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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

One Piece 608

"Paradise Under the Sea"

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Dec 16, 2010 00:10 | Go to One Piece

-> RTS Page for One Piece 608

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Chapter 608 - "Paradise Under the Sea"

Request: "Brook walking five or six white dogs (with afros) - P.N. Bachon-san

1: You...!!!
2: refused, huh...!!?
white: Fierce refusal!!
3(2b): An invitation to join us, the "New Fishman Pirates"...!! --then that means you are all "enemies of fishmen!" You're nothing more than "sinful humans"!!!
4: Why do we have to become your subordinates, huh?!?!
5: Luffy!! You shouldn't irritate him...!!

1: That's too bad. There's no way I can let you through now...
2: Sea Lion!!!
3: Franky!! We're good to go!!
4: In the energy room--
5: Grrrrrrrrrr!!!
6: rumble...
7: You wanna fight!!?
8: Gyaaaaah
9: GO!!
10: Our Sunny is a "lion" too, you know!! We'll settle the score someday, Sea Lion!

1: "Coup de Burst"!!!
2: gakin!!
3: Huh!!?
4: That sailing ship just...!!!
5(2b): Buheh!! The air's going away!!!
6: We're gonna be squashed!!
7: Hang in there!! Until we break into Fishman Island!!!

1: What's going on with that ship?!?!
2: We're breaking iiiiiin!!!
3: Wait for me, my dear mermaiiiiids!!!
4: Nnnn!!?
5: Eh...
6: Uwahhh!! The coating got ripped off!!! It was sucked up by that huge bubble!!!
7: --and this bubble is double-layered!! A normal ship would simply fall within this air pocket!!
8: We're gonna crash through once more! Hold on!!!

1: The sea!!!
2: Uwaaaaaaaah gobobobobabobobah
3: What a fierce current...!!!
4: Nugabobobo!!
5: And we have four ability users here...!!!
6: Gababababo!!!

1: ...!! Nami-san...Robin-chan...!!
2: Dammit!! I can't go against the current...!!!

1: What an absurd way to get inside...!! Maybe it was a suicide bombing.
2(2b): Should we go after 'em, Hammond? All the way inside...
3: Who knows if they're still alive, though...
4: Ooowee...
5(2b): Yeah, we'll go just in case..it'd be annoying if the Neptune army found them first--but let's go back to "Noah" for now and let the boss know
6: that the one who crushed Arlong-san's ambition,
7: "Straw Hat," is here...!!

1: Fishman Island, on the ocean floor --
2: Look!
3: Hey, look!
4: I looked!!
5: I'm not looking!!
6: Did you look?
7: I looked, but what is it?!
8: Hey, it moved?
9: It moved!!
10: It isn't moving!!
11: It moved, didn't it?
12: So what if it moved?!
13: Blecch!!
14: Kyaaaaaa!!
15: You're awake!!!
16: Haa...haa...!! Hmm?!
17: Ahh!! Luffy-chin!!
18: Hmm??

1: I'm so glad you're alright!! How do you feel?
2: Ohhhh!!
3: It's Keimi!! Long time no seeee!!!
4: You've gotten even cuterrrrrrr <3 Keimi-chuaaaaaaaan <3
5: Sorry, I meant to go pick you all up, but I ended up being a month off in how I remembered the date...
6: Did we make it to "Fishman Island?!"
7(2b): Yeah!! The mermaids saved us when we were drowning!
8: To tell you the truth, us three were all unconscious until just now.

1(2b): This is Keimi-chan's house! Here's your hat.
2: Oh, where's everyone else?
3(2b): --well, it looks like we got split up....I hope everyone's alright!!
4: Oh...
5: I'm sure they'll manage somehow on their end, though.
6: "Bones" won't be of any use in the sea...but they've got "robo" and "green"...so they'll be alright.
7: I chased after their silhouettes up until a certain point, but in the end, we four got washed up here.
8(2b): I can't wait to see everyone else too!! Your bodies must be cold, right?! The soup's ready, so drink up and warm your bodies!
9: Ohhh!!
10: Cold seaweed soup!! It's delicious!
11: Cold...?
12: Ahhhhhhh!! Cold soup won't warm up your bodiiiiiiies!!!
13: I screwed uuuuup!!
14: It's alright, Keimi-chan <3 On the contrary, we'll get warm!
15: The clothes have dried!!
16: What do you mean on the contrary?
17: They dried!!
18: Hey, Sanji, I want some too!!
19: They aren't dry yet!!
20: Aren't they dry by now?!
21: So what if they're dry?!
22: You dried our clothes for us? Thanks! What are you people?
23: Ah, they're my friends.

