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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

One Piece 604

"Into the Depths"

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Nov 10, 2010 22:43 | Go to One Piece

-> RTS Page for One Piece 604

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tl by molokidan

Chapter 604 "Into the Depths"

1: --I wonder how far we've sunk?
white: The sinking boat--
2: It's really getting so that not even light will reach us anymore...
3(2b): We're past the "euphotic zone"...and just about to get out of the "disphotic zone." We're probably over 1000m in...
4: It's so quiet...feels completely different than a submarine. It's like we're flying through the sky...
5: A whale!! It's a whale!!
6: Labooooooooooon!!
7: No, that's old man Whitebeard!!
8: You ready, fellaaaaas?!
9: Yeah, bro-bro!!
10: Our target's right in front of us!!!
11-14: Yeah

1(5b): I wanna destroy their ship...we could make it so that they'd sink real easily...but that'd be no good...no one would know who did it...we're gonna cut off all their heads and carry 'em back with us!! We're gonna sing to the world: "Caribou is heeeere!!" They aren't prepared for a battle at all...it'll be a total ambush!! Now kick yourselves into high gear and let's do this, fellas!!!
2: Yeah!!
3: I can see something at 6:00!!! A sea monster...?!
4: No...
5: Hey, everyone!!! There's a shadow that looks like a ship coming from behind!!!
6: A ship!!?
7: It's shooting straight toward us!!!
8: Chaaaaaaaarge!!!
9: Moooooooohhhh!!!
10: Uwaaahh!!!

1: It's a pirate shiiip!!!
2: It's pushing against us!!!
3: --don't tell me they're trying to get through the bubble...?!?!
4: Who the hell is doing this?!
5: Get awaaaaay!!The bubble will breaaaaak!!!
6: We're goin' in, you bastards!!!
7: Yeah!
8: Yeaaaaaahh!!!
9: ...!!? Hey, wait a minute...!!!
10: Mohmoo?

1: You're Mohmoo from Arlong's crew, aren't you?!
2: It's me! Do you remember?!
3: Hm? I think we've seen this guy before, eh, Luffy?
4: ...really?
5: Oh, that guy.
6: So he was an ally to the fishmen?
7: Drop dead!!!
8: "Windmill!!!"
9: Gyaaaaaaahhh!!!

1: Mohh...mohhh...!!
2: Follow me, ya bastaaaaards!!!
3: Yeaaaaaahh!!!
4: Waaaaahhh!!! Someone came into our shiiiiip!!!
5: Keheeheehee!!! Now, while they're dumbfounded,
6: kill every last one of 'emmmmmm!!!
7: Keheheheh
8: Moooooooohhhhhhh!!!!
9: Ehhhhhh!!?

1: What the hell?!
2: Captain Caribou was the only one who got into the ship!!
3: Bro-broooo!!
4: What's up with that seacow!!?
5: Why is there a seacow here!!?
6: Now, for our introductiiiioooonn!!! Let the gatling gun riiiiiip!!!
7: Slaughter all the "Straw Hats"...
8: Eh...

1: Stoooooop!!! Whatever you do, don't throw me out into the oceaaaaan!!! Please, anything but that, gentlemen!!!
2(2b): That's the one thing you're not allowed to do!!! Human life isn't something to be wasted like this!!! God!! God's watching, you hear?! You know he is, right!!?
3: Man are you singing a different tune now!! What was all that about gatling guns and killing everybody?!
4: Gyaho!!
5: Who the heck are you, anyway?! You're the Captain of that ship that just went by, right?
6: Nononono!! Not in my wildest dreams would I ever be a Captain!!!
7: Woahh!! Roronoa Zoro!!
8: I'm, uh...they've just been abusing me as a human bullet!!
9(2b): I'm so sick of being on that ship, I tell ya...!! ...yeah, this is perfect!! Would you mind if I rode on your ship for a little bit?! Please, I'm begging you!!
10: Eh...hey, this guy might actually be a bit of a victim...
11: Like hell he is!! Everything he's saying is a lie!!
12: Ehh? It's all lies?!
13: Hey, wait!
14: What was with the seacow that was pulling your ship?

1: Oh my...
2: lick
3(2b): What a...cuuuuuutie pie...you're...the "Cat Burglar," aren't youuu?
4: How dare you look at our beautiful navigator with such despicable eyes?!?!
5: Jabo!!!
6: ...ohhh...!!!
7(2b): Nami-san! Now everything's fi....BUUUUHHHHHHH!!!
8: You are REALLY getting to be a pain in the ass with that!!!
9: We should give him rehabilitation with low intensity photos.
10(2b): ..that's just a sea monster we caught in the vicinity...!! Having a creature like that pulling their ship...
11: is what's called advanced sea navigation!!
12: Ehhhh!? Really?!
13: Stoooooop!! Stop, seacoooow!!!
14: Mooooohhhh!!!
15: What happened?! Seacow!!!
16: Bro-bro will save us, for sure!!!

1: Is there a seacow anywhere around here?
2: ...hold on, Luffy, what are you planning?!
3: Hey Nami! Aren't we moving in a bit of a different direction from what the Log Pose says?
4: ...dammit...things really took an unexpected turn...what should I do? 1 vs 9 will clearly put me at too much of a disadvantage...!!!
5: I can get out of these ropes anytime...but first maybe I need to watch for the right chance and then take them out one by one...or maybe...
6: --yes, but it's alright. Heading "southwest" from the needle is the right path.
7: Why? Won't it obviously be faster if we go in a straight line?!
8(2b): Everyone, I think I'm starting to feel a little bit chilly! Ah! But I...
9: Wow, and you don't even have skin!
10(2b): If we go straight, we'll just be swallowed up by the sea currents. And before we're able to finish our descent, we might even end up smashing into a sea mountain or an undersea volcano...
11: Ehhhhh!? A volcano?! Under the sea is scary!!!
12(2b): But the "Grand Line's" sea currents have always been haphazard, haven't they? Isn't there a certain one we can take?

