not stupid enough...
2: to believe I could actually beat you as well...!!
3(2b): I don't understand...you confirm me as your enemy...and yet you bow your head to me and ask for teaching...!! For what purpose?!
4: To overcome you...!!!
5: Kukuh...
6(2b): ...Wahahahahahahaha...you're asking me to raise with my own hand a swordsman who is after my head?! What a ludicrous bastard...!!! ...kukuku!!
7(2b): ...fufu...ridiculous. But you know, this changes nothing about your disgraceful actions...although it seems that you've found something greater than your own ambition.

1(2b): Hey, Ghost girl! Fix up his wounds!
2: Mu!! Hey, don't give me orders!!
3: Your training will begin once your body is healed.
4: What an awkward guy...when a man like you is willing to throw away his pride, it is always for the sake of someone else.
5(2b): [ED(crossed-out)2Y?] Wow, that really is the tattoo on "Straw Hat"'s right arm.
6(2b): We promised to meet at a certain place in three days...but look at what happened...
7: Oh, so that's what the [3D] part means!
8: But [3D] is crossed out, in place of [2Y]...
9: "2 Years"!
10: "Two years"...
11(3b): Our meeting will happen not after three days, but two years...!! His other actions were all fake-outs in order to draw the attention of the world...this is a message aimed only to us!
12: --it's also Luffy's decision.
13: Even if we hurried back together, the way we are now, we wouldn't be able to charge into the "New World"...!!!
14: We have to stand still and power up. Then we'll definitely regroup!!!

1: Two years later!!!

1: At Sabaody Archipelago!!!

1: A few days earlier, on the "Calm Belt"--
2: Jinbei...
3: thanks for everything!!
4: --for what...? I'm the one who should be thanking you...!!
5: In Impel Down, I asked you to give me "a place to die,"
6(2b): and I while I managed to shamefully survive...I believe I'll be able to keep helping you in the future.
7: --in any case
8(2b): Let us meet two years later--at Fishman Island!! I will be waiting in excitement for the day you and your crew arrive!!
9: Yeah!!!

1: "Calm Belt" a deserted island northwest of the Isle of Women: "Rusukaina" (What, no one home?!) (*tl the name of this island and the island Zoro was on are phrases accented with area dialect for comedic effect)
2(2b): --this island will work perfectly...!! It's home of the "48 Seasons," a brutal island where the climate changes once a week...
3(2b): Luffy!! Every single day, I will deliver food to you from the Isle of Women!!
4: Eh!! Really, Hancock?! Please bring your island's famous Gorgons, then!! Those were really good!!
5(2b): O...!! Of course!! I'll bring as much of your favorite foods as you like!! --And that was the tenth time you've called me by name just now... <3 D...does this mean we're engaged...?!
6(2b): No!! And why do you keep getting further away-nyo?!
7: Hancock, you can't be so easy on him...!!
8: Women are forbidden from entering here during Luffy-kun's training!
9: Who gave you the right to decide that?! Rayleigh!!
10: For food...we have plenty in the mountains, forest, rivers, and sea!!
11: As much as we need!! How could anyone be a pirate if they don't even possess survival skills of that level? This is all for Luffy's sake!!!
12(3b): For Luffy's sake...<3 Then I will bear it <3 But Rayleigh, this island is really dangerous!! If something were to happen...!!
13(2b): Well, if it wasn't, then this wouldn't be training...if you're worried, then pray for him.

1(2b): Now then...this island is devoid of any humans; we are its only two inhabitants--looking at this sprawling nature!! A long time ago...a country supposedly existed here...
2: But its people died out in a battle for survival...

1: against cruel Mother Nature, who has filled this land amply with natural defenses...!!!
2: Smells like a big adventure to me!!!
3(2b): This place is filled with a vast number of ferocious beasts...!! Counting them all would be impossible.
4(2b): Including tons of creatures that you wouldn't be able to defeat, the way you are now...over 500...if you don't get stronger, you won't be able to sleep soundly at night...
5: How do you know whether or not they're here, and how many there are?
6: Don't think it only belongs to other people...you too must learn to control this power...
7: The power of "Haki"!!!

