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Translations: One Piece 859 by cnet128 , Gintama 628 (2)

Fairy Tail 208

Death Preying

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Oct 30, 2010 23:42 | Go to Fairy Tail

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tl by molokidan

top: The second of three chapters! Read the first one from the color cover!
Chapter 208 - Death Preying
right: FT's pride:
center: S-class Mages!!
left: The top three in both personality and strength!!

1: The second part of the S-class Mage exam
2: is as follows:
3: to find the grave of the first Guild Master, Mavis.
4: I'll be waiting.
side: As a disturbing shadow spreads out...the exam gets even HARDER...?!
5: The time limit was six hours.
6: Everyone thought it'd be easy.
7: ...THOUGHT.
8-9: pachi

1: What is thiiiiiiis?!?!
2: Lucy, hurry!!!!
3: Hiiiieeeeee

1: baki
2: gabuh
3: Noooooo
4: What an island!
5: I...I might die...
6-7: dodosu
8: This is nothing, if it means I can become an S-class Mage!!!!
9: You're sure acting tough.
10: This way, Evergreen!
11: Shut up!! Don't order me around.

1: Don't get in the way of my
2: exaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam!!!!!

1: nguiiiiiiih
2: He was just unlucky to have come up in front of Natsu.

1: Hoo.
2: That's my Natsu! Let's keep moving.
3: No, wait, Happy.
4: Tell us where the first master's grave is!!!!
5: Uwah!! He talked to it!!
6: I don't know.
7: Oh.
[Mashima's Musings (1)] I got my copy of "Blacksad (French version)" signed by Canales and Guarnido. I will treasure it.

1: How are we supposed to search for that thing without a single hint?
2: This might be harder than we thought.
3: That reminds me,
4: how was this island shaped again?
5: Oh yeah.
6: Isn't that top part kinda suspicious?
7: Yeah!!
8(2b): Alright!! Good thing I paired up with you, Happy! Let's go to the top!!
9: Aye aye sir!!!

1: Tenrou Island: Rest Space
2: What!!?
3: Elfman and Evergreen are getting
4: married!!!?
5: ...is what they said to surprise me, and then hit me hard.
6: Wait a minute!! When's the ceremony?! And when did they become a couple?!
7: Mmm...it was probably just a plan in order to shake me up. (I still need more practice too, I guess.)

1: Was it really a plan?!
2: I really don't think...there could be anything between them.
3: Yeah, I mean if they got married and had a kid...
4: Baboo
5: Don't cry, Mira.
6(small): Depending on how you think about it, it could be cute
7: Big bro and Evergreen, huh...they might actually go together.
8: k...k...k...kid...
9: Oh yeah, where's Fried and Bixlow?
10: They went back to the Guild with Gildartz.
11: Boy are they hasty. They should have stayed to watch the end!
[Mashima's Musings(2)] Thanks so much for all the registrations at Fairy Tail's mobage town. Please enjoy it!

1: More importantly, where did Mest and Wendy go?
2: They sure are late.
3: Maybe they forgot where to meet us.
4: Mest, huh...
5: I didn't meet him in Edolas, so I don't really know him too well.
6: Did he come in during the two years I was gone?
7: Uh, I guess?
8: I think he's been here for a while.
9: He has no sense of presence.
10: How worrisome. Juvia will go look.
11(2b): Then I'll go too. Mira and Lisanna, you two stay here.
12: Just when I was about to go cheer Grey-sama on!
[Mashima's Musings(3)] I got a bunch of Sega Saturn games from my rival, Mr. O. Thank you! They really bring back memories.

1: Men should not run from enemiiiiies!!!!
2: Shut up!!!! Can't you ever stay quiet for a little bit!!!?
3: Watch out!!!!

1: Woahhh
2: Kyaaahh
3: Ohhhhhhhhh
4: Ahhhhhhhh
5: zumun
6: Nn...
7: Owwww...
8: Hey...what are you doing?!
9: Oruboahh
10: That plan was just a ploy to shake up Mira!

1: Please don't tell me you're thinking "Maybe she actually kinda likes me" or something!
2: Nope.
3: But I have to thank you. I'd never have come up with such a cowardly plan.
4: Don't say cowardly!!
5: Someone?!
6: There's someone
7: on this island...?
[Mashima's Musings(4)] A bunch of projects all went forward at the same time, so I kind of panicked, but I'm still thinking up fun things!

1: I thought there would be no one here...
2: Who are you?
3: Only people from our Guild can enter here.
4: Guild?
5: Oh...so this island is administrated by the Guild.

1: Hey, you!!!!
2: No!!!!
3: Don't approach me.
4: What are you talking about?
5(2b): Fine, I'll leave. Just please, don't come near me.
6: What's with this guy?
7: Is it really OK to let him go off like that?
8: N...no...
9: It's coming...
10: The death preying...
11: is coming...
[Mashima's Musings(5)] It was harder on my assistants and supervisors than usual doing three chapters at once this time around. Thanks for your hard work.

1: Get dooooooooooown!!!!

1: Nnahh

1: Fugah
2: Na

1: Natsu...
3: Who...
4: are you!!!!?
middle text: "That which erases life" without any bad intentions...what kind of future does this meeting invite?!

TBC in Chapter 209 [Black Mage]

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