1(2b): There's only one...!! I recommend you all put on a coat or something. It's going to get colder from here on out.
2: We're going somewhere cold? Aren't we going into the deep sea?
3: You idiot! Obviously water in the deep sea is cold! Even in the tub, water on the top is hotter than water on the bottom, right?!
4: Oh! So if the ocean is the same, then the water in the deep sea will be colder on the bottom!!
5(3b): But a difference in temperature isn't all, you know? The lower levels of the ocean also have what are called "deep currents," huge currents of the ocean that we can't normally see with our eyes! And they move completely differently from the "surface currents" around us now.
top left sign: Current location
top right: Surface currents
bottom sign: Deep currents
6: Ehh?! There are more sea currents below the sea currents?? You sure know a lot...
7: Yohoho! I'm experienced with this, you know!
8(2b): And not only that, but they all eventually connect to one another! And they don't just split up and stick together based on east and west. They rise up, and sink down too...like a giant dragon.
right box: Surface Currents
left box: Deep Currents
9: The "sea currents" travel around the entire world without ever breaking!

1(2b): From what I've heard the "deep currents" move very slowly across the ocean floor...so once one goes down that deep, it apparently takes two thousand years for one to rise back up to a level of the sea that gets sunlight.
2: Two thousand years?!
3(2b): --yes, therefore, many legends are floating around about the dark, unknown sea currents..."monsters"...!! "Curses"...!! "Souls of the dead!!!"
4: Ehhh?! Ghosts come out in the deep sea!!?
5: Ehh?! They do?! Scary!!!
6: I'm getting excited now!!
7(2b): Well, I don't know about that -- but the point is, we're going to ride on a "descending current" that moves from a "surface current" to a "deep current!" If we can manage that, then we'll be able to reach the "deep sea" where the "deep currents" flow!!
8: Ah! That makes sense!! You sure are smart!
9: But, uh...how are we going to find a spot where the ocean goes down??
10: It's just like when they were talking about the bathtub...if seawater is cold, then the current will move down...
11: I see!! So we're going to a cold place where the sea currents lose their warmth!!!

1(4b): The "Red Line" is like an assembly of adjoining islands...there are "summer islands” and "winter islands.” And of course, the place we're heading straight for is the climatic zone where the "intensely cold winter islands" lie--
2: Because that area also fills another prerequisite necessary for the ocean currents to flow down a great amount.
3: Eh? What's this other prerequisite?? Hmm??
4(2b): ...there you go sticking your neck in absent-mindedly again...do you really want to know? It's about "salinity."
5: --ah, "Salinity," I used to play that game all the time...
6: I've always wanted...a "Fire Sword" (*Enbun Sword, a play on the japanese word for salinity: enbunnoudo)
7: Stay over there!!
8: Zoro, how far were you blown away?
9: Ahh, well let me explain...
10: What about salinity?! Teach us about the mysteries of the ocean!!
11(2b): Wow, you're so enthusiastic...OK, so a big necessity for a "downward current" is that there is "cold, heavy water" present! In extremely cold areas, "sea ice" exists, and when the ice is created, salt...

1: So mysterious sea currents exist, huh?!
2: zuzu
3: That's why I just told you to keep quiet and ride from the start!!!
4: Shall I sing a song?! Nami-san!!
5: Nami! While you were talking, it came into view.
6: Really?!
7: Ohh!! Where, where are the mysterious sea currents?!
8: What does a sea current that goes downwards look like??
9: Ohh, is that it?! Woooooow!!!
10: Mother Nature really knows how to get things done!!
11: What is that...?
12: --That's a "downward plume!"
13: It's just like a giant, undersea...

1: waterfalll!!!!

1: It goes allllll the way down!!!
2: It's flowing super fast!!?
3(2b): Wow...!! What a massive flow...!!! I wonder how many hundreds of meters it is in diameter...?!
4: This is awesome!!!
5(2b): Hearing it is one thing, but seeing it is something completely different!! Yohoho!
6: I can't see the bottom!! It's pitch black darkness down theeeeere!!!
7: This is the end!!! With that speed, it'll just smash us into the bottom of the oceaaaan!!!
8: Is it really safe to ride on a current like this?!
9: Don't worry about the ship!! The Sunny is the strongest vessel there is, born from Adam Wood!!
10(2b): Hey!! "Straw Hats!!" Turn back immediately!!! This is bad!!!
11(2b): ...what the...oh yeah, I forgot you were here...
12: Look closely at the bottom!! There's a monster down there!!
13(2b): I've never heard of one of THOSE living in a place like this!!! ...!!! "Never knowing satisfaction where killing is concerned...it is a demon, running about the great deep and preying on ships!!" "The enemy of the human race!!!"
14: That's a...!!!

1: Uwaaaaaaaaaahhhhh!!!

Bottom: One Piece will be on break next issue. It will return in Jump #52.

1: A krakennnnnn!!!
2(2b): It can crush multiple ships in a single blow!!! It must have been here feeding off ships that set sail in the past few days!!!
3: What size!!! It's a monster octopus!
4(2b): Where did it come from...?! It must be preying on ships trying to ride on the downward current!!! I've never heard of something like this before!!
5: Please!! I don't want to die either!! Turn back!! If we wait a few more days, I'm sure that monster will...
6: You're noisy! Shut up!!!
7(2b): --I got a good idea! I'm gonna tame that little guy!!!
8: HUH!!?
white: Seriously!?

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