1: They're killifish mermaid quintuplet-chins.
2: I'm Ichika!
3: I'm Nika!
4: I'm Sanka!
5: I'm Yonka!
6: I'm Yonka Two! (*tl note: Ichi, ni san, yon, go = 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)
7: Why isn't her name Goka?!
8: She's a fast swimmer, so she's always well-informed enough for two people.
9(2b): This is the part of the sea floor known as the "Mermaid Cove!" This is the female dorm for the town's "Mermaid Cafe," so a lot of my friends are here.
10: F...female dorm!!? M...M..."Mermaid Cafe?" What is that!!?
11: It's the shop where I'm currently working as a waitress. There are a lot of beautiful mermaids here!
12: Sanji's in troubllllllle!!!
13(small): Would you like coffee? Or...<3
14: I can do this!!
15: He withstood it!!!
16: I vowed to not engage in such wasteful acts like losing consciousness or bleeding all over the place on Fishman Island, no matter what!!! ...I should be...rewarded already...
17: Your case isn't very compelling.
18: Let's go up top!! I'll introduce you to my friends.

1: Take us to the top, Turtle-chin!
2: puni!
3: It's a turtle!!
4: A sea turtle elevator!!
5: whistle whistle
6: This is an underwater coral mansion.
7: But my rent's cheap, so I'm on the lowest floor.
8: The top floors that get light are the most expensive.
9: Hrmm..are you poor? And where's Hachi and Pappug?
10: Hacchin got really hurt about a year ago, I heard!
11: Yeah, he protected the Sunny for us!!
12(2b): I heard that he's pretty much back to normal, but since Hacchin comes from the "Fishman District," he's been recuperating there.
13: The "Fishman District?!"
14: Mmmmm...yeah, it's kind of a scary place. Since you're all with me, I could guide you to it, though.
15: Let's go later! I have to see Hachi and thank him face to face!!
16: Mmm, okay! Uhhhhh...and Pappug...

1(2b): that star(fish) is a super-famous designer, so he has a big mansion in the most high-class district, "Gyoverly Hills*." I have to take him some more orient clams today, so let's go together!! (*A play "gyo," the alternate reading for the 'fish' kanji, and Beverly Hills)
2: You're his master, aren't you? Why don't you live together?
3: Eheheh...I don't really fit in that town...and the clams around here taste great!
4: Hey, what's that straw-like thing??
5(2b): "Water Road," built by this island's bubble craftsmen. We, along with fish, can freely ride on it...hey, look!
6: blub
7: Ohh!! We're on the surface!!
8: Look!! You can even swim in the sky!!
9: Woahhhh!!
10: That looks fuuuuun!!
11: Hmm?! Wait, more importantly, why are there sky and clouds in the deep sea?!
12: Hey, Keimiiiiii!!!
13: Ahh!! Female voices!
14: Ah! Hi girls!!

1: Fishman Island - "Mermaid Cove"
2: Are your friends alright now? Those pirates who drowned <3
3: You didn't come in through the entrance, did you?!
4: Hello!! They don't look too scary.
5: Illegal entry? How wild!! I love pirates <3

1(2b): Woaaaaaahhh!! It's like a fairy tale come true!!! The continent of coral!! The mermaids' cove!!
2: Sanji's crying rivers!!!
3: Uwaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh
4: He's crying more than when he left Baratie, isn't he?
5(2b): Girls! This is Captain Luffy-chin! Sanji-chin is the one crying!
6: I found it!! This is All Bluuuuuuuue!!!
7: Are you sure...Sanji...?
8(2b): The one with the nose is Usopp-chin, and this is Chopper the raccoon!
9: I'm a reindeer!!
10(2b): Ufufu!! What are all those tears for? Welcome!! Let's dance in the sea together!
11: Ehhhhhh!!?
12(2b): No...!! There's no way I could acquire such joy...today...must be the day I die!!!
13(2b): Negatiiiiiiive!!! Seriously, what the hell happened to you over the past two years?!?!

1(2b): This island is the paradise you've always dreamed of!! Uuu!! Now you're making me cry, Sanji!! Accept your happiness!!
2: Ahahaha! You're hilarious, Sanji!
3: What's this barrel that floated in with Keimi's friends?
4: Alcohol? Treasure?
5: Who knows...it's locked up really tight...
6: Wanna open it?
7: The deep sea -- "Fishman District" -- "Noah"
8: So "Straw Hat Luffy"...has finally made it this far?
9: Yes...
10: ...wh...what should we do?
11: Boss?
12: Bring him...
13: here!!!
14: This is...?!

extra page)
right side-
1: What was the surprising thing that came out during the big cleanup?
2: "One Piece"
3: Next year, the Jump mark is getting renewed?! What was the new mark that Luffy proposed?!

left side-
Oda Eiichiro

1(2b): After doing a big cleanup, I found a rotten, dried-up piece of meat in the corner of the vault...!! I can't believe this! ME, wasting food...!!
2: Oh! That looks tasty! Is it dried meat?!
3: T-t...that's right. Have some if you like.
4: Delicious! That's our Sanji!!
5: Ooh, what's that?
6: Wahhh!! Not you, Nami-san!
7: It's been three days, but nothing's happened!
8: Hey, guys!! Want some green tea cake?!
9: This time I'll try some completely moldy bread...

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