1: There, there!! Something came out!! Uncle Rayleigh!!
2: puohhhhhhh!!
3(2b): Listen carefully, Luffy-kun..."Haki" is a power that lies dormant in all the world's creatures..."presence," "fighting spirit," and "intimidation"...
4: It is no different from things that humans can naturally sense such as these.
5: --But a majority of humans go without noticing this power...or perhaps
6: An elephant?! Wow, that thing's gigantic!!
7: puohhhhh!!!
8: finish their lives failing to ever pull it out, even if they try...
9: "The act of not doubting." That is "strength!!!"
10(2b): Watch closely...Haki can be split broadly into two categories.
11: Watch out!!!
12: It's fine...the elephant will attack my head from the right...
13: Eh...

1: The ability to sense the opponent's "presence" even more strongly -- this is Haki with the "color of observation!!"
2: dodge
3(2b): If this ability is increased, enemies in locations invisible to the naked eye can be discerned. Their numbers...and even what they will do in the next moment, can all be gleaned.
4: Ah...
5: A right-leg kick...
6: Eh?!
7: "Mantra"
8(2b): On the Sky Island Skypiea, they call this "Mantra."
9(2b): Next comes the Haki with the "color of armaments" -- for this, imagine yourself wearing an invisible suit of armor...
10: Wah!
11: puoh!!
12: Puohhhhhh...!!

1: Puohh!!?
2: That...
3: I know that...!!
4: Puohhhh!!?
5: "Ashigara Dokkoi!!!"
6: Hnnnn!!
7: puohhh!!!
8: A hardened suit of armor can of course also be used as a weapon.
9: Uuu!!!
10: Owww...!! But I'm a rubber man!! That flick hurt!!
11: That's where this power really comes in handy.

1(2b): Beside its ability to attack the weak points of Devil's Fruit Users, this "color of armaments" Haki also exists as the only way to oppose them...!!
2(2b): Even the flowing bodies of "Logia" users, which may feel invincible, can be captured as "substantial bodies!!!"
3(3b): So this is what let you touch Kizaru...--then I could even hit Smokie from the Marines and Aokiji, right?
4(2b): Have you ever seen the Kuja bows and arrows? This power can also be imbued into weapons.
5: puohhhhh
6: ...yeah, I thought they were steel arrows or something.
7: "The color of observation," and "the color of armaments" -- these are the two types of [Haki]!
8: puohhhhhhh!!!
9: --in this world, however, there is only an extremely small group of people who can use Haki like this...

1: flinch...

1(3b): This is the ability to intimidate the opponent...Haki with the "color of the conquerer"...!! Whenever someone gains fame in this world, they are most likely hiding this power within themselves. This "color of the conquerer," however, cannot be trained and strengthened, even if you are able to control it.
2: This power is measured by it's user's spirit, and nothing more...!! It can only be reinforced through personal growth.
3: So that's what you used at the auction house...
4(3b): You've already experienced it yourself. Your disposition toward the "color of the conquerer" has already been awakened. You must not use it until you can completely control it. Otherwise, it'll intimidate innocent people around you as well...!!

1: What's wrong...?
2: ...amazing...
3(2b): One of the Pirate King's crew members...can defeat a monster like this without even touching him...
4: ...wahaha! Gained a little respect for me, have you?
5: Yeah.
6(2b): --but I've seen this Haki in various places...
7: I imagine so...but acquiring it is no small feat.
8(3b): Normally, it would be too short a time period...but your disposition is strong...so somehow, in two years, I plan to beat the basics of the three colors into you.
9: OK.
10(3b): --but most humans, due to their own skilled and unskilled tendencies, habitually gravitate toward the "color" they're most skilled with. Once you probe the three out...all that's left is to strengthen the "color" you're best at. The more you strengthen the three times, the greater their possibilities will become.
11: OK!! I got it.

1(2b): In regards to training, however...I'm not going to go easy on you, Luffy...!!
2(2b): Alright!! Sounds good to me!!! ---ah. Wait a minute.
3: --the pirate "Straw Hat Luffy"
4: is going on holiday for a bit.
5: You said that this is the only safe place, right...?
6: Oh yeah.
7: This too.
8: Hey, hurry it up, we're gonna start!!
9: I know!! Thanks, Uncle Rayleigh!!
10(2b): --no, wait, it should be "Please teach me, Rayleigh-san"...or Rayleigh-sensei...Master?
11: Thanks and please teach me!!! Rayleigh!!!
12: ...well...whatever...
white: The reunion comes in two years!!
bottom line: One Piece is now going on a four week break.

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#1. by bobossp ()
Posted on Aug 27, 2010
thanks for the translation!
A 4 weeks break :( I know it's needed and will only make it better but :''''''''''(
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