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Translations: One Piece 926 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Toriko 124

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Dec 27, 2010 11:35 | Go to Toriko

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*Only for use by MS.

tl by molokidan

1: IGO Legal Affairs Bureau-Administrated
-Honey Prison-
2: goaaaahh
3: Everyone line uuuup!!
4: The prisoners (food) have arriiiiived!!!
side: Gourmet villains are all assembled here!!

1: goaaahhh

1: aagghh
2: guoaaaahhh
Capture Level 61

1: Welcoooooome to the "beehive"
2: Puhaaaah
3: that you'll never ever get out of....heh heh!
4: Honey Prison
--Guard Captain--
5: Uoooaaah
6: Let me ouuuuuut!
7: I'm innocent!!
8: I never sold food with marijuana in it!!

1: Shuddaaaaaaaaap! You gourmet criminaaaals!!!
2: The judge gave you all life sentences, so just give it up, you idiots!!!
3: Lively as always, Pricom.
4: Y...
5: You're...
6: What in the world do you call that hairstyle, anyway?
7: Presideeeeeeeent!!? (Why are you here?!)

1: Oh...oh my, oh myyy!!
2: gah
3: shiine
4: It has been such a long time, Presideeeeent!!
5: The top of your head is bald?!
6: Ga ha ha!
7: Warden Love is here, right, Pricom-kun?
8: A...a saiseiya...!!
9: Bloodstained Yosakuuuu!!
10: Thank you for all your hard work!
11(2b): Ga ha ha, damn straight!! 'cuz the gourmet police are so spineless.
12: We Saiseiya are too busy for our own good.
13: I want to talk to Love
14: about "Zebra."
15(2b): A...about Zebra...? B...but Presideeent...
16: I'm not sure if the "Warden" will have a willing ear about such...

1: Idiot! That's why I've come in person!
2: Sending Bureau Director Glass would be pointless.
(small): IGO Legal Affairs Bureau Director Glass
3: Y...yes sir...then I will make contact at oooonce!
4: Huury it up!
5: "Zebra"...
6: should have already realized himself
7: that we'd be coming here quickly.
8: There's no telling...
9: when the "attack" might come...

Gourmet 124 - Knife complete!!

1: Wooow, amazing!
2: It's really getting there, Melk-san!!
3: Hoo...
4: As expected from the "Derous Fang"...
5: I can't believe it's this hard...
6: It won't morph at all even under thousands of degrees of heat...
7: so I can't "forge" it and shape it with a hammer...all I can do
8: is shave it down with "Melk Stardust," little by little...
9: T...true, you've been shaving it continually for days now.
10: Uhyooooo

1(2b): D....deli...
2(2b): Delicious...what is htis...
3: Ahhh!!!!
4: Heeey, Toriko-san!!!
5: Don't tell me...
6: The "seasoning" (Melk Stardust)!
7: You ate it!!?
8: Why did you eat it ahead of us!!?
9(small): Why do you always...
10(2b): You promised us that we would eat it all together when the knife was finished!! You are SUCH a glutton, damn you!!
11: I didn't eat it.
12: Eh...

1: Nah, see, the knife is just taking so long
2: that I decided to practice the kinda face I'd use when I actually eat it.
3: What the heck?!
4: The "scent" is absolutely remarkable...it's a spice that hits me straight in my appetite...!
5(2b): It's a completely new type of "taste ingredient" that I've never smelled before...!! It's gotta be soooo goood
6-7: sparkle
7: Oh...
8: Ohhh...
9: It'll be finished in no time...!!
10: Just wait a little longer, Toriko...!!

1: I'll heat up and soften Chef Komatsu's broken knife,
2: then, while forging the materials' strength with a hammer, I'll "unite" it with this Derous fang.
3: Woaaaahhh
4: Huiii
5: This feels so gooood!

1: Hey, Toriko-san.
2: Hm?
3: Did you know
4: Melk-san was a woman from the beginning?
5: Yeah.
6(2b): I was suspicious that she was a fake right from then...but the truth...
7: You know the truth well, don't you, Komatsu?
8: Y...yes...
9(2b): Melk-san...shouldn't have to act like a man...
10(2b): and should feel free to be a normal girl, you know...
11: I mean, she's so cute...
12: Ahhh, Komatsu! Don't tell me!!
13: You fell in love with Melk?!
14: Eh?! N...no, that's not what I...
15(2b): Haha! Don't hide it, what's the big deal?!
16: I'm...not hiding, it's just, not, you know!
17: Let me just tell you, Komatsu -- Melk's dad is SCARRRY!
18(2b): Eh?! You mean Melk I?! Really?!
19: splash
20(2b): Yeah, he's pretty much a demon. Heheh!
21: Ehhh?!

1: Waahhh!!
2: blub
3: bubble

1(2b): gush gush
2(2b): rattle
3: rattle
4: ...eh...
5: Eh...?!
6: No...
7: way...

1: ...eh?
2(2b): clatter
3: Wha...
4: What sharpness...
5: I just swung it lightly...
6: and it split the mountain...?!
7: So this is a knife made
8: from a Derous fang!!

1: Ah
2: That "direction"...
3: is toward where Chef Komatsu and Toriko were taking a bath...
4: O...oh no!!
5: Did you complete the knife, Melk?!
6: dash
7: Ehh?!
8: Gyawaaaaah!!
9: Y...you completed it, didn't you...?!
10: Finally!!
11: Please show me, Melk-saaan!
12: Show me, Melk!!
13: Nooo, don't show me those THINGS down there!!
14: What things?!
15: You know, those things down there! Hide them!!
16: Hey, don't hide the knife, Melk!!
17: Melk-san, please show me!
18: Stooop! Put on clooothes!
19: This "knife"--

1: contains the first "seal" that Melk ever carved...
2: and is a "seal" bearing great thanks and respect to Komatsu.
3: Solid, real proof...
4: that she put herself up against this just the way she was...
5: And from this point on, this knife
6: by the hands of Komatsu
7: will prepare countless dishes...
8: and its sharp edge
9: possesses the potential
10: to someday reach even "legendary ingredients"...

1: Alriiiight!
2: Now tonight...
3: we'll have a feast...
4: with "Melk Stardust"!!!
5: Just put on clothes!
6: But no one yet had any idea about all of that.
side: They'll spin out the ultimate tastes that the tongues of the world are waiting for!!
bottom: Next time, Komatsu with his new knife says a bomb of a line to Zebra and creates an explosive situation?